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Infrared heaters rating

Each buyer strives to purchase a quality, economical, efficient, safe and durable heater. These are infrared heaters, the rating of which will allow you to choose the right model.

Infrared heaters are classified according to their heat-emitting element, which is:

  • Quartz tube.
  • Open spiral.
  • Heating element.
  • Carbon heating elements.
  • Heat insulating plate.

The modern market for appliances for heating a house or summer cottage is saturated with a wide range of products. Manufacturers do not get tired of developing and introducing new products that improve the functionality of heaters. The leader in this segment is UFO. This manufacturer occupies the first line in the rating of heaters.

TOP 10 infrared heaters

The rating of infrared heaters is compiled on the basis of complex statistics in the range of popularity of a particular model among buyers. Already at the beginning of this year, UFO heaters are rapidly increasing their ratings, reaching the top of the TOP dozen.

So, TOP 10 infrared heaters:

The tenth place is occupied by UFO Alf 3000. The power of this quartz heater is 3 kW. It is quite enough for heating a room up to 30 m2. It has a rectangular shape (19x108x9 cm), which allows a large space to be heated. The installation method is chosen by the buyer himself (the heater can be put on a leg or hung on the wall).

The ninth place belongs to the ENSA P900G micathermic heater. Power – 0.95 kW. This is enough to heat a room up to 18 m2. This type of heater appeared quite recently as a result of the fruitful work of the company’s engineers. The principle of operation of this heater is based on heat transfer from heat-insulating mica-coated plates. It is a completely safe device that can be used even in a children’s room. The main property is that it does not burn oxygen at all. Its popularity is growing rapidly.

The eighth line is again occupied by the representative of the UFO company with the ECO 1800 model. This is a quartz heater, the power of the heating element of which is 1.8 kW. They heat a room that does not exceed 18 m2. An excellent model for use even outdoors (dimensions 16x86x11 cm) from an electric generator.

blankSeventh place behind the wall mounted micathermic infrared heater ENSA P750T. Its power is designed for heating small rooms up to 14 m2, and is only 0.75 kW. This is the most economical device. Due to its aesthetic appearance, it easily fits into any interior.

The sixth place is taken by the quartz heater UFO LINE 1800. With a power of 1.8 kW, it is able to heat 18 m2 of area. Dimensions – 19x86x9 cm (such compactness makes it easy to transport).

Fifth line. Micathermic heater Polaris PMH 1501HUM. Heating element power – 1.5 kW. Heats up to 15 m2 area. The installation method is floor standing. Heater is equipped with information display, timer, thermostat.

Carbon heater Polaris PKSHFourth line. Carbon heater Polaris PKSH 0508H. Power 0.8 kW., Which is designed to heat a room with an area of ​​20 m2. Installation method – floor standing.

quartz infrared heater UFO Star 3000The three leaders are opened by the UFO Star 3000 quartz infrared heater. It has 4 power levels, the maximum level is 3 kW. It can heat about 30 m2. Dimensions – 19x108x9 cm.Mounting method is universal (ceiling, wall, floor).

Video review of the infrared heater UFO STAR 3000:

Polaris PKSH 0408RCThe second place is assigned to the Polaris PKSH 0408RC carbon heater. It has a cylindrical shape. This floor heater has one of the highest efficiency. Only 0.8 kW. the consumption of electricity is heated up to 24 m2 of area. Equipped with display and remote control.

infrared heater - UFO Eco 2300First place. The leader in the rating of the most popular heaters TOP 10, the best infrared heater is UFO Eco 2300. Designed for heating a room with 23 m2 area. This is facilitated by the power of the heating element (quartz tube), which is a maximum of 2.3 kW. Dimensions – 16x86x11 cm.

Throughout the year, these dozen heaters have never let down their owners, who basked in summer cottages or in private houses in the cold part of the year. Therefore, these devices deservedly received their positive reviews and corresponding places in the rating..

Review of infrared heaters for home and summer cottages that are not included in the TOP 10

According to a review of infrared heaters for home and summer cottages, film heaters and catalytic ceramic plates (a heating element – a flexible heating element in the form of a thermal cable), and heaters with an open spiral did not get into the top ten. This is due to the fact that these devices have appeared relatively recently, the product has just hit the market, and begins its life. They are rarely used because they have not yet received sufficient reviews due to lack of popularity..

heater pictureFilm heaters are an innovation on the market. They are very convenient in the sense that they are easy to transport and do not take up much storage space in the warm part of the year. You just need to roll it up. With regard to technical characteristics, the power range of such heaters varies within 0.4-4 kW. A 0.4 kW device is enough to heat a room with an area of ​​15 m2 in a short period. Accordingly, the more powerful the heater, the more area it can heat. Installation type of film heater wall.

The most popular manufacturer of film heaters is Ballu Industrial Group (models BIH-AP-0.8, BIH-AP-1.0, BIH-AP-4.0), Almac (IK-5B, IK-16), BiLux (B600, B1350).

blankCatalytic infrared heaters are in the form of a metal plate coated with a polymer material. The heating element in the form of a flexible thermal cable gives off heat much more efficiently than conventional heating elements. In addition, it is absolutely safe, ecological and durable..

The most popular catalytic heater is BiLux B1000. Power – 1 kW. This is enough for heating 20 m2 of area. Dimensions – 16x150x4 cm. Installation method wall and ceiling. It refers to heaters that do not burn oxygen.

Also, infrared heaters with an open spiral did not make it into the top ten. This is due to the obsolescence of technology, therefore they are used extremely rarely. These heaters are unsafe and harmful (they burn oxygen). There are very few of them on free sale. The open coil prevents the heater from being left unattended. It is especially dangerous for children, who can very often be injured by touching the heated area of ​​the heater..

Video review of the infrared heater UFO

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