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Functional and original table for a small kitchen

kitchen table for a small kitchen

Finding a kitchen table for a small kitchen is not an easy task. This piece of furniture should combine functionality and attractiveness. And organically fit into the design of the kitchen space. There are several effective tricks on how to deal with the problem..

Kitchen table for a small kitchen: how to get around all the sharp corners

compact table in a small kitchen

Immediately before choosing a small kitchen table, you need to decide on the following important points:

  1. Kitchen area.
  2. The number of family members, and the number of people who gather at the table at the same time.
  3. Room design.
  4. Place reserved for the dining area.

The answer to these questions will allow you to move on to the choice of the shape and size of the table. If the whole family will not gather for him because of the difference in the rhythm of life and work schedule, then this fact can be taken into account immediately.

The standard calculation of space for each person assumes such a minimum size for one: 0.4 * 0.6 m.

You also need to take into account the number of seats and the ability to put the required number of chairs or stools near the table. After eating, these chairs should ideally fit under the table so as not to clutter up an already small area..

What if there are often guests in the house, and a lot of people always gather at the table? In this case, the dining area from the small kitchen will have to be transferred to the living room..

Obviously, a very small table will be inconvenient and not very functional in any case. Finding the optimal solution will not be easy. All forms and possible designs will need to be considered.

Choosing the shape of the table: corners and their absence

For a small kitchen, a traditional large enough rectangular table is hardly suitable. But there may be exceptions to the rule..


rectangular table

The rectangular shape has many advantages, allowing the whole family to sit comfortably at the table. But this is only possible if the place allows it. Tables with this top shape are very common, even in small sizes. The advantage of such models is the ability to move it to the wall or put it in the corner.

This approach will save space. If necessary, the table can be moved away from the wall and thus add the number of seats.


round table in the kitchen

A round kitchen table for a small kitchen is one of the classic options. It is attractive in appearance, has one or three legs. Rounded edges minimize the chance of injury as there are no corners.

But this option is not the best for a small room, as it takes up an unreasonable amount of space. Buying a table with a round table top is justified only when there is definitely room for it..

semicircular table in the kitchen

A compromise option is a semicircular tabletop that allows you to move the table with the flat side to the wall.

corner segment table

Another type of round shape is segmented, designed for installation in a corner. Minus – a very modest size, designed for only 1-2 people.


oval table in the kitchen

The oval shape is not as difficult to install as the circle. It allows you to push the table with the long side against the wall. But the free area is also not rationally engaged in such a form. The advantage of these models is the absence of sharp corners..

A small kitchen table with rounded edges is preferable to sharp ones.

Table designs

All kitchen tables can be conditionally divided into several structural groups:

  • solid;
  • retractable;
  • folding;
  • modified.


solid glass table

The solid type is the simplest, it has a solid worktop of a certain shape and does not move around the kitchen. This option is convenient if the area of ​​the room makes it easy to organize 4-5 seats behind it. These are robust models.


pull-out kitchen table

Mechanisms of sliding tables allow this piece of furniture to be pulled out, for example, from a niche in a kitchen wall. A pull-out kitchen table can be organized in various ways: from a table-top that is simply sliding out of the headset, to a full-fledged table on wheels.

In the first case, a very small table for 1-2 people is obtained. In the latter case, the table can be moved to any place convenient for eating in the apartment..


folding kitchen table

This shape of the table is usually a rectangular or semicircular table top, which is attached with the flat side to the wall or other furniture. When folded, such a table does not take up space at all.

folding semicircular and rectangular table

After eating, the leg-spacer is removed, and the table top is lowered, and the folding table for the kitchen does not interfere with free movement. The options for folding tables are shown in the photo below..

small folding table


modified tables for the kitchen

Modified versions of tables are often found in modern designs. This group includes bar counters and tabletops in the form of window sills. This not only saves space, but also gives originality to the interior of the kitchen..

The elongated shape of such countertops allows you to place several people, especially when there is an approach to the bar from both sides. This option can be organized, for example, when combining the kitchen with the living room and installing a rack between them..

Arranging the table in a place where the windowsill is usually located can be a necessary measure for very small kitchens. The tabletop in this version can be made of wood, MDF or other material..

Transformers is a fashion trend

convertible kitchen table

The transformer kitchen table for a small kitchen, as in the photo, is an original element of a modern interior. When folded, such a table has a modest size, and when unfolded it turns into a full-fledged table.

Materials for transforming tables can be:

  • glass;
  • Chipboard;
  • wood and others.

A small folding table for the kitchen can have a different organization, be with pull-out and attached structural elements. It can either be attached to the wall or be a separate structure..

When choosing a specific item, special attention should be paid to high-quality fittings, which must withstand significant loads from frequent opening and closing. The mechanism of the folding table must be reliable, work without squeaking and do not require the application of efforts to open and close.

large transforming table

Depending on the principle of the device, transformers are of various types.

P / p No. Type of Characteristic
1. “Book” Simple mechanism using retractable legs. The increase in the usable area of ​​the table can be significant – several times the original size. There are fully foldable models that, when folded, take up less than 10 cm in width. Standard – when folded looks like a compact cabinet.
2. Turning A kitchen turntable is a piece of furniture that has pivoting center inserts. In the process of sliding the doors, the useful area of ​​such a table can increase by more than a third. Such models can be folded and unfolded conveniently and quickly, requiring little effort. Several butt seams.
3. With central insert The principle of increasing the size of the table top is by moving the side parts apart. In this case, the surface increase can be up to 50%. In the folded state there is 1 seam, in the unfolded state – 2.
4. Double layer A simple mechanism allows you to double the useful area of ​​the table. When folded, the tabletop is quite thick, as it is formed by two layers.

Zarless models win in elegance, but are inferior in strength.

Where to find a free space that does not exist

kitchen table under the window

Even a small folding table can be difficult to place in a modest kitchen.

In order to avoid possible mistakes, it is recommended to use the following recommendations:

  • the color and style of the table should be in harmony with the rest of the interior;
  • a light table looks more compact than a dark one;
  • glass is a material that gives a feeling of lightness and airiness to the interior;
  • massive legs and a thick table top give visual weight;
  • using a tablecloth adds volume;
  • if folding chairs are provided for the kitchen table, then at least 1-2 of them should be left unfolded for convenience;
  • furniture should be placed mainly along opposing walls;
  • when the dining table is located opposite the working area, the distance between them should not be less than 0.6 m.

Despite all the difficulties, you can choose a kitchen table for a small kitchen that meets all the requirements of functionality and convenience. But the selection process must be approached with great care..

How to choose a table for the kitchen – video

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