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How to choose pipes for sewage in a summer cottage

sewer pipes Correct operation of the sewer system is achieved with the correct selection of components and high-quality installation of engineering communications. Suburban real estate owners are often faced with the question of which sewer pipes are best to use. When choosing such products, it is necessary to pay attention not only to their cost, but also to the scope, service life and technical characteristics..

Primary requirements

sewer pipe requirements The sewerage system is a complex engineering communications that is used to drain dirty water from a private house or city apartment. Wastewater flows to the treatment plant spontaneously according to the laws of gravity. Such an engineering system consists of a network of external and internal pipelines..

The internal sewerage system includes:

  • sanitary appliances located in a private house or in a city apartment;
  • filter elements for the purification of polluted waters;
  • risers;
  • internal piping;
  • collector;
  • branch pipes that are located outside the residential building.

Sewer pipes are painted with different paints. White or gray tone indicates products intended for the device of an internal engineering system. Orange or red colors indicate pipes for outdoor sewerage. Operational and technical parameters, as well as the cost of materials for indoor or outdoor installation are different.

Intra-building utilities do not experience such loads as an external pipeline.

The requirements for the internal sewage line are as follows:

  1. Strength. The walls of the product must withstand the pressure of the waste fluid flows.
  2. Chemical and thermal resistance. The material for the manufacture of structures must withstand well the effects of high temperature and chemicals that enter the drains during washing dishes and cleaning engineering communications from blockages.
  3. Smooth surface. This coating of the pipeline will ensure the smooth movement of waste. Slight roughness serves as a collection point for various blockages, which will ultimately lead to the formation of a plug..

When choosing pipes for the sewer system, pay attention to the following parameters: material of manufacture of the product, section of the pipeline, popularity of the manufacturer.


The most common are plastic and cast iron pipelines. The latest products have lost the leading position due to their high corrosion resistance, lightness and reliability of their polymer counterparts..

Cast iron sewer pipe

cast iron pipesCast iron is made from iron ore, but due to the high percentage of oxygen, such products have improved wear resistance than steel structures. Such pipelines are manufactured using the centrifugal casting method. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for such waste pipes up to 100 years..

The main advantages of cast iron products are:

  • high indicators of the strength of engineering communications;
  • good sound insulation performance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • lack of harmful substances in the composition;
  • resistance to chemicals;
  • preservation of overall dimensions during operation.

To prevent the harmful effects of corrosion, cast iron pipes are coated on the inside with petroleum bitumen. This impregnation smoothes out roughness on the surface..

The decline in demand for such products is due to the presence of roughness, susceptibility to mechanical stress, laborious installation work and high cost.

PVC pipes

PVC pipesThe artificial material polyvinyl chloride is resistant to alkalis, acids and solvents. Plastic sewer pipes can be used in the temperature range -15 ° C – + 65 ° C. Due to these properties, the products are used for laying domestic sewage.

The main advantages of PVC pipelines:

  1. Due to its high resistance to corrosion and chemicals, this material can serve for more than a dozen years..
  2. Low weight, which speeds up the assembly of the main pipeline.
  3. A smooth surface without roughness will facilitate the smooth passage of wastewater, without the formation of blockages.
  4. Possibility of the device of complex engineering communications. All this is possible thanks to various types of accessories for PVC sewer pipes. The photo on our website indicates all the components of the engineering system.
  5. Low price when compared with metal counterparts.

When exposed to high temperatures, from + 70 ° C and above, the plastic begins to deform. Chemicals erode the structure of the material, which should also be taken into account.

How to choose the diameter

selection of the required pipe sizeDue to the considerable mass, the range of cast iron products is limited. The diameters of sewer plastic pipes range from 16 to 6000 millimeters.

This assortment of material allows:

  1. Expand the capabilities of the sewer system.
  2. Choose a pipe section for a specific task.
  3. Replace the damaged section of the line with a smaller pipe. This reduces financial costs when laying engineering communications in a private house..

The most popular diameters of a polyethylene pipe for sewage are 50, 100 and 150 mm. The section of the product is selected for a specific service area. So for a vertical riser or connecting a toilet bowl, sections of products of 100, 110 and 150 mm are used.

Let’s get acquainted with the types of sewer pipes that are used for a specific sanitary device:

  1. A cross section of 16-25 mm is required to drain liquid from air conditioners and ventilation units.
  2. A pipe with a diameter of 32 mm and more is used to connect to a kitchen sink.
  3. Pipes with a cross section of 40 mm are connected to the drain hole of the shower or bath, or to the corrugated pipe of the washing machine.
  4. PVC pipe for sewage 50 mm or more is used for simultaneous connection to a bathroom or shower.

If there is a need to connect 3-5 sanitary devices to the sewer system, a pipeline with a cross section of 60-75 mm is required, with the exception of the toilet. External parameters exceed internal dimensions, therefore measurements must be taken from the inside of the pipeline.

Popular pipe manufacturers

When selecting the required type of pipes for sewage, you need to pay attention not only to the cost of the product, but also to the popularity of the manufacturer. The following companies occupy the leading positions in the market: Wavin, Politek, Rehay.


pipes of a German manufacturerThe German manufacturer supplies the market with Raupiano Plus multilayer finned sewer pipes. Such products have an impact-resistant outer shell made of polypropylene, the material is reinforced with a PP profile. The main advantages of such pipelines include improved sound absorption performance, attractive appearance, resistance to mechanical stress. To improve heat resistance, the manufacturer recommends installing fire protection sleeves.


pipes of the politek companyDomestic manufacturer, Politek company specializes in the manufacture of polymer pipes. Products comply with European quality standards. For the manufacture of the material, stabilized polypropylene is used. The surface of the products is additionally treated with fire retardants, which increases their resistance to fire. Polytek products are resistant to chemicals. Such pipes can be used in production workshops, chemical laboratories, hospitals.


pipes from a Dutch manufacturerThe products of the Dutch company Wavin are in great demand among consumers. This company is engaged in the manufacture of pipelines for water supply, sewerage and other utilities. The products have thick walls, which allows to remove acoustic vibrations during the passage of drains. The heat resistance of the material is high, within 90 degrees. In addition to standard products, the Wavin product range includes flat sewer pipes.

For the installation of a sewer system in a private house, PVC pipes are best suited. These lightweight, reliable and practical products are inexpensive. Subject to the installation technology, they will last more than a dozen years..

Types of sewer pipes – video

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