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Let’s create a decorative indoor fountain with our own hands for the joy of the whole family

DIY decorative indoor fountain

Every year millions of people devote huge funds to visit exotic places on the planet. You can recreate natural beauty in miniature by making a decorative indoor fountain with your own hands. The lively murmur of water has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person. In addition, it is impossible to take your eyes off her..

The design gives the room not only a luxurious look, but also humidifies the air in the hot season. To create a decorative indoor fountain with your own hands, it is not necessary to purchase expensive installations. The main thing is to be patient, turn on the imagination, pick up the tools and work miracles. First, let’s take a look inside the structure to understand how it works. Then we will get acquainted with the types of indoor fountains. Finally, let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions for creating a natural miniature for your home..

The fountain is not only a decorative element. Since it humidifies the air wonderfully, it should not be installed near wooden furniture..

Why does water flow

simple indoor fountain

“All rivers flow into the sea, but it does not overflow.” So it is said in the most ancient book of mankind. We see confirmation of these words every day, when snow or rain falls from the sky to the earth. The Great Designer launched the water cycle in nature. Imitating him, experienced craftsmen created with their own hands a decorative indoor fountain that pleases the heart all year round. How does this system work?

The design is based on a unique water cycle in a closed system. It is started with a pump connected to an electrical supply. It lifts the liquid upwards, after which it flows gracefully into the storage bowl..

decorative fountain from several bowls

There are decorative fountains that use several of the same containers. They are built at different heights, connected by pipes. Pouring liquid into the vessel at the top starts the system. Conventional physics plus creativity and good hands. The result is an exotic corner with a quiet murmur of water that soothes the nerves..

How to create a decorative indoor fountain with your own hands: step by step instructions

items for creating a fountain indoor

Before getting down to business, you need to think about the size and place where the structure will be installed. For example, it is inappropriate to place a huge fountain in a small room. Conversely, in a spacious room, a miniature structure can go unnoticed. The decorative fountain is placed on the floor, wall or table. Much depends on the overall design of the room and the number of household members..

Depending on the movement of water, fountains are:

  1. Cascading – the liquid falls along decorative steps or ledges.
  2. Closed – water moves in flasks or flat containers attached to the wall.
  3. Gushing – the jet is directed upwards, after which it falls into a miniature pool.

There are wall art backlit options that create a unique ambiance in the room..

When choosing a place for a structure, small children and pets should be taken into account. The main thing is that the structure does not interfere with anyone..

But how to make a do-it-yourself fountain at home in order to fill it with exquisite exoticism.

Of course, first you need to understand how the structure works, and then collect the necessary items:

  • suitable capacity;
  • aquarium pump;
  • flexible hose;
  • waterproof glue;
  • decorative elements (expanded clay, shells of various sizes, colored soil, wood, ceramic products);
  • backlight (optional).

installation of the pump in the bowl

A vessel of any shape is suitable as the main bowl. The main thing is that water does not flow out of it. The upper part of the pump for a small fountain is equipped with a sprinkler. Since the dimensions of the structure are very small, the handpiece does not need to be worn. Otherwise, water will flood the nearby area of ​​the room..

It is quite possible to design a miniature pump yourself, since the unit has a relatively low power.


Getting started with the creative process

decorating the fountain with pebbles and shells

Those “who despise the day of humble beginnings” never succeed. Therefore, having collected the necessary tools and materials for the construction, wise guys get down to business.

preparation of fountain elements fountain making process

Consider the traditional master class for creating a do-it-yourself indoor fountain at home:

  1. A piece of about 10 cm is cut from a suitable hose (an aquarium one) .Its diameter should match the pump tip.
  2. A pump is attached to the bottom of the tank using suction cups and connected to the tube.
  3. The resulting space is filled with expanded clay or stones, leading a tube between them.
  4. To give the fountain a presentable look, all elements of the device are carefully masked with the help of all kinds of shells, pebbles or glass.
  5. Depending on the preferences and the interior of the premises, the design of the structure is performed using various objects.


Stylish exotic in the interior of the bedroom

stylish miniature fountain

A small tabletop fountain can be built from a flower pot with a diameter of about 25 cm.

For work you will need:

  • durable capacity;
  • pump;
  • translucent balls or pebbles;
  • aquarium plants;
  • paints for painting on ceramics or glass.

The flower pot is used for the base of the fountain. To give the structure a stylish look, the container is painted with special waterproof paints. To circulate the liquid, a pump is installed, a hole is made and the tube is brought up.

fountain bowl decoration

The bottom of the fountain is decorated with decorative balls, shells or pebbles. After filling the system with water, aquarium plants are placed inside. They give the design an exotic look and uniqueness. A simple scheme for creating a structure opens up wide opportunities for novice craftsmen.


A brook murmurs in a fountain and without a pump

indoor fountain without pump

Perhaps only a few had to observe natural geysers in all their glory. As you know, there are no pumps and no electricity. But such a release of water causes unprecedented admiration. Of course, at home it is impossible to create such a phenomenon without electricity. However, there is a way out!

For the construction of a miniature fountain without a pump, use:

  • several containers;
  • thin tubes;
  • connecting adapters;
  • sealant (if containers are made of plastic);
  • decor elements.

First of all, a small hole is drilled on the bottom of each bowl. Thin tubes are pulled through them, after which they are sealed with cold welding. The procedure will protect the system from fluid loss.

fountain design without pump

The container used for the base of the fountain must hold the entire volume of the liquid used. Several holes are also made in it for the adapter and tubes connecting the upstream vessels. Since the system operates without a pump, the bottom bowl must be removable to return fluid to its original position. The final touch is a decorative ornament. For this, artificial plants (vines), transparent balls, seashells, glass and pebbles are used..

Photo selection of indoor fountains

fountain from a jug with illumination fountains in the form of flowers original design of indoor fountains fountains from sea shells composition of bonsai and indoor fountain wonderful white fountain bamboo fountain

Practice shows that it is quite easy to maintain mini-fountains. To do this, you need to regulate the level of liquid in the system, since it tends to evaporate. It is important that the pump is always under water. Otherwise, the moment will come when the pleasant murmur will stop and the device will fail. Let the water spout for happiness in every home.

Desktop fountain or decorative waterfall – video


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