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Choosing a corner wardrobe for the bedroom

corner wardrobe When buying furniture for the interior of an apartment, the main goal is to create a rational living space. Corner sliding wardrobe saves space, solves the problem of storing many things. However, how do you choose the option you want? What are the pitfalls in purchasing an interior for an apartment??

Choosing a corner wardrobe

model of a corner wardrobe compartment for a bedroom

Buying corner wardrobes to decorate the interior of small rooms has a number of positive aspects:

  1. Saves room space, large volume inside the object.
  2. Versatility – due to a large number of interesting design and construction solutions, you can purchase a stylish product.
  3. Small size, spaciousness.
  4. Built-in furniture samples, used for arranging small rooms.
  5. Eliminates imperfections in the interior (uneven walls and ceilings, curvature of corners). Isolates unnecessary connecting elements in the room (pipes, insulation, batteries).


When purchasing a corner wardrobe, it is necessary to start, first of all, from the dimensions of the room. There are these types of corner cabinets:

  • built-in;
  • case;
  • corner built-in;
  • corner cabinet.

Let’s analyze the specifics of each of the types in more detail.


Specificity of built-in samples – they are mounted in the space between the floor, ceiling and walls. The design saves space, such a model is usually installed in small rooms. Due to the lower consumption of materials for manufacturing, the price of the final product is reduced. There are no strict rules in the production of such furniture, the shape and size of the final product depends on the buyer. Furniture hides room defects, gives a wide scope for the customer’s imagination. The cabinet can be easily used as a partition between rooms. The built-in corner wardrobe has a large volume, many functions, and ease of use..

The disadvantages of built-in furniture include the impossibility of moving to another place or moving inside the room. When moving, such models of corner cabinets do not even need to be transported, they are also not suitable for lovers of frequent rearrangements..


cabinet wardrobeAny furniture, the main structural element of which is a solid base, is called cabinet. The model is an independent structure, it can be installed anywhere in the room.

Hull specimens do not have a clear division into sections, which allows efficient use of free space inside.

They are easily dismantled and mounted in a new place, and due to the small size of the corner cabinet of the case type, the peculiarities of their placement, they save room space. The disadvantages include high cost. They poorly hide room defects (uneven walls, crooked ceilings).

Corner models are made of the following types:

  1. L-shaped wardrobes, distinguished by practicality in operation and high capacity.l-shaped wardrobe
  2. Triangular construction, in the form of a solid base with a front facade that completely occupies one of the corners of the bedroom. The doors are located at an angle to the walls. Internal shelves are uncomfortable, small capacity.triangular wardrobe
  3. Trapezoidal, design similar to a triangular corner cabinet. In this version, two sides are added. This type is more spacious, but it has difficulties with installation with a small area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room.trapezoidal wardrobe
  4. Radial sliding wardrobes are both convex and concave. They are distinguished by increased complexity in production, higher final cost. Convex radius models are more spacious, but not suitable for small spaces. convex radial wardrobeModels with a concave radius of various designs are a good addition to the interior.concave radial wardrobe
  5. The diagonal model is distinguished by its practicality in operation, large internal volume. The design is often used as a wardrobe. However, its dimensions make it unsuitable for installation in small rooms..diagonal corner wardrobe model
  6. With a combined front – the front part is a combination of various design solutions. The decorative appearance of the cabinet fits most modern design solutions, especially high-tech style.corner wardrobe with combined front
  7. With open shelves. The end surfaces of the product provide space for shelves of various sizes and shapes. They can be used both for design purposes and for their intended purpose – to place various things and objects..corner wardrobe with open shelves
  8. With a hinged mezzanine and a shelf that can be used both in design and for storing things – an excellent solution, if necessary, to isolate children from things that are dangerous to them.corner wardrobe with a hinged mezzanine

Types of doors

Along with other indicators of the design of the corner cabinet, it is important in which direction and by what principle the doors open. There are two main types of doors: sliding and swing doors..

corner wardrobe with a swing doorHinged version of a simple design, which means durable, easy to operate and maintain. This design has a significant disadvantage – it requires additional free space..

corner wardrobe with sliding doorThe sliding version significantly saves living space and is suitable for small-sized premises. However, the design has disadvantages: unreliability – it is not recommended to save on fasteners. There are limitations of the design plan – the execution is not compatible with the classic style.


dimensions of the corner wardrobeThe dimensions of the corner wardrobe are not standardized, each manufacturer sets its own typical sizes.

