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How to build a brick porch for a private house with your own hands

brick porch for a private house No matter how beautiful the country residence is, its main advantage is the main entrance. And if you build a brick porch for a private house with your own hands, then it will truly glorify its owner. Some people think that this is impossible without certain knowledge and building skills. In fact, any smart man is able to build such a structure. The main thing is to put into practice the advice of experienced builders, which we will consider in detail.

Brick porch for a private house: calculations and design sketches

semicircular brick porch

Long before the start of construction, the “home architect” has a lot of ideas in his head. He constantly thinks:

  • what shape will the porch be;
  • how many steps are needed so that everyone is comfortable;
  • where to place the structure;
  • which cladding to use.

Having made a decision, he picks up a pencil to do the calculations. The first step is to determine the size of the steps.

Planned step calculations

brick dimensionsStandard construction heights range from 130 mm to 160 mm. And since the height of an ordinary brick is 65 mm, then only 2 blocks are required per step. The optimal length of the flight of stairs is 280-300 mm, which makes it possible not to stumble, but to take full steps when walking. You can build a brick porch for a private house with your own hands of any width. To do this, you need to calculate the required amount of material to get an integer. It is important to take into account the standard length and width of the brick (250-120 mm).

When laying the structure directly, the front block is placed with the short side in front. The second level is on the side, so that part of it serves as the future step of the porch.

Design on paper

brick laying schemeWhen the necessary calculations are made, they begin to sketch the proposed structure. The most elementary drawing of a porch for a private brick house is shown in the photo.

low porchIf the foundation of the building is not high, then an option of 3 levels is used, which can be increased if desired. After determining the height of the steps on paper, draw the structure from different sides and indicate the parameters of all steps.

To determine the amount of material that will be required for construction, each element is sketched on the sketch. A drawing of a porch to a brick house helps to calculate its optimal distance from the front door. The width of the structure exceeds the doorway by 1.5 m. The height depends on the foundation of the building. In places where there is a lot of rainfall, it is much higher than in arid zones. Based on this, the number of steps for the porch is determined in order to give the house a solid look..

Some green space aficionados use designs that include space for flowers. To protect the structure from moisture ingress, additional waterproofing is installed between the wall and the flower bed. If you fix this area on paper, it will be easier to record the progress of work during the construction of the porch..

When designing flights of stairs, it is advisable to make an angle of inclination of about 3 ° so that moisture does not linger on them..

Foundation – a solid foundation of the structure

porch foundation

After drawing up the project, they purchase the material necessary for the successful construction of a brick porch for a private house with their own hands:

  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • waterproofing devices;
  • fittings;
  • cement for masonry grade M400;
  • primer;
  • grout paste.

Also prepare tools:

  • notched and simple spatula;
  • shovel;
  • container for mixing the solution;
  • bucket;
  • Master OK;
  • building level.

porch constructionThe construction of a brick porch with your own hands begins with the preparation of a solid foundation. First, they put up marks (wooden pegs) of the future structure, stretch the rope, and then dig a foundation pit.

The depth of the basement under the porch must match the base of the building. Otherwise, over time, the structure will sag, and cracks will form on it..

Sand and gravel are poured into the prepared site. The height of the layer is about 20 cm. Prepared concrete is poured on top (5 cm). When it cools down, a mesh of reinforcing bars of a ribbed configuration, which is made by hand, is installed. The optimal thickness of the rods is about 12 cm.Thanks to this, the foundation for a hand-made porch will last for more than a decade.

base reinforcementThe finished mesh is covered with medium consistency concrete. Then leave to dry completely. If it’s cool outside, it will take about a month. And in the hot season, 7 days are enough.

The thickness of the foundation levels is not critical. It depends on its depth. The main thing is that the finished base rises 20 cm above the ground..

Instructions for the construction of a luxurious brick porch


Construction work includes several main stages:

  • waterproofing;
  • filling a thin level with cement;
  • bricklaying;
  • finishing and aligning the seams.

porch construction processTo create a high-quality waterproofing layer, it is better to use a roofing material folded in half. It is laid on the top and side of the foundation. Thanks to this, the brickwork is protected from moisture, which can destroy it. The waterproofing is poured with cement, forming a thin layer. When it hardens, they begin to build a brick staircase with their own hands.

The first step is to prepare a solution of medium density from sand and cement (1: 4) in a separate container. Work begins from the bottom row. Each brick is greased with mortar and laid on the constructed foundation..

There are several types of bricks on sale, which differ in composition, size and color shades..

Using the construction drawing, all the rows of bricks are laid. The excess solution is removed immediately, while it is still warm. At the end of the masonry, the porch is treated with a unique solution to remove white plaque. As a result, a brick porch built with your own hands takes on a luxurious look. Then the structure is left for 3 days so that the solution completely solidifies and gains additional strength..porch and steps made of bricks

After the expiration date, it can be left in this form or additional cladding can be made. For this you need:

  • re-primer the surface of the brickwork;
  • dissolve construction glue in a separate container;
  • cover the porch with tiles;
  • close up the seams;
  • wash the structure with clean water.

Since tile adhesive quickly loses its properties and hardens, it is advisable to cook it in a small amount..

clinker claddingOn a brick surface, using a notched trowel, apply glue and carefully lay the tiles. The excess solution is immediately wiped off so as not to spoil the external beauty of the cladding. Grouting is done with a thin spatula after 2 days. When the structure is completely dry, it is rubbed with a damp cloth until it shines. After that, the porch is ready to serve the owner of the house and meet dear guests..

brick porch without claddingSo, building a brick porch near a private house is not at all difficult. The main thing is to take the matter seriously: to make calculations, a drawing of a structure, prepare tools, material. The next steps are foundation, waterproofing, brick laying. As a result, a luxurious self-made structure will appear near the house..

We build a brick porch with our own hands – video

Semicircular brick porch – video

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