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Choosing furniture for the hall: photos in the interior and expert recommendations

hall furniture Almost every apartment owner is faced with the problem of choosing furniture for the living room, because this is the most multifunctional room designed for receiving guests, spending time together, relaxing, eating all family members. From this publication you will learn how to correctly choose furniture for the hall: a photo of the arrangement of interior items, taking into account the style, geometry and area of ​​the room.

Living room furniture requirements

cozy atmosphere Correctly selected pieces of furniture are the key to a cozy atmosphere in your home. This is an axiom that, as you know, does not require proof..

In order for the furniture in the hall to match the tastes and cheer up all family members, it should be:

  • attractive;
  • comfortable;
  • functional;
  • look organically in the interior of the room and do not get out of the style of the whole home.

As a rule, modern furniture in the hall meets all or most of the above requirements, provided that the living room combines a dining room and a rest room. Everything is complicated by the fact that this room is often additionally used for work, sleep, as a library and playground for younger family members. All this increases the load on the furniture, which means that the home owner has additional requirements for the quality and practicality of interior items, as well as the materials from which they are made..

Competent planning

hall planning

The following factors influence the choice of furniture in the living room:

  • area and height of ceilings;
  • room geometry;
  • hall design in the apartment;
  • the size and number of windows, niche doors;
  • number and location of lighting points.
  • family members’ preferences.

Before purchasing furniture for the hall or starting to select photos of the models you like, you should take measures to plan the interior of this room. When solving the problem on your own, the first thing to do is to determine the purpose of the living room.

This can be done as follows:

  • sketch the plan of the room on a piece of paper;
  • define the functions of the room;
  • put on the plan the location of all the necessary zones, taking into account the wishes of the household.

In a multitasking environment, competent planning implies mandatory zoning of the living room: wallpaper, or dividing space with interior items.

room zoning with furnitureIf the area allows, you can zone the room with light partitions, screens, textiles. For small rooms, the division into zones is created by lighting points and different flooring materials..

Each area of ​​the living room should have furniture that meets its purpose. At the same time, the design of furniture for the hall should be made in the same style, and the items should be combined with each other in color..

Hall furniture: what you need to know

choosing furniture for the hallToday there are no clear standards for the availability of certain furniture for the living room. However, in any domestic apartment, you can see approximately the same set, the composition of which varies very slightly depending on the function of the space..

In the classic version, the interior of the hall in the apartment includes the following types of furniture:

  1. Hull. It is characterized by the presence of a rigid base in the form of panels. This type includes cabinets, walls, chests of drawers, shelves, tables, showcases. Today, almost all walls are produced in the form of modular structures, consisting of a wardrobe, a shelf or niche for a TV, shelves with shelves for books and showcases for placing decor items..
  2. The upholstered furniture for the hall includes a sofa. If space permits, then a set of upholstered furniture can be supplemented with armchairs, poufs. If you have a dining area, you should get comfortable chairs. In the domestic market, you can find models of furniture sets for living rooms, which include a dining table with chairs. The sofas for the hall in the apartment can be straight, with a different number of seats, or angular. The purchase of a corner modification solves one of the most important problems in the absence of free space – the possibility of transformation into a separate berth.

When arranging upholstered furniture in the hall of an apartment, one should take into account the convenience of communication and the ability to watch TV.

recreation area and dining roomIn the photo there is a living room that combines a relaxation room and a dining room. With this purpose, the minimum set of furniture will include: a sofa or couch, an armchair, a coffee table, a modular wall, a dining table and chairs.

storage cabinetsThe photo shows the interior of the hall in an ordinary apartment, which is used for recreation and storage of household items. Wardrobes, dressers, shelves must be present. Mirrors and well-chosen lighting will help to visually expand the boundaries of the room..

large sofa in the roomThe photo shows the minimum number of hull structures. The whole space is occupied by a large corner sofa, light and small table. A good solution is the purchase of a multifunctional pouf that serves as a coffee table and storage space.

