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DIY boiler cleaning

limescale in the boiler During long-term operation of the storage water heater, it periodically needs cleaning. You can clean the boiler quite simply with your own hands and at home.

Why is it necessary to clean the boiler from scale?

If there is a storage boiler in a private house or apartment, then you should know that it periodically needs cleaning. To be more precise, its two main parts:

  1. the inner surface of the tank;
  2. heating element surfaces.

Descaling the boiler is a mandatory operation. If you do not carry it out regularly, every few months, then this threatens with an increase in energy consumption and possible damage to the boiler..

The reason for this is the low thermal conductivity of the scale formed on the surface of metal objects. As a result, the heating element needs to work longer to heat a large volume of water. What is the reason for the increase in energy consumption.

Ultimately, if you do not remove the scale from the heating element, the following will happen:

  • the water will stop heating at all or will be heated very slowly;
  • The heating element will fail due to overheating.

Of course, many models of water heaters are equipped with special thermostats that prevent the heating element from overheating. But often this is not enough reliable protection..

Methods for descaling the boiler

Means for cleaning the boiler from scale and odor You can descale the boiler, or rather the inside of the container, in various ways. At home, without disconnecting the device from the wall, you can implement only two:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical.

Each method has both advantages and disadvantages..

The mechanical cleaning method is more labor intensive. Since it is necessary to dismantle the heating element, which is far from always easy to do. This process is often associated with certain risks and difficulties: there is always the possibility of damage to the insulation of the heating element. This could lead to a short circuit..

The chemical method is simpler, it is carried out using specially designed means. There is no need to disassemble or dismantle the boiler itself. It is enough just to fill it with water and add a special composition to it..

Mechanical cleaning of the heating element of the boiler

Cleaning the Ariston boiler, as well as other typical devices of this type, begins with its disassembly. This operation is not difficult, for its implementation the following tool is required:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • set of open-end split wrenches;
  • a set of screwdrivers of various types (Phillips and slotted).

If possible, disconnect the boiler from the wall. Thus, work can be carried out with maximum comfort. After dismantling, turn the device upside down and start work.

Do-it-yourself boiler cleaning begins with its disassembly. It is carried out in the following order:

Dismantling the boiler before cleaning

  • with the help of two screwdrivers, the front panel is removed – it is held on by latches;
  • the thermostat handle is removed – it is not secured by anything, you just need to pull it towards you;
  • we unscrew the special screws securing the panel (the electrical part is located under it);
  • the power supply cable is disconnected – to do this, you need to unscrew the three screws that secure the three cores (phase, ground and zero);
  • the thermostat and the heating flange are unscrewed (the heating element itself is located on it).

The device of all boilers is typical. Although some manufacturers make their products original. For example, the Ariston company came up with a peculiar way to mount the heating flange. It is removed as follows:

  • the part is pushed away from the boiler body;
  • flips clockwise;
  • reaches for itself.

Installation is carried out in the reverse order..

Cleaning the heating element of the boiler from scaleAfter the heating element is removed, it is necessary to simply scrape off all the scale formed on the surface with a knife or other similar object. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the upper metal layer of the heating element.

When cleaning is complete, the heater should be reassembled in the reverse order. Reconnecting all unscrewed threaded connections and supply wires.

Comparison of new and old heating elements

Descaling the boiler heating tank

Many people ask themselves: how to clean the boiler? Its inner surface is cleaned using special chemical compounds. This is done as follows:

  • you should remove all the scale inside the tank with your hands;
  • water mixed with a special cleaning compound is poured inside;
  • the water is drained out together with the remains of limescale.

Under no circumstances should you do the following when cleaning the inside of the boiler tank:

  • try to remove scale with sharp objects (knives, screwdrivers);
  • use an abrasive (sandpaper and others);
  • touch the magnesium bar.

Particular attention should be paid to the magnesium rod: if its length has become less than 0.2 m, then a new one should be purchased and installed.

Cleaning the boiler from scale and odor at home is a laborious, but obligatory process. It allows you to significantly increase the service life of the water heater. Since the main cause of breakdowns (scale) will be eliminated.

Important nuances that must be observed

You can find out how to descale a boiler on the Internet, on many different kinds of resources.

When cleaning the boiler, many different nuances must be observed:

  • it is possible to supply power only if the container is completely filled with water (otherwise the heating element may fail);
  • after assembly, it is necessary to leave the boiler filled with water to work for several hours under supervision to detect leaks (the weak point is the flange);
  • after completion of work, it is imperative to rinse the container.

All operations must be performed as carefully as possible. The assembly should be carried out as carefully as possible. Incorrect phasing or careless handling can lead to boiler failure and costly repairs..

Video instruction for cleaning the Termex boiler from scale

Another video about cleaning the boiler with your own hands (step by step)

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