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Cable ducts: designs, material, size and installation features

cable channels Electricity is an important system in a modern home. For convenience, open wiring is often laid using cable channels. These boxes differ from each other in appearance, size, color, design and other characteristics..

Manufacturing material

In the production of boxes, three materials are used – plastic, galvanized steel and aluminum. The cable ducts made of the latter two materials are excellent for places with possible mechanical stress (for example, on the floor). It is convenient to mount plastic products on walls and ceilings.

Plastic and its features

plastic cable ducts Refractory plastic is a common material in the production of this category of goods. Several forms are produced:

  • rectangular or square section;
  • triangular;
  • round;
  • flat.

The stores sell plastic cable channels in different sizes and colors. They have a number of advantages, because of which they are popular with buyers..


  • little weight;
  • simple fastening, the cover is installed without the help of special tools;
  • during installation, you can cut the box to the desired length;
  • does not corrode;
  • no deformation occurs as a result of a sharp temperature drop.

Durable galvanized steel

galvanized steel cable ductsProducts made of refractory galvanized steel are often used in the installation of video surveillance systems, warning systems, and fire alarm systems. Due to their high strength, they are installed as floor trunks..

When buying floor structures, you should pay great attention to products made of aluminum and galvanized steel. In these places, they will last longer than plastic..

These cable ducts are made from one-piece rolled profile, coated with zinc using the Ts1 or Ts2 grades, and painted with polymer compounds. As a result, the products have their own advantages.


  • fire safety;
  • protection of wiring from mechanical damage;
  • protection against electromagnetic interference;
  • Convenient cover, put on and off without tools;
  • easy installation.

Anodized aluminum cable ducts

Anodized aluminum cable ductsThese products are often used in warehouses and industrial premises. Less often, cable ducts for electrical wiring made of aluminum are installed in houses with Hi-Tech interiors. They have one important drawback – the complex installation of the entire system. That is why the products have a certain scope of application. But there are advantages:

  • fire resistance;
  • resistance during temperature changes;
  • resistance to direct sunlight;
  • protection against electromagnetic interference, which is a source of interference;
  • high level of impact resistance.


Various designs and sizes of cable ducts are available on the market. The choice of a specific design depends on the installation location and the size of the cable to be laid..

Types of plastic boxes:

  1. Skirting boards. These structures are used at the joints of walls and floors. For the installation of structures of various shapes, manufacturers produce additional devices – bends, plugs, external and internal corners and other elements. Skirting-type cable channels fit well into the interior of most houses and apartments.skirting channels
  2. Outdoor. They are used for convenient movement when conducting electrical wiring to tables, lighting fixtures, equipment located far from the walls. The cable channel easily replaces extension cords and carriers.floor channels
  3. Parapet cable ducts are similar in appearance to skirting boards. They are mounted above the floor level, using additional elements to obtain the desired configuration..parapet cable ducts
  4. Corner cable channels are used at joints and under the ceiling. Thanks to the triangular design, these boxes fit perfectly into the corners and blend in with the design of the room. Due to the high potential for damage due to impacts, these structures are mounted in the upper areas.corner cable ducts
  5. The smallest type is mini cable ducts. Great for telephone wires, TV and Internet cables. The boxes are fixed to the walls and ceiling on an adhesive base or self-tapping screws. The small size of the cable channels allows them to organically combine with the interior.mini cable duct
  6. Perforated. The open access design is lighter and less expensive than other options. This option is used when appearance does not matter..perforated cable channels
  7. Flexible. Ideal for wiring on uneven surfaces where rigid options are not possible. They are divided into two types – corrugated and chain. Circular cable ducts solve problems with hard-to-reach places.flexible cable ducts
  8. Transparent. This look is ideal for the exterior decoration of the room. An LED strip is glued onto the partition of the box, covered with a transparent lid. The result is pleasant light..transparent cable ducts
  9. Metal cable ducts for electrical wiring are often used in industrial production. They are necessary to secure a large number of heavy cables.metal cable channels

Based on the place of installation, choose the desired type of box. Also, design preferences are taken into account so that each element fits into the interior.

How to choose the right box size

dimensions of cable ductsThe size of the box is an important consideration. Sometimes advice comes up ­- “The main thing is that the wires fit in.” This is a completely false statement that can only do harm. An improperly selected outdoor wiring conduit can create a hazardous source of potential fire. Why?

When an electric current is applied to the cable, the wires begin to heat up. All the heat goes into the environment, allowing the wiring to cool down. When no space was left in the box and the wires were tightly laid, heat is transferred from one cable to another. As a result, the wire heats up even more. Under strong stress, such an error leads to an undesirable result..

Therefore, the dimensions of the cable duct must meet certain criteria. The PES states that in order to lay the wiring in the pipe, it is necessary to fill the space by 40%. A similar rule should be applied to boxes (you can increase the percentage of filling to 50-60).

Calculations are made based on the cross-section of the wire and their number. For example, if two cables with a cross-section of 3×2.5 and 3×1.5 will be laid in a box, then the channel size must be greater than 25×16. When the question arises of how to choose the size of the cable channel, for convenience, use the table:cable channels filling table

The length of the fittings is calculated from the length of the wiring. The calculations take into account other devices that need to be purchased and installed.

Design and color solutions

color solutions of cable channelsAppearance is an important question before buying. Boxes go well with many designs. Manufacturers produce products in several colors. But this issue is resolved only after taking into account the types and sizes of cable channels..

Color options:

  • white;
  • bright hues;
  • colored;
  • colors for light and dark wood.

A suitable decorative cable channel for outdoor wiring is selected depending on other parameters.

Installation features

installation featuresBefore installation, take into account possible joints, irregularities and the use of additional elements. Therefore, the wiring plan is drawn up in advance. After purchasing all the components, they begin installation.

Plastic products are installed in three ways:

  1. Adhesive base. High reliability, easy to use. Clean the inside of the canal before application.
  2. Double sided tape. It is easier to use than glue, but the level of reliability is lower. It is used in places where there will be a minimum load. Convenient for lightweight triangular cable ducts.
  3. Self-tapping screws. The method is highly reliable. Used for mounting on a wooden surface.

Products made of galvanized steel and aluminum are installed on self-tapping screws. Suspended cable ducts must be secured well.

There is a wire rule – cable channels are installed horizontally and vertically. Exception only stairs – inclined installation is possible.

If two parts of the box are joined, it is necessary to correctly position the cover. Places of joints between the body and the cover must not coincide. Otherwise, the unevenness will be conspicuous. For example, a vertical cable duct with a joint above the floor will be clearly visible.

Calculations, drawing up a wiring diagram, box selection and installation work require a serious approach. Properly installed electrical wiring will protect the house.

Video about DLP cable channels and their accessories

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