Style, color, materials

When choosing furniture for the hall, you should take into account the general style of the room. Today, the fashionable trend is the design of living rooms in the following styles:

  1. Minimalism.minimalism in the interior
  2. High tech.high-tech hall
  3. Classic.interior in classic style

Minimalism is characterized by a minimal set of furniture, almost complete absence of decor. The standard set of furniture consists of a low rectangular sofa with upholstered in soothing colors, a mirrored wardrobe, a coffee table.

The high-tech hall in a modern style is filled with furniture with elements of glass, plastic and metal. For a living room made in this style, a rectangular corner sofa, glass or metal coffee table is perfect. Hi-Tech is also characterized by the abundance of artificial light and the presence of modern technology. The main rule is the functionality of the furniture and the absence of natural materials in the options for decorating the hall in the apartment..

The classics are most suitable for people who imagine comfort in the form of an interior with an abundance of furniture of smooth lines, high armchairs, a large sofa and a soft carpet..

If zoning and several options for using the premises are assumed, then it is quite possible to mix style solutions, observing the rule of combining colors.

When choosing a style solution for a living room on your own, rely on your own feelings, study the basics of styles, a photo of cabinet furniture for the hall, read the recommendations of professionals.

The color of the furniture plays a vital role in creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room. The rules are simple:

  1. For a small room, preference should be given to light colors. Light furniture against the background of the same walls visually enlarges the space, “blurring” the boundaries of the room.light furniture in a small room
  2. In the interior of a large room, you can and should use dark and rich colors..dark furniture in a large room
  3. If the room is used for work and leisure, then furniture in cold shades with variations of blue and gray is well suited. Black furniture like Dark Wenge looks great in large spaces. In small living rooms, it is better to use a combination of blue and light gray tones..furniture of cold colors
  4. The cozy modern design of the hall in the apartment for family communication involves the use of warm colors in pieces of furniture and interior decoration elements.furniture in warm colors

In the color scheme when mixing zones, a similar rule applies, allowing the use of different colors in decoration and furniture, which must be made in the same style..

Furniture for a large hall

furniture in a large roomIf you are the happy owner of a large living room, then the main problem in filling it is that the room should not look empty. The ideal option is to divide a large space into zones and select interior items for each.

The table for the hall in the apartment is located in the dining area. If space permits, then you can additionally equip the eating area with showcases, armchairs and a coffee table. For a recreation area, a comfortable corner sofa is perfect, which will emphasize the comfortable atmosphere of the room, and will accommodate all household members or guests of the house. You can complement the decor of the recreation area with armchairs, poufs and a large coffee table. It is better to place wardrobes in a separate area. Photos of cabinets for the hall are published by each manufacturer in specialized furniture catalogs.

Choosing furniture for a small living room

slide in a small living roomSmall living room owners are faced with the challenge of saving space. This problem is solved by purchasing a corner sofa, which must be placed along a long wall. This technique will not visually reduce the area of ​​an already small hall. If there is no space for proper installation of the “corner”, then experts recommend purchasing a transformable sofa without armrests. It allows you to land from either side.

It is better to refuse large cabinets in a small living room. A good option would be to purchase functional hanging furniture in light colors, which significantly saves space..

Examples of photos of cabinet furniture for a small hall are presented below.cabinet furniture

A variety of colors, textures and style solutions allows you to fit hanging furniture into almost any design of a modern living room. A good solution would be to purchase a miniature “slide” wall, up to 1.5 m high.cabinet furniture in the hall

Visually expanding the space of a small room will help a light carpet on the floor and transparent white curtains on the windows. One of the options for choosing the right color scheme for a small room can be the same color of walls and flooring..color solution

Above is a photo of the floor in the hall, where the green carpet is combined with the color of the walls, and hanging furniture visually facilitates the design of the room..

Models of upholstered furniture for the hall – video

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