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Overview of boilers with dry heating elements

boilers with dry heating elements To provide the house with hot water, many summer residents use a water heater, most often a boiler. There is a wide range of water heating equipment, among which a boiler with a dry heating element is more in demand..

Domestic water heaters of this kind are rightfully considered the market leaders. They are in great demand because they are not expensive, easy to use, safe, and also have a stylish, aesthetic appearance. The boilers work on electricity, they quickly cope with their functions, despite the fact that they must heat large volumes of water. On average, an electric boiler with a dry heating element heats water in 1.5 – 2 hours (depending on the volume).

Electric heating element is a safe type of heating, although it has direct contact with water. A feature of the installation of such a water heating system is the ground loop, which is connected to the power supply socket of the heating element. This prevents a person from being hit by an electric shock in the event of damage to the heating element..

reviews of boilers with dry heating elements Electric dry heating element differs from ordinary heating element in its structure. It looks like a tube made of stainless metal or copper, in which a heating element (nichrome thread) is located. The space between the filament and the tube is filled with several layers of insulator, which prevents short circuits or breakdowns. Teng does not come into contact with water, since its body is hidden in a shell with an oil layer, due to which this element has a high thermal conductivity. The main advantages of this heating system are a long service life and a short period of water heating..

Boilers and dry heaters

Depending on human needs and purposes of application, water heaters and boilers with dry heating elements are divided into two types:

  1. Flowing;
  2. Cumulative.

when buying a boiler with a dry heating element, pay attentionStorage-type boilers operate on the principle of filling a container with water with its further heating. During water consumption, the boiler automatically feeds from the water supply system of the house until it is full. This process takes place continuously as long as the boiler is on. Therefore, a person has the opportunity to use hot water around the clock..

The volume of a standard storage boiler tank varies from 30 to 100 liters. (there are more). Most modern boilers are equipped with dry heating elements. For a family of three, an 80 liter boiler is enough. The most famous and widespread models are Electrolux, Siеbel Eltron, Ariston and Gorenje.

The difference between a water heater and a boiler is that it does not have a storage tank, but heats the water directly at the moment it passes through it. Accordingly, such a mini-boiler has a more powerful heating element. When buying a boiler with a dry heating element, pay attention to its power (4.5-18 kW) and the possibility of installation. It is necessary to determine whether the home wiring will withstand the power load of the water heater, and whether it will be convenient to use it. Some of the most reliable water heaters – Vaillant, Timberk, Atmor.

Boilers Atlantic with dry heating element

The French manufacturer of high-quality household water heating products – the firm “Atlantic” – offers consumers its best developments, in which innovative technologies are concentrated:

boilers atlantic with dry heating elements

  • Possibility of choosing the type of control of the boiler functions (mechanical or digital). The company’s specialists have developed their own programming system PassProgram, thanks to which it is possible to control the operation of the boiler without any particular difficulties..
  • Energy saving technologies. It takes 10% less electricity to heat water, compared to well-known analog models from other manufacturers.
  • Due to the coating of the surface of the dry heating element with high-strength enamel, it will last 28% longer for competitive models of this class. Experts compare the strength of a protective coating with the strength of diamonds.

Boilers Atlantic with dry heating elements are presented on the market in the form of the Atlantic Steatite Pro VM 050 D 400-2-BC model. It has a steatite water heating element with a power of 1.5 kW. The heating element is located in a proprietary protective flask, which protects it from scale, increasing its service life.

boilers atlantic with dry heating elementsInside the boiler, a special stray current fuse is installed on the container body – a magnesium anode. As a heat-insulating material in the walls of the boiler, a polyurethane foam layer is used, which prevents the loss of heat from heated water. The inner wall of the container is covered with an anti-corrosion material (glass-ceramic enamel).

A special indicator, controller and temperature regulator are installed on the front side of the panel. The guarantee of quality work extends for a period of up to 8 years, which emphasizes the excellent quality from the manufacturer.

Also, other models are offered to the choice of buyers – Atlantic Cube OPro VM 100 S4 (100 liters capacity, 2.4 kW heater power), Atlantic Cube Steatite VM 30 S3C (capacity – 30 liters, heaters – 2.4 kW), Atlantic Cube Steatite VM 50 S3С (50 l., 2.1 kWt).

Video review of boilers Atlantic with dry heating elements

Best dry tenon boiler

boilers with dry heating elementsMost summer residents prefer medium-capacity boilers – 50 – 80 liters. Among the large assortment of quality products, the best dry tena boilers are especially in demand – Atlantic Steatite Pro VM 080 D400-2-BC (France) and Electrolux EWH 80 SL (Sweden).

Also hitting sales are budget options – Atlantic Steatite Pro VM 050 D 400-2-BC (France), Fagor CB-75 I (Spain), Ferroli Calypso 50V / ST (Italy).

Experts and fitters note the high efficiency of Atlantic boilers. Thanks to innovative developments, the manufacturer managed to combine the latest developments in the field of safety, installation, maintenance, operation in this heater. As for the Electrolux company, they do not have such quality characteristics, but they occupy an honorable second place after Atlantic..

Both Spanish and Italian manufacturers of water heaters offer good products in their budget segment. Such 50-liter containers are bought mainly by summer residents who do not often visit the dacha..

Reviews of boilers with dry heating elements indicate their high performance, reliability and excellent heat transfer. When choosing a boiler, preference should be given to boilers with dry heating elements, since their main and main trump card is safety against electric shock.

Video review of the boiler with dry heating element Atlantic Steatite Pro

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