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What to consider when choosing a gate made of corrugated board with a wicket?

gate with a wicket made of corrugated board Living in a private house, for obvious reasons, each person wants not only to protect his site from strangers, but also to install a comfortable gate with a wicket on it. When choosing a suitable option, you should pay attention to the corrugated gates with a wicket, the popularity of which in Russia is due to the budget cost, as well as aesthetic beauty. The secret of the demand for corrugated board is that this material is the best suited for the gate. After all, it has such qualities as durability, relatively low weight and versatility..

A wide range of standard sizes and colors of corrugated doors

gate with patterned forged ornaments One of the advantages of such gates is that they can be made according to individual dimensions, depending on the required span width, as well as the customer’s wishes. Many people independently make such structures, because if you have basic locksmith skills, be able to cook metal, then with the right approach, it is quite within the reach of many. A wide range of colors makes it possible to choose the shade that will best harmonize with the fence, house and courtyard buildings.

gate from corrugated board from the side of the yardIn order for metal swing gates with a wicket made of corrugated board to be strong and durable, it is important to consider the following:

  1. At the first stage, it is imperative to draw up a draft design, in which it is important to determine the dimensions of the structure, the type of material used and its amount, calculate the weight load, as well as the necessary accessories (hinges, handles, locks)
  2. The materials must be of high quality, and this applies not only to the corrugated board, which must be purchased from a trusted manufacturer, but also to the profiled rectangular or square pipe from which the frame will be cooked. The same applies to fittings, which must be resistant to wear and tear, as well as the necessary additional elements: self-tapping screws, riveted “caps”, bolts, stoppers and others.
  3. One of the most difficult stages of work is the alignment of individual sections of the profile to obtain a regular rectangle, which is not easy to do due to its large size, so a locksmith corner is used here.
  4. The doorway can be located not only on one side, but also closer to the middle, which depends solely on the wishes of the customer
  5. Taking into account the high load that the support pillars will experience, special attention should be paid to their appropriate cross-section, as well as competent concreting

self-made gates made of corrugated board with a wicketIt is important to understand that it is quite possible to make a wicket and gates from corrugated board with your own hands, but this will require a certain investment of time and effort..

In the manufacture of the frame and sashes, welding of workpieces is best done on a flat surface with minimal height differences, for which you can lay a sheet of iron or tin on the ground.

If a person doubts his capabilities, you can contact a specialized company that provides the appropriate services. By entrusting the design, construction and installation of experienced specialists, the customer gets confidence that a gate with a wicket will be produced in a short time, which will serve for many years. At the same time, the gates made of corrugated board with a wicket inside, the drawing of which is provided to the customer for approval, must be made of certified materials.

Options for gates made of corrugated board with a wicket

There are many types of such structures, due to the size and configuration, but in general, there are 3 most popular types:

  1. An attached structure, where a third is added to the two existing posts, on which the frame wicket is hung. This is the simplest version of the gate..gate attached to the gate
  2. Wicket built into the gate. This is a complicated option that requires careful calculations, but it wins in that it saves space, which is especially important when there is a shortage of it..wicket built into the gate
  3. Sliding corrugated board. This option is less common and more difficult to make..sliding gates with a wicket made of corrugated board

As a facing material, not all types of corrugated board are used, but only grades “N”, “C” and “NS” of wall type, the metal thickness of which is not less than 0.5 mm. When choosing a suitable gate made of corrugated board with a wicket, it is important to check that the corrugated board has a high-quality polymer coating and is also made of galvanized metal. This will avoid the destructive process of corrosion and maximize the operational life of the structure. As an additional decoration, the supporting pillars can be overlaid with decorative masonry made of red facing bricks.

gate and wicket lined with facade bricksNumerous photos of corrugated gates with a wicket, presented on the Internet, help the owners to quickly determine which option suits them best. The gates with additional decoration with forged elements look especially attractive, due to which it is possible to give the design uniqueness and “richness”.

If the structure is not made of new metal, but a used pipe, it must be treated with a rust converter, after which it should be primed and painted..

When planning to place an order for the manufacture of gates from corrugated board with a wicket, it is better to contact the company that can also carry out the delivery and installation of the turnkey structure. This is very convenient, since it saves a person from the need to separately look for a team of professional installers. In order to be sure that the gate will be made with high quality, it is best to conclude a written agreement with the company, which will reflect the rights and obligations of the parties..

How to make a wicket from corrugated board – video

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