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How septic tanks work for the Triton dacha

septic tanks for giving Triton Seasonal or permanent residence in a country house involves the arrangement of a sewage system with a minimum impact on the environment. If it is not possible to connect to the central drainage network of domestic wastewater, septic tanks can come to the rescue for the Triton dacha.

Short description

types of septic tanks triton Septic tanks are designed for wastewater treatment in areas where it is impossible and not cost-effective to connect to the general sewage system. Among them there are both volatile and non-volatile installations. Triton septic tanks are produced by the Russian company “Triton Plastic”.

The Triton unit is a completely autonomous system that does not require a connection to the mains. The liquid inside the device moves in a gravity mode.

The system housing can be made of various materials:

  • concrete;
  • plastic;
  • fiberglass.

plastic caseThe body of Triton septic tanks is made of plastic – polyethylene, polypropylene. The use of this material allows you to make the structure lightweight, airtight, durable. Wall thickness, depending on the dimensions of the installation – from 14 to 60 mm.

By type of work, Triton treatment facilities are divided into:

  • accumulative;
  • chamber (biological treatment).

Accumulation plants collect and store effluents, do not have a drain outlet and are suitable only for rare, seasonal use. Frequent removal of collected fluid is required. The volume of the tank can be 1,000-60,000 liters. Such drives are produced by the company under the name Triton-N.

three-chamber septic tank newtIn biological treatment septic tanks, the decomposition of pollutants occurs. Depending on the model, the system can have from one (Triton Micro) to several chambers (Triton ED and T), in which the clarification process takes place.

On the official website of the manufacturer, you can purchase a ready-made installation of a standard configuration or make an order for the manufacture of equipment according to individual sketches.

Principle of operation

sewerage system with septic tank TritonThe principle of operation of the septic tank Triton is based on the decomposition of pollutants in the process of vital activity of anaerobic bacteria.

Wastewater treatment is carried out as follows:

  1. Through the inlet pipe, water enters the first chamber, where the heavy fractions settle. Over time, substances turn into sludge.
  2. From the first chamber, the partially purified liquid enters the second chamber. The effluent is clarified by biofilters.
  3. The water flows into the third chamber, which also works like a sump.

After passing through the system, the drains are either further purified and used for household needs, or they are discharged into a special well and subsequently pumped out using a pump.

Advantages and disadvantages

non-volatile septic tankSeptic tanks are more environmentally friendly compared to cesspools. Thanks to them, it is possible to avoid the unpleasant smell of the sewer on the site. But compared to volatile septic tanks, this series is less effective in terms of the degree of wastewater treatment..

The main advantages of Triton septic tanks for summer cottages:

  • wide range of models;
  • the equipment does not require energy sources;
  • affordable price;
  • easy operation and installation;
  • long service life (up to 50 years).


  • without additional purification, the water that has passed through the system cannot be reused or discharged into a reservoir, soil;
  • the impossibility of installation in the northern regions (the brand is designed to work at temperatures not lower than -300 C);
  • for safe reuse of wastewater, an additional treatment stage is required (infiltrators, filtration wells).

Selection criteria and model overview

Triton septic tank model

When choosing a septic tank Triton, whether for a summer residence or a country house, you should focus on the following factors:

  • depth of groundwater;
  • number of residents;
  • residence time (seasonal, permanent);
  • the number of drains;
  • type of soil;
  • climate.

It is recommended to determine the volume of the treatment plant based on how much effluent the room for which it is intended for discharges in 2-2.5 days.

Treatment plants of this series are suitable for areas with sandy moisture-unsaturated soil and low groundwater.

The manufacturer guarantees the efficient operation of the system down to -300 С.

A range of septic tanks for the Triton dacha

A variety of models of septic tanks Triton allows you to choose the best option for both a small family and a large company..

For 1-2 people who live in the house only during the summer season, it will be enough to install the Triton Micro model.

This model is the smallest of the septic tanks of this brand. The device can be used for a bath, a guest house, a storm sewer. Its reservoir is capable of storing 450 liters of water. Productivity per day – 150 liters. The structure weighs only 40 kg, you can bring it to your destination by car.

Septic tank Triton Mini is designed for a family of 1-3 people. Most often installed in summer houses, summer cottages. The volume of the container is 750 liters. Productivity per day – 250 liters. Construction weight – 85 kg.

The effluents that have passed the Triton Mini system are cleaned by 55-65%. Therefore, both the Triton Micro and Triton Mini models must work in conjunction with an infiltrator, which is able to purify wastewater up to 90%..

Operating rules

septic tank cleaning TritonIn accordance with the instructions for use for the Triton unit, it is recommended to clean the structure every 1-2 years. To do this, you need to invite a special machine – a sewer, which will remove all filtered drains from the system..

In addition, after the expiration of the period indicated by the manufacturer, it is necessary to remove sludge, sediment from the bottom of the tank. After that, the installation should be completely flushed with clean water under pressure..

When flushing the structure, it is not allowed to enter the system of aggressive chemicals that can destroy bacteria inside. If necessary, to increase the efficiency of the septic tank, it is allowed to add special preparations containing beneficial microorganisms.


installation of a septic tank TritonIt is recommended to invite a specially trained team to install the Triton septic tank. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year.

Before starting work, check the integrity of all parts of the structure. The device is mounted as follows:

  1. Dig a hole for the size of the equipment (with a margin of 20 cm on each side).
  2. The bottom of the pit is leveled. Make a concrete pad – 20 cm.If necessary, install a concrete slab.
  3. The pipes of the installation are connected to the sewerage system of the room and sealed.
  4. A septic tank is poured with a mixture of sand and concrete. Every 20 cm, the soil is compacted, the reservoir is gradually filled with water.

In the process of filling on the upper part of the septic tank, you can additionally lay several layers of insulation (foam, isolone).

system in operationTriton devices are affordable and economical septic tanks that are able to purify 55-65% of pollutants in domestic wastewater. Among them there are both models that replace the standard cesspool, but at the same time avoid odor, and modern ones, equipped with a biofilter. The body of all systems of this brand is made of plastic, due to which they do not rot, corrode and serve up to 50 years.

How to choose a septic tank for a summer residence – video

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