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How Canadian houses are built, features of construction technology

canadian houses Canadian houses have become a new trend in the construction market of our country. Both residential buildings and administrative facilities are being built using this technology. For our climatic conditions, such construction is economically more profitable than construction from traditional materials. Such houses are accessible to the population and have properties that are comfortable for people to live and work. Houses using Canadian technology are built in a few weeks and comply with modern building standards. The features of such buildings are the production of structural elements in the factory and fast assembly on site..

What technology are used to build Canadian houses

construction process The main component of construction technology in this case is the SIP panel. It is a ready-made block for walls and ceilings. It is produced at an industrial enterprise and delivered assembled to the construction site. This is a glued structure made of OSB sheets, between which a foamed polymer is placed, for example, foam.

Canadian houses and their constructionTo erect a structure, you will need wooden beams. They will serve as connecting elements and jumpers. Construction starts from the corner of the building, then vertical struts, lintels and a stiffening belt are added. The space is filled with special foam.

Prefabricated houses using Canadian technology are assembled like a constructor from ready-made elements.

Methods for the construction of Canadian houses

ways to build Canadian housesThe second option for the construction of such houses is the direct assembly of all building elements on site. A frame, load-bearing elements with window and door openings, partitions are mounted on the foundation. Then, to determine the boundaries of the use of the filler, the base of the roof is installed..

Then everything happens according to the following scheme:

  • one side of the building is sheathed with OSB plates, from the inside they are coated with glue;
  • insulation (polystyrene or expanded polystyrene) is laid on the glue base;
  • the surface is treated with glue and sutured with a chipboard.

This option for building houses using Canadian technology has one advantage: the builder can use any size of sheathing in his work. This allows you to create unique structures. However, the walls will need to stand for 2-3 days for the glue to dry completely, then the fastening reliability will be sufficient.

Any of the types of construction of Canadian houses has the accuracy of installation according to the project to the millimeter. To ensure the durability of the building, the designers carry out accurate calculations and produce technical documentation..panel mounting accuracy

If you are going to build a house yourself, then you must accurately follow the recommendations of the architect. In this case, the building will be of high quality..

Foundation and roofing in Canadian building technology

strip foundation for the houseSince parts of the future structure are made of lightweight materials, the weight of the entire structure is small. It follows from this that the Canadian technology for the construction of frame houses allows them to be erected on a lightweight foundation. If the soil under the building is solid, then a strip or tiled base can be created.. pile foundation for a houseFor moving soils, the pile option is more suitable. However, the quality should not be lame, because the house will stand on the foundation for several decades. It is important to include it in the project and strictly adhere to all the recommendations of the designer. It is possible to build houses using this technology both in the plains, rocky hills, and on the seismically active coast of the sea..

installation of roof panelsThe roof of the building weighs a lot, so it is important to understand how strong and resistant the walls will be. The SIP panel is strong enough to withstand up to 5 tons of horizontal pressure. When assembling a structure, vertical and horizontal beams increase its strength by approximately 20%. It is necessary to calculate the maximum permissible load that the panel will withstand, based on this, choose the roof material.the process of installing vulture panels

The advantages of building houses using Canadian technology

warm house

Canadian houses have a number of advantages over conventional buildings:

  • buildings are affordable;
  • have better energy efficiency;
  • there is no need to build a heavy-duty foundation;
  • no shrinkage occurs, therefore, after construction, you can start finishing immediately;
  • fast installation process;
  • you can build even in winter – this will not affect the quality;
  • high rates of sound and heat insulation;
  • well tolerated in harsh winter conditions.

Cons of using Canadian technology in construction

increased fire hazard

The disadvantages include the following:

  1. Ventilation needs to be done better than in a regular home.
  2. Flammability of materials, which is solved by special impregnations.
  3. Rodents. However, structures made of any kind of materials are susceptible to them..

More often, the disadvantages of Canadian houses are contrived and due to the conservatism of our compatriots, but more than 80% of the population in Canada and the United States live in such buildings.

To reduce the risk of fire, wood elements are protected with fire retardant paints and safety regulations..

It is also necessary to comply with fire safety requirements when arranging a stove, fireplace. It is important to fulfill all the requirements for the arrangement of electrical networks at home.

canadian houses with their own handsWhen deciding to build a house using Canadian technology, the pros and cons must be carefully studied and ways to minimize negative factors must be found. Although this method is simple, it requires preparation and calculations, that is, it is necessary to go through the design stage. With the help of a computer, a three-dimensional image is projected and accurate calculations are carried out. Modern methods make it possible to develop flow charts and ensure high accuracy of compliance with construction rules and regulations.

use of quality panelsIn order for the quality of the house to be high, one should carefully approach the issue of attracting suppliers of SIP panels and timber frames. It is also necessary to contact professional builders and purchase high-quality materials and devices for the building..

Canadian house from vulture panels with your own hands – video

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