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How to choose roller shutters for a summer residence: what factors should be considered

roller shutters closed Recently, the question has become topical: “How to choose roller shutters for a summer residence or a country house?” This device protects from prying eyes, from burglars, from sunlight or elementary stones and bottles.

What is roller shutter?

If the house becomes uninhabited for some time, then it is better to protect it from all kinds of damage and intrusion. Roller shutters for summer cottages are a great option, but what are they? It is a mechanical device that performs the protective functions of windows and doors. Roller shutters can be easily removed into a box or a special cavity, they are able to twist the fabric into a roll. The device can be driven by an electric motor or a mechanical drive.

Roller shutters have a number of advantages:

  • very compact;
  • aesthetic in appearance;
  • easy to maintain and care for;
  • do not spoil the facade of the building;
  • provide sound insulation.

This device can be installed on (in) any openings, they are convenient and versatile in use.

What are roller shutters made of and which are better?

Roller shutters are made of two materials:

  • made of aluminum – good because they are lightweight and very compact;
  • made of metal – galvanized sheet is used, which allows the device to be strong protection, but also more expensive in price.

Both options look great on the home, but they differ slightly in quality, cost, and reliability. Therefore, before choosing a roller shutter for a summer residence, you need to find out what material the device is made of..

What to ask about

There are many factors to consider in order not to make the mistake of purchasing a product. It’s not just material and price.

Tips on how to choose a roller shutter for a summer residence correctly:

  1. First, a lot of attention should be paid to the technical features. For the convenience of the user and a longer service life of the device, it is better to equip it with an electrical system. It is operated using a remote control or a button. All windows can be connected to a single system and simultaneously open or close.
  2. Secondly, the manufacturer of roller shutters is also an important issue – a separate model has its own characteristics..
  3. Thirdly, it is advisable to ask for quality certificates for the product..
  4. Fourthly, when choosing, take into account the interior of a summer cottage or house, so that the result is not only reliable protection, but also a harmonious look.

Components and installation of roller shutters for summer cottages

Roller shutter scheme Roller shutters consist of three parts:

  • box (inside it there are a shaft and side guides);
  • protective curling cloth;
  • side guides.

Roller shutters by type of installation are:

  • built-in;
  • waybills.

Electronic roller shutter controlThe first type is more reliable and practical. Roller shutters are installed in a window or doorway. They cannot be bent or torn off, they can only be approached when raised. Otherwise, you just have to disassemble the wall..

Overhead roller shutters have one drawback – guides are visible, which can be turned out or broken (albeit with great effort).

It is best to plan the installation of this device at the design stage of the building. The dimensions of the box depend on the height of the window or door opening. If in the house, it is planned to install roller shutters for a summer residence with an electric drive, then in advance it is worth laying the appropriate cables with its connections to the windows. But if the choice was made in favor of mechanical control (manual), then it is better to provide a place for the outlet inside the building so that the finish does not deteriorate..

Additional benefits of roller shutters

roller shutter houseRoller shutters for summer cottages and country houses look great on window or doorways. It is important that the device has a wide range of colors. For example, roller shutters are available in white or brown, gray or beige. Also, at the request of the customer, the basic colors can be expanded, the list of shades reaches up to 150 colors.

This device saves heat by storing it. The advantage of roller shutters for summer cottages is their adjustment. The mechanism can be fully open or slightly open to the desired distance.

For what purpose do people put roller shutters for summer cottages?

House protected by roller shuttersThe main purpose of the roller shutters on the house, which for a while remains without owners, is to protect the premises from thieves and robbers. The device is made of durable material, it is quite difficult to crack, the whole process is loud and long.

A large number of people have already used the roller shutters for their summer cottages. Consumer reviews are mostly positive. The obvious advantages of the device are noted:

  • beautiful and unobstructed view from the window (looking through the bars is not a very pleasant sight);
  • ease and several control methods (manual or automatic);
  • robust protection against burglars.

How to choose roller shutters – video

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