Sizes and examples of drawing-schemes of furniture for a medium-sized room:

  • height from 2000 to 2500 mm;
  • depth from 500 to 700 mm;
  • width on each side from 700 to 2400 mm.

An example of a large, wide wardrobe is shown in the drawing:dimensions of a large corner wardrobe

Sometimes an acceptable option is the production of the desired corner cabinet according to special parameters, which gives room for the implementation of any ideas, free up more usable space.

Model color

wardrobe designAn important element when choosing is the color of the product, especially when it comes to a corner wardrobe in the bedroom. According to statistics, consumers prefer black. Dark tones create the effect of a visual reduction in the room, so they are acceptable only for rooms with large dimensions. The wood color of the wardrobe is optimal. If the room is decorated in any design style, you must choose a product of the same style..

For the visual effect of enlarging the room, you need to pay attention to the front side of the cabinet, making it plain. Gloss or a mirror will do; the effect can be increased by placing furniture on the opposite side of the window. A mirrored facade in this design can be used for its intended purpose – like a mirror, this increases the functionality of the cabinet. A dimmable mirror is suitable for a bedroom and will give the setting originality, a touch of mystery.

The design of a corner cabinet with bright colors is a good solution for the interior of a child’s room. However, it is not recommended to use red, as it leads to increased agitation and nervousness, and can cause sleep disturbances. This is especially true in the case of placing a cabinet of this color near the bed. It is good to place white furniture near the bed, there it will well complement the design of the bedroom, which has a beneficial effect on the overall atmosphere.

Inner space

The corner wardrobe is used in order to maximize the release of free space, this is possible only if the use of filling elements is well thought out and planned in advance:

  1. The bar is an important part of the product. With the help of hangers on it, a significant part of the things is located. The device is placed at the top of the cabinet, which allows you to store long items on it. The height of the rod placement can be different, depending on the requirements of the consumer;
  2. A drawer is used to accommodate small things and objects. For ease of use, and to improve the closing process, the box is equipped with a special device – a door closer;
  3. The shelf is produced together with the frame or the main part. The material for the shelf is plastic, glass or metal, at the request of the customer..
  4. To maintain order in a large corner cabinet for storing things that are not subject to crushing, plastic or mesh baskets and boxes are used. These accessories can be equipped with special elements, according to the principle of operation, they do not differ from drawers.
  5. Hooks, tripods, swivel and roll-out shelves are a useful addition to any cabinet. They allow you to conveniently place ties, belts, handbags.

Materials (edit)

Corner wardrobes of various designs are produced from the following raw materials:

  • Chipboard;
  • MFD;
  • plastics;
  • solid wood;
  • key sheets;
  • acrylic glass.

Consider the specifics, advantages and disadvantages of the main materials:

  1. Chipboard. The advantages of this material include low cost, good strength properties, and low weight. But chipboard has a significant drawback – the material is susceptible to high humidity..corner wardrobe made of chipboard
  2. MDF, the basis of the material is wood. In the case of MDF, it is steam treated under high pressure, then dried and bonded with various adhesives. The advantage of MDF in comparison with chipboard is that the material is more durable and better tolerates high humidity and aggressive external conditions. Furniture made of MDF will last a long time, but it is more expensive.sliding wardrobe made of MDF
  3. The advantage of solid wood furniture is its strength properties. Well suited for this: pine, oak, beech. Products made from oak easily tolerate deformation, from beech – they have a margin of safety in terms of exposure to moisture. Minus – high price.corner wardrobe sliding door made of natural wood
  4. Plastic products are distinguished by low cost, long service life. They can be produced in various colors, which allows the product to fit into any design. However, the material is susceptible to both low and high temperatures (sunlight), deformation.plastic corner wardrobe
  5. Key sheets are less common, but the material is easy to paint and varnish, this allows you to fit furniture from such raw materials into any interior.veneer corner wardrobe
  6. Acrylic glass is a very fragile material, it is most often used as a decor.acrylic glass corner wardrobe

Assembling a corner wardrobe – video

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