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Light and ventilation in the dressing room is essential for personal comfort

light and ventilation in the dressing room Light and ventilation in the dressing room is one of the prerequisites for ensuring a normal microclimate and convenient use of the room intended for storing things. The need for regular inflow and outflow of fresh air is caused by the presence of skin microparticles and debris. They are found on clothing and other items used by family members. Without proper ventilation, these particles react with the air and begin to emit an unpleasant odor. This is why light and adequate ventilation in the dressing room is an important consideration when planning an interior..

Types of ventilation in the dressing room

Ventilation in the dressing room can be natural or forced. In the first case, due to the peculiarities of the room and the presence of holes, constant and round-the-clock ventilation occurs. Natural ventilation takes place without external interference due to the special arrangement of the inlet and outlet air vents.

The second type provides forced ventilation through the use of special devices – fans and ventilation ducts. The system is mounted according to the general rules of house and apartment ventilation. In this case, special devices are used, usually operating from the electrical network..

Features of the device for the flow of light and ventilation in the dressing room

natural ventilation and lighting of the dressing room If there is a window in the room in question, ventilation will be carried out mainly due to it, as well as through the door, provided it does not fit snugly to the floor. Due to microscopic gaps, which are always present in almost any window, door frame, weak but constant ventilation will occur. Coming chilled, the air mass will gradually heat up and, thanks to this, it will begin to rise up. If there is a ventilation grill in the upper parts of the room, this air, saturated with dust and particles of human skin, passes through it. This frees up space for fresher air that re-enters the dressing room..

Light and ventilation in the dressing room can be improved by making small holes when choosing a natural way. Their size is about a centimeter. When using wall valves, at least one of the walls of the dressing room must border the street. It is from the yard in this case that fresh air can come in. To remove already used (contaminated) air masses, an opposite valve should also be arranged, leading to the so-called overflow channel..

What should be the ventilation of the dressing room according to the norms? According to the sanitary rules approved in Russia, there must be constant ventilation in the dressing room. This procedure is recommended to be done through shower rooms, including ventilation into the general system in the house (apartment). If this kind of air removal is insufficient, it is also worth providing additional ventilation. It should be carried out directly from the dressing room, and the size of such a ventilation hole will be more than 10 cm * 10 cm.air flow

How to make forced ventilation in the dressing room

forced ventilationVentilation in a dressing room without a window is usually forced. Since this type of removal of stale air is more difficult than natural ventilation, it is worth paying more attention to this point. In order to properly equip ventilation, it is worth planning its location and arrangement technology even at the preparatory stage. Usually, for a small or medium-sized dressing room, it is enough to bring a channel into the room, called an exhaust.

ventilation schemeAt the same time, to start the ventilation process, an electric fan is installed at its input, the blades of which are set in motion by switching on or controlled by a simple program that starts the device at regular intervals. A properly installed fan will extract air. Holes provided on the opposite side of the room – on the contrary, let fresh air into the room.

Light for the dressing room

light for dressing roomThe importance of good lighting in a dressing room cannot be overemphasized. Every drawer, any shelf must be visible here. Indeed, for the correct choice of clothes and simultaneous control over its condition and appearance, it will be necessary to arrange lighting in the dressing room..

Based on the characteristics of the described special room, when planning the illumination, it is worth following the following rules:

  1. To ensure a sufficient amount of light in the dressing room, you will have to follow the zonal principle. Each separate area of ​​the room must be clearly visible.
  2. Several lamps in the dressing room are located on the ceiling. Some – around the mirror, the rest – in those areas that received less light after previous manipulations.
  3. For long rows of tremples with clothes hanging on them, oblong fluorescent lamps or glowing strips are convenient. Place them above the rods with hangers..
  4. If desired, lamps are located not only in the upper part of the dressing room, but also in the area of ​​the baseboards. This will help to make the illumination uniform..

To save energy with a large number of light sources in the dressing room, you should choose energy-saving bulbs or LED lamps.

For light bulbs or other selected lighting fixtures, white light will look best. It matches the natural color of the sun. This gives naturalness, visually improves the atmosphere and overall perception of the dressing room. When choosing any lighting elements, you need to place them so that they do not hit your eyes when turned on, while shining on clothes, drawers and shelves.

fluorescent lamps in the dressing roomFor correct positioning, it is recommended to attach light sources directly over clothing and accessory boxes. If the height and size of the room allows for storing things, use an ordinary chandelier. It is hung in the center of the ceiling. Do not forget that the chandelier should not be the only light source. Otherwise, the dressing room will be too dark. If the dressing room is meant to be used by a woman, you can create a glamorous design by adding glittery, glass, or mirrors to your fixtures..

Types of lamps for the dressing room

spotlights in the dressing roomPrioritize your choice of fixtures and fittings for your dressing room lighting. If it is necessary to save electrical energy, you can choose fluorescent lamps; to illuminate a small dressing room, you should choose small, more compact ones.. lighting inside storage compartmentsFor example, it can be LED strips that do not take up space at all and can be placed both outside and inside cabinets. Also, if it is not possible to allocate space for bulky lamps and shades, you should consider the option of spotlights built into the ceiling.

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