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Which heater to choose for a garage

Heater in the garage In order for the car to serve as long as possible, you need to keep it not on the street, but in a dry, warm garage. At subzero temperatures, it is almost impossible to start the engine the first time. Another thing is when there is a stable plus in the garage. It is possible to make a home for a car warm and comfortable only by carefully considering the heating system. Which heater to choose for the garage, what you need to consider when choosing, you will learn from our article.


  1. Requirements for garage heating devices
  2. Garage heaters overview
  3. Expert recommendations for selection

Requirements for garage heating devices

Infrared heater in the garageWhen building a garage, it is always planned to connect it to the electrical network. Less often it is planned to supply water supply and sewerage systems. A connection to a gas pipeline is almost never envisaged. Based on the foregoing, it can be understood that devices powered by electricity, liquid and solid fuels are used to heat the room..

Basic requirements for the devices used:

  • in order not to interfere with car maintenance, a garage heater should be compact;
  • do not affect the humidity in the room and do not burn oxygen;
  • easy to install, operate and maintain;
  • safe for humans;
  • quick warm-up of the room and maximum maintenance of a comfortable temperature;
  • fire safety;
  • affordable price level.

Garage heaters overview

For comparison, consider the principle of operation of heaters on different fuels..

Diesel Garage Heaters

Diesel cannonEven if your garage is not insulated at all in severe frost, any model of kerosene or diesel heater can quickly heat the air in the room. There are models that work without the use of electricity, and more complex ones with low power consumption for automation and fan operation. The most popular among owners are diesel heaters for a garage of indirect heating with a special device for removing combustion products.

When firing up such a heater, there is no smell in the garage, the air remains clean. If you decide to do your own car repair, the heater will be able to maintain the optimum temperature for up to 15 hours without refueling the tank. All modern models have a control system.

When using a direct heating device for heating a garage, the room must be periodically ventilated..

Gas heaters for garage

Gas cannonThe use of this type of heaters is possible only with the connection of LPG cylinders. These can be ceramic screens or convectors. A gas garage heater can be installed even if your garage is not connected to the mains. To install a convector in the garage, you need to equip a chimney. The coaxial air duct of the device is connected to it, providing air supply to the heater for the burner operation. In modern models, a fire control unit is installed.

Ceramic heaters are often used for temporary garage heating. Their operation is completely safe. The devices are small, consume little fuel, and are equipped with automatic control sensors..

Electric heaters

Electric heaterAny household electric heater can be used to temporarily heat a garage. Oil-filled radiators are especially popular. They are easy to move to any place, safe and convenient to use. Many garage owners love electric fans that direct hot air in a person’s chosen direction..

The convenience of using a flexible electric garage heater is evidenced by the fact that it can be used to heat a large area. There are many models of electrical appliances of different capacities on the market. The disadvantage of such heating is the limitation of the area of ​​the heated room, the cost of the energy carrier and the need to lay a powerful electrical network.

Warning! It is strictly forbidden to use home-made appliances for heating in the form of an asbestos-cement pipe wrapped in a nichrome spiral.

IR heaters

IR heater in the garageThe peculiarity of the work of infrared heaters is to heat objects in front of you. In the garage, it is best to use ceiling models so that the infrared rays are directed to the floor..

Advantages of using IR devices:

  • the ability to heat large areas;
  • reliable and economical garage heaters;
  • automatic regulation of heating in a given range;
  • environmental Safety;
  • long-term operation without breakdowns.

If you are not engaged in self-repair and maintenance of your car, and you only need to warm up the room to save your car, in this case you need a device with a power of up to 50 watts. For long-term heating of the room during repair work, it is better to use a device with a power of up to 100 W.

Users in their reviews about infrared heaters for the garage note that you can not install IR devices in rooms with high humidity and install near flammable and explosive objects.

Homemade garage heaters

Homemade heater running on waste engine oilThe family budget does not always allow you to purchase expensive factory equipment. Men love tinkering. Craftsmen have come up with a home-made heater for the garage, working on working off. Various options for devices allow you to heat not only the garage room, but also other buildings. The addition of a water tank to the main structure makes it possible to heat water.

The technological requirements for homemade stoves are exactly the same as for factory settings..

Expert advice on choosing garage heaters

Gas infrared heaterWhen giving preference to one or another type of heater, consider:

  • the quality of the electrical circuit in the garage;
  • the ratio of the consumption of the energy resource for heating the premises;
  • the presence or possibility of a chimney and ventilation hole;
  • your financial capabilities;
  • what is the heating of the room for?.

If you do not spend a lot of time in the garage and you only need it for high-quality storage of vehicles, there is no point in installing an expensive and powerful heater. For a comfortable stay in the garage during repair or other work, it is advisable to warm the room with a more powerful device. Working in warm clothing is not very comfortable, which implies maintaining a higher air temperature.

Do-it-yourself garage heating (video)

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