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Instantaneous gas water heater to increase household comfort

A flow-through gas water heater will allow you to always have warm water in the tap A flow-through gas water heater will always allow you to have warm water in the tap. Natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. In dwellings without hot water supply, a compact gas water heater will create additional convenience. There are special conditions for the safe use of natural gas, they must be observed. If the area is gasified, the apartment has a gas stove, then it is not difficult to install a flow-through or storage type gas water heater.

Device and selection criteria for instantaneous water heater

The principle of operation of an instantaneous water heater The principle of operation of an instantaneous water heater is heating a coil with water with an open flame. Difficulties in thermal and hydraulic calculation of the instant heating system. In the design process, the following issues are resolved:

  • the ratio of the amount of gas for combustion, temperature and flow rate of water at the outlet;
  • sufficient air intake for complete combustion of fuel and removal of combustion products;
  • instant ignition of the gas burner when the liquid moves through the heat exchanger;
  • compactness and aesthetics of the installation, and convenient maintenance.

All columns are designed for different water flow rates and heating temperatures. To ensure the required parameters, modulated burners are used, which themselves regulate the gas flow depending on the specified parameters. Instant ignition is carried out by an electric spark from the built-in battery, by the Hydropower system or manually. The more complex the control and monitoring system is used, the higher the characteristics of the instantaneous water heater, the higher the price of the device.

Criteria for choosing an instantaneous water heater. The main indicator for devices of this type is power. Household speakers are produced:

power, kWt At the outlet of the t / o 50 ° C At the outlet of the t / o 25 ° С
19 – small 5 l / min 11.5 l / min
24 – medium 7 l / min 14 l / min
28 – high 8 l / min 16 l / min

Medium and high power allows you to make a distribution of hot water at 2 points.

An important function is the ignition system:

  • piezo ignition – ignition of the igniter, which ignites the burner;
  • electric ignition – a spark from the battery is supplied when the tap is turned on;
  • a hydrogenerator gives a spark from a turbine driven by a stream of water;
  • electronic ignition.

The system of air supply and removal of combustion products is determined by the design of the combustion chamber of a flow-through gas water heater. In an open combustion chamber, gases are removed through a ventilation system. The non-flue chamber is equipped with a forced air supply, in which combustion is 100%. These speakers are expensive.

Additional equipment is necessary for the safety and stable operation of the water heater:

  • flame control system, which turns off the gas if the flame in the burner has gone out;
  • blocking on absence or change of thrust direction;
  • blocking from overheating of the column;
  • scale blocker.

How to choose an instantaneous water heater correctly will help to know the basic characteristics of the equipment. The design of the burners depends on the type of fuel – natural or liquefied gas will be supplied for combustion.

Rules for installing a running water heater

Installation of gas equipmentThe installation of any gas equipment is carried out with a preliminary project drawing up in a specialized organization. If earlier a gas water heater was installed in the apartment, then installation in the same place will not cause difficulties and the commissioning of the device will be coordinated by GorGaz. How to connect a newly installed instantaneous water heater?

Natural gas and LPG are odorless. To detect leaks, methyl mercaptans, gases formed during the preparation of cellulose, are added to the product. A leak is detected by an unpleasant odor in the apartment. You can find leaks by moistening the joints of gas pipes with soapy water. Intense foam formation will begin at the seal damage site..

First, the installation site is determined, and the chimney is mounted. The canopy of the installation is carried out under the hood using anchors and fastening the gas supply pipe to the column body. The kit includes a matching union nut and a gas connection.

The device is also connected to the water main. For a flue gas instantaneous water heater, special ventilation conditions are required. The combustion products discharged to the open air should not enter the open windows of neighboring apartments.

For safety reasons, gas water heaters must not be installed above the stove. The device must stand at a height inaccessible to children who cannot use the device..

Based on the foregoing, self-installation of a gas water heater is not encouraged by the supervisory authorities. Simultaneous disconnection of water and gas mains, insertion of tees, connection to mains is entrusted to specialists.

Reliable equipment from renowned manufacturers

Among the huge selection of gas water heaters, it is important to find the only one that suits in terms of quality, reliability, options. The equipment of well-known firms, which have proven themselves in the market, of various models, inspires confidence. But it is necessary to look not only at the brand, at the country of the manufacturer. The production of well-known brands is shifting to China, and this does not add reliability to the products..

Characteristics of Bosh products

Instantaneous gas water heater BoschA well-known manufacturer of household appliances and tools, the German company Robert Bosch GmbH is engaged in the production of Bosh gas instantaneous water heaters. All equipment is distinguished by thoughtful design and functionality. One series is supplied with LPG or natural gas burners. However, it should be noted that for this line of equipment there are few service centers in the country and spare parts are expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for installation and operation of the device..

As an example of a reliable water heater with positive reviews, we offer the BOSCH WR 10-2P model. For people who value functionality, simplicity and safety, this is the right choice. Users note the almost silent combustion, the compactness of the device. The intensity of the flame is manually adjusted. The column is equipped with auto-ignition when opening the tap without batteries. However, users note the rapid overgrowth of the tubes with scale..

Gas water heaters of the Electrolux company

Water heater ElectroluxThe leader in the production of gas water heaters is the Electrolux company. Thoughtfulness of the composition, a large line of products, ergonomics, a well thought-out protection system at a low cost are the policy of the company. The devices are not demanding on water quality. The manufacturer pays special attention to the safety of flow-through systems, having introduced in the latest developments the built-in Inverter Control preventing leaks. Copper coil, made using a special technology, is not very susceptible to corrosion. The table informs about the ratio of price and performance of the models:

Instantaneous water heater model Electrolux power, kWt Flow l / min. Average price, rubles
GWH 350 RN, piezo ignition 24.4 fourteen 11 thousand.
GWH 285 ERN Nano Pro, electric ignition 21.6 eleven 8 thousand.
GWH 265 ERN Nano Pro, electric ignition twenty ten 6 thousand.

You can buy an Electrolux flow-through heater without trade margins at dealerships that are available in all major cities of the country..

Equipment for heating water from the company “Goreniye”

Company Water Heater CombustionA well-known manufacturer from Slovenia presents products only of its own production, without the participation of third countries. Gorenje gas water heaters are supplied in a small assortment, but at an affordable price and high quality. As an example, consider the technical description of the gas flow water heater Gorenje GWH 10NNBW at the price of 7,500 rubles.

The column automatically adjusts to changes in network parameters, has a powerful blocking of any emergency situations:

  • overheating thermostat;
  • lack of water;
  • flame – ionization control.

On the front panel there is a display, Copper heat exchanger with reinforced circuit. Case size 32.7x59x18 cm, the device takes up little space.

Products of the company “Neva”

Instantaneous water heater NevaIn the ratings of the leading manufacturers, the products of the Russian manufacturer were pushed aside. A large assortment of Neva instantaneous gas water heaters using liquefied fuel and natural gas is presented by the company in various price categories. However, it is not always possible to find decent models with adequate cost. The brand, which has not yet earned its credibility, is not ordered by the commercial enterprises. An example of an inexpensive device is the Neva 4511, which costs 8,400 rubles, the model that took first place in the price-quality rating and the Neva Lux 5514, which took 4th place. High performance bathroom equipment and easy maintenance.

How to choose a gas instantaneous water heater – video

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