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How to choose an infrared heater for a summer residence: recommendations from a specialist

infrared heater The range of equipment for heating unheated rooms has a huge selection. But among the existing models, infrared heaters for summer cottages have won great popularity among consumers. Due to their mobility, high efficiency and absolutely harmless radiation, devices of this type become indispensable for country houses.

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The principle of operation of an infrared heater

Most popular heating devices are based on convective heat transfer. But the principle of operation of infrared heaters for summer cottages can be compared with the action of sunlight penetrating the air and at the same time, not heating it.

Unlike sunlight, this type of rays does not have the ultraviolet spectrum that provides sunburn. Infrared heaters have only thermal radiation, heating those objects to which the beams of the device are directed. And already from them, thermal energy spreads to the surrounding space..

heat spread from a ceiling heater

The internal design of the heating device is not particularly complex. The metal housing, coated with resistant powder paint, houses an aluminum reflector. The main heating element is fixed on it – heating element, which can be halogen, carbon, ceramic, tubular. To ensure smooth operation and long service life, each infrared heater is equipped with a temperature thermostat and a sensor that turns off the device in case of overheating.

Rules for choosing an infrared heater

To date, infrared heaters have only the best reviews. They are considered the most efficient, safest and most durable infrared heating options. But among the huge variety, it is necessary to choose exactly the option that best suits these conditions..

Therefore, specialists have created special rules for choosing an infrared heater:

  1. first of all, the power that is required to heat the room is calculated. In this case, it is necessary to take into account how the heater will be used – as an additional or main source of heating;
  2. what energy source is supposed to be used. Usually, electricity is used for a country house, since infrared gas-fired heaters are designed for large rooms;
  3. selection of a heating element;
  4. place of installation of devices.

Heating element selection

Manufacturers have not used spirals for heating for a long time, since they have a high fire hazard..

Therefore, it was decided to replace it with safer heating elements:

  • Quartz tube.
  • Heat Emitting Ceramic Plate.
  • Halogen lamp.

The heating element, made in the form of a quartz tube, is a closed cavity, inside which a carbon or carbon spiral is installed. The advantages of such an element are fast warming up and high efficiency. However, due to the short service life of the heating element, this type of heater is usually used as an additional source of heating..

The heat-emitting ceramic plate has reliable protection, which allows it not to glow and be completely safe. Despite the fact that the cost of such a device is slightly higher than the previous type, reviews about infrared heaters with ceramic heating elements are usually positive. This is due to both their efficiency (power consumption from 50 – 2000 watts) and long service life (more than 3 years).

A halogen heater is essentially a halogen lamp operating in the infrared range. Inside it is a filament made of tungsten or carbon fiber. When heated, infrared radiation is emitted, which has a golden light.

The choice of heaters depending on the installation location

Also, the parameters for choosing a heating device will depend on the method of its installation. Infrared heaters for summer cottages are ceiling, wall and floor. Therefore, when installing them, you must adhere to certain rules..

ceiling infrared heaterCeiling infrared heaters for summer cottages are considered more convenient, since they do not take up extra space and, at the same time, the range of exposure is very extensive. They can be mounted both in a suspended ceiling and attached to the ceiling using special hangers..

wall mounted IR heaterWall mounted infrared heaters for summer cottages must be installed at some distance from the floor, especially if the family has a small child. If such a model needs to be installed under a window, then you can choose a model with a skirting board.

floorAs for the outdoor type, they do not differ in high power and efficiency, since the rays encounter many obstacles during radiation. If it is not possible to install a ceiling or wall model, then it is better to give preference to heaters with a carbon or tubular heating element..

When installing a ceiling or wall infrared heater for a summer residence, it is necessary to maintain the required distance of exposure of the rays to a person:

  • heater with a capacity of about 700-800 – 0.7 m;
  • heater with a power of more than 1.5 kW – at least 1 m.

Review of infrared heaters for summer cottages

The manufacturer also plays an important role in the choice of equipment. A brief overview of manufacturers of infrared heaters for summer cottages will help the consumer quickly navigate and understand which brand to give preference to:

  • UFO. They are used both outdoors and indoors. Does not burn oxygen and eliminate excess moisture.
  • Sunny. It is used for enclosed spaces. Differs in lightness, compactness and quiet operation.
  • Pion. Ceiling model with ceramic heating element. Thanks to the rounded body, the room is heated with maximum efficiency.

Adhering to the above rules for choosing an infrared heater, you can always find a good model for a country house.

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