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Kitchen set – the choice of millions, but only the dignity of some

kitchen set Holidays or weekdays, family celebrations or intimate conversations cannot be imagined without a cozy and spacious kitchen. Therefore, when buying a kitchen set, it is important to take into account the preferences and wishes of all family members. Considering the features of some types of furniture complexes will help you make a wise decision. It should be borne in mind that such furniture should be not only beautiful, but also multifunctional. Details deserve special attention. Thanks to their specificity, they open up completely new opportunities and horizons for the hostess..

When choosing kitchen furniture, it is important to correctly calculate the “working triangle” zone – the distance between the stove, refrigerator and sink. The optimal spacing between these objects should be about 1-3 m..

Consider the kitchen set in detail

kitchen set in detail When choosing this special furniture, it is important to consider everything: the parameters of the kitchen, the material of the products, the functionality and colors of the panels, as well as the financial capabilities of the family. To understand what exactly a housewife needs, you should consider what the kitchen set consists of..

Manufacturers offer many configurations, which include:

  1. Hinged elements. Designer cabinets with conventional or glazed doors are wall-mounted. Open shelves look in a special way, on which stylish decor elements are installed.
  2. Pencil cases. These include cabinet panels, column cabinets, which are an order of magnitude higher than conventional products. These types of kitchen furniture are used to save room space, as well as compact distribution of things..
  3. Floor structures. Drawers and cabinets consist of shelves and compartments. Retractable devices most often come with inserts or dividers.
  4. Countertops. Work surfaces are made of natural stone or artificial, acrylic.
  5. Mobile furniture. Often, designers offer original mobile partitions or unique sideboards / tables made on the principle of transformers.

retractable structuresGlass doors on the cabinets visually increase the amount of space. Hanging structures are used to store cereals, dishes or devices, which should always be at hand.

After such an excursion, it is worth considering what material the owners want and can afford to buy furniture from. The peculiarities of the production of such products, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, will prompt users to make the right choice..

Kitchen set material: solid wood or its “distant relatives”

kitchen set made of woodWooden facades are high-quality, reliable, environmentally friendly, but very expensive products. Thanks to modern production technologies, the service life of solid wood kitchens is 30-40 years. To protect the surface from moisture or other chemical attack, the material is impregnated with special means. In addition, the panels are covered with special canvases that are resistant to mechanical damage..

However, designers offer only 3 kitchen designs made of wood:

  • classic;
  • ethno style;
  • modern.

Over time, wooden structures begin to deteriorate. The structure of facades changes under the influence of moisture, chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

large kitchen setIn most cases, only large kitchen sets are made from solid wood, since they are very voluminous and bulky. For small apartments, designers suggest choosing designs from lighter materials.

Chipboard (chipboard) – cheap, but cheerful

chipboard kitchen setThe budget cost of this material has made it popular among manufacturers and users. For the manufacture of boards, waste from the wood industry is used: sawdust and shavings. The adhesive for such a mixture is a special binder, which includes formaldehyde, which is harmful to health..

Slabs, facades or edges obtained from these materials are pasted over with finishing:

  • plastic;
  • veneer;
  • PVC foil.

Kitchen furniture made of chipboard is suitable for temporary use, so it is bought for a dacha or a hostel.

In addition, it is impossible to make complex design furniture designs from the proposed panels, because they do not lend themselves to forming and bending..

design solutionSuch lightweight kitchen sets are recommended to be installed for a short period of time, because their surface quickly deteriorates due to high humidity and sudden changes in temperature. Most often, vulnerable spots are located near the sink, oven, and also the stove.

MDF is a unique material, but only for facades

kitchen set made of MDF

The front side of 95% of all kitchens is made of fiberboard. The production technology of such sheets consists of 3 main stages:

  • crushing wood industry waste into flour;
  • cleaning, washing and drying the mixture;
  • high pressure pressing.

Thanks to this technique, manufacturers produce a durable material with an unusually dense structure. Often, panels made of it are covered with veneer, plastic, PVC film, laminate and even enamel.

The binding agent in this case is natural glue (lignin), which is released from the wood when heated and formed. In this regard, these types of kitchen sets are several times more expensive than PDS, and are environmentally friendly..

painted facade headsetThe most popular are painted facades. Companies offer all sorts of color variations of this furniture, which looks luxurious under the lacquer coating..

Types of kitchen sets in the kitchen space

small kitchen setLayout plays an important role in the functionality of the furniture. Every housewife wants to spend as little time and effort as possible on cooking. For this reason, all accessories, as well as products, should be within arm’s reach..

Taking into account the wishes of users, manufacturers offer 6 options for the execution of kitchen sets:

  1. Linear type. All furniture attributes (minimum set) are installed in one row.kitchen set of linear type
  2. Two-row layout. Structures are mounted along parallel walls. The only thing is that the distance between them is at least 80-90 cm.two-row kitchen set
  3. Corner model (L-shaped). The furniture complex is located near 2 adjoining walls. The best option for such an arrangement would be a kitchen set with a pencil case or a bar counter..corner model of a kitchen set
  4. U-shaped. Suitable only for large cottages and houses. The working area is divided into 3 parts: food preparation, food storage and washing. At the same time, each wall is assigned one of these functions..u-shaped headset model
  5. Ostrovnaya. One of the objects is displayed in the center of the room: a dining table, a sink, a stove or a recreation area. This option is relevant for rooms with an area of ​​15 m². It is in this case that a woman should think about what furniture should be in the kitchen..island model of kitchen set
  6. On the principle of the letter “G” or with a peninsula. This type of layout is an extended version of the U-shaped headset. On one side of the complex (at an obtuse angle), another working area is mounted – a peninsula. It should be about 1 m from it to the opposite wall..kitchen set with peninsula

The location of the main attributes of furniture depends on the layout and size of the room. These calculations include the location of outlets, drains and plumbing..

socket layoutIt should be borne in mind that each model of the kitchen unit has its own door opening / closing system. As a standard, manufacturers equip cabinets with hinged, hinged, sliding and lifting doors. These details of kitchen complexes, as well as a competent kitchen layout, greatly simplify the life of every housewife and her family members..

How to choose a kitchen set – video

Installing a kitchen unit – video

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