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What a do-it-yourself dressing room should look like from a pantry

DIY dressing room from the pantry By arranging every square meter in an apartment as rationally as possible, it will be much easier to make housing comfortable for living. The highlight of any home will be a do-it-yourself dressing room from the pantry, which will not be difficult to do. Before starting to prepare the room, you should first dismantle the old ones, and then install the new shelves. The layout of the apartment will affect the location of the future dressing room, as it can be located near the kitchen, bedroom or in the corridor.

First stage

small dressing room in light colors It will be easier to build a structure if you think in advance how to prepare the room. Carry out construction work after all the trash and things from the pantry have been previously taken out. If necessary, get rid of old structures and shelves that will not be useful in the future.

Buy paint or wallpaper for wall decoration in advance. Prepare the walls in advance, level the surface so that there are no further distortions when installing built-in furniture. Do not forget that the pantry for clothes will look as large as possible if you decorate the walls in a light shade..

The presence of a drawing or patterns on the walls will visually reduce the space, so this decor should be avoided when decorating a small dressing room.

Dismantle the old floor surface and proceed with the preparation of the new floor. If necessary, make a screed, level the covering and install a new floor. Changing clothes and choosing clothes for going out will be much more comfortable on a new high-quality floor. The ideal choice for a dressing room would be parquet or laminate. If you select material in a light shade, then it will perfectly harmonize with the walls and make the room visually higher.

It is better to refuse to buy tiles, as the floor will be cold and it will become uncomfortable to be here..

Think about what the ceiling will look like. Use wallpaper or paint to decorate it. If desired, hinged structures can be located here. Lighting here should be uniform so that it is as convenient as possible to get to any corner and see what is on the shelf..

The presence of a conventional hood will provide good air exchange. Otherwise, things will smell unpleasant and give off dampness..

Primary requirements

comfortable storage of thingsTo prepare even from a small pantry located in the Khrushchev, everyone will get a full-fledged room. Any dressing room in a small pantry will look good if you think over all the details to the smallest detail. If things will be located only on one side, then a pantry width of 1.2 m will be sufficient.Whoever wants to install shelves with things on both sides of the room should count on the width of the room at least 1.5 m.

Choose your room lighting carefully. Eliminate the use of lamps that heat up during operation, because they can negatively reflect on the condition of the clothes. The best solution is LED lighting. Carefully approach the arrangement of ventilation in the room. It is especially important that the ventilation works as quietly as possible if the dressing room is located near the bedroom..

It will be very comfortable to be in the closet from the pantry, if there is a mirror in it. Install several mirrors in the room, they will allow you to comfortably choose a wardrobe, and also visually increase the size of the room.

What a do-it-yourself dressing room should look like from a pantry

L-shaped design for storing thingsIt will be possible to decorate the room in different ways – it all depends on the dimensions of the pantry itself. A dressing room is considered convenient, where all the compartments are located along one wall. The design of the room is similar to a spacious wardrobe. It will be easier to get the most functional place for clothes if you first calculate the number of all shelves and compartments. Complementing the dressing room in the pantry will turn out to be bars, drawers, as well as shelves of various sizes.

When the size of the pantry is large, then you can safely give preference to the U-shape. Here, all the walls will be used for storing things, so the room will turn out to be quite functional. For maximum convenience, the bar is installed along the central wall, and the side planes are used for shelves and drawers.

Before making a closet out of a pantry, it is important to consider its size and shape. The L-shape is suitable for a narrow room. Most often this configuration is used in Khrushchev.

Quite an interesting option is the angular shape of the dressing room. Most often it is arranged in the corner of the bedroom, where two windows are provided on the sides. If desired, the dressing room is equipped with two doors, and its dimensions are also lengthened by pushing the front wall slightly forward.

Dressing room design options

Mesh storage system in a small walk-in closet

The built-in wardrobe in the closet will look as organic as possible, where all the details are thoroughly thought out. When choosing a dressing room design, pay attention to the following options:

  1. Case models. The design is made to order (the model provides a back wall and sidewalls), it is considered very roomy and easy to use. Here it will turn out to think over many closed and open compartments and arrange things neatly..
  2. Construction on a metal frame. Metal racks are fixed to the floor or ceiling. Rods, shelves and boxes are mounted to the main pipes. You will be able to assemble the structure yourself, the racks are strong enough.
  3. Mesh construction. Using brackets, racks, mesh baskets and shelves are attached to the wall. The cost of the model is low, you will be able to install it yourself. The design visually looks light, it can be transformed in different ways.

It is very important, before giving preference to one of the configurations and making a dressing room with your own hands from the pantry, to take into account the possible shortcomings of each model. Remember that when ordering a case model, it will not be possible to change the location of the compartments and shelves, since the design will be agreed in advance. In a small wardrobe, shelves will eat up free space..

When installing a mesh structure, it should be remembered that such a dressing room is not able to withstand too bulky and heavy things. In the process of installing a dressing room on a metal frame or honeycomb structure, also remember that dust can accumulate on open shelves, so it is very important to think over a place for each thing.

The main stages of work

layout of compartmentsNot everyone knows how to equip a pantry for a dressing room so that it is as functional as possible. After the preparatory stages of work are completed, the old shelves and doors are dismantled, proceed to measurements. Use a tape measure and marker to mark where things will go. The height of the compartments for underwear should be at least 20-40 cm, outerwear – more than 150 cm and sweaters and shirts – 100 cm.Determine the depth of the compartments based on the number of items.

Use drywall for zoning the space, and choose more sustainable materials for shelving. Chipboard, wood and chipboard after preliminary processing are ideal for making boxes “.

options for arranging a dressing room from the pantryIn the process of preparing a dressing room with your own hands from the pantry, give preference to drawers and shelves with a telescopic mechanism. It is best not to make the depth of the shelves more than 60 cm, so that it is more convenient to use the cabinet.

Fasten the clothes bar at a height of 130-190 cm above floor level. At a distance of 50-130 cm, place compartments that will be regularly used, these can be baskets and boxes for linen. Place things that will rarely be obtained at a height of 2 m.

filling the dressing room from the pantryIt will not be difficult to make a closet out of the pantry using high-quality fasteners for the shelves. These can be metal corners, fastenings in the form of dowels, or wooden frames from a bar. Corners and beams are considered the most durable option. Before hanging the shelves, pre-process the edges at the cut point so as not to spoil the appearance of things during operation.

Fix the clothes bar at different heights. Use high barbells for storing outerwear and dresses, in low ones – under skirts and shirts.

Buy two brackets for each bar. Make markings in order to hang the structure. A screwdriver and wood screws in the process will also come in handy. If the bar is large, then saw off the unnecessary piece using an angle grinder.

We turn the pantry into a dressing room – video

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