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How to make a table with your own hands reliable and beautiful

how to make a table with your own hands Only professional carpenters can create high-quality pieces of furniture, and even then with the proper qualifications and a set of very expensive specialized tools. In this publication, we will debunk this myth and tell you how to make a table with your own hands from the most common materials using a tool that is in the arsenal of any home craftsman..

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade table

natural wood table with bench It’s no secret that good furniture from well-known manufacturers is not very cheap, and interior items from the budget segment are not distinguished by their durability and environmental friendliness. Assembling a wooden table with your own hands is a good idea to save money, while getting a stylish and exclusive sample, which will be in a single copy, despite the use of a typical drawing. In addition, there are many ways and options for making this product, which will allow you to create a sample that is ideal for the interior of your home..

Do not forget about the disadvantages of homemade furniture, namely:

  1. Risk of injury. A cutting tool is used for working with wood and its derivatives, careless handling of which can cause serious injury.
  2. Time wasted. In the presence of a specialized tool, it takes a professional 1-2 days to create a table. It will take a home craftsman up to 10 days to make a simple outdoor table with his own hands, taking into account the stages of varnishing or painting.

As a disadvantage of homemade furniture, many professionals note the poor quality of the resulting product. Here you can argue, because the main thing for obtaining a quality product is knowledge of technology, correct calculations, diligence and accuracy, which will certainly give positive results..

Tools and materials

carpentry tools

To assemble a table from boards with your own hands, you will need a standard set of carpentry tools, which includes:

  1. A hacksaw for wood. The presence of a hand-held circular saw and a jigsaw will significantly speed up the assembly process.
  2. Electric drill with a set of drills for wood.
  3. Screwdriver with bits and a set of nozzles. This toolkit can be easily replaced with conventional screwdrivers (straight and curly), box and open-end wrenches..
  4. A sander, which, due to the lack of one, can be replaced by a regular block and sandpaper.
  5. Hammer, carpenter’s knife, tape measure.

For assembling a table structure made of wood, it is preferable to use dry curved edged boards made of natural wood..

This material is relatively inexpensive, decorative, environmentally friendly, available for purchase at any hardware store and is easy to process..

When assembling the finished product, it is necessary to provide for the presence of self-tapping screws for wood, dowels, PVA glue. In addition, furniture bolts, nuts and washers may be required. It is also desirable to have clamps that will allow you to fix the workpieces during the gluing process..

DIY wooden table for the veranda

kitchen table

There are many options for tables that are suitable for installation on the veranda.

  1. If you intend to use this piece of furniture for family dinners, then you can make a spacious dining table from solid wood.
  2. If the veranda is used mainly for relaxation, then you can assemble a small coffee table with a round table top with your own hands..

Dinner table

dinner tableWe make a do-it-yourself dining table out of wood: you can take the drawings from the Internet or make a simple sketch with your own dimensions based on the photos below:

  1. Preparing the material. For the frame you will need boards (LxWxT): 2 pcs. 800x100x25 mm; 2 pcs. 450x100x25. Bar 9 pcs. 600x40x40 mm. For the table top you need 6 boards. 800x100x25 mm. For the legs, you need to prepare 4 boards 750x100x25.
  1. We collect the legs. How to make table legs? Very simple, as they are part of the framework. We assemble a support module from two boards 750x100x25 and a bar. We make markings on the leg: we retreat 30 mm from the top edge and from the side of the board. We fasten the bar, as shown in the figure. We repeat the operation for the second pair of legs.assembly of table legs
  2. We assemble the frame by screwing the blanks 800x100x25 mm with self-tapping screws, as shown in the figure.assembly of the table frame
  3. At the ends of the frame we attach 2 boards 450x100x25 mm.fastening boards at the ends
  4. We measure 25 mm from the upper edge of the side boards of the frame, fasten the bar blanks from the inside of the table. These elements will keep the tabletop from deformation..fixing the bars for installing the table top
  5. We make a tabletop of boards with our own hands, placing them tightly in the prepared place and fixing each element with self-tapping screws to the bars on the inside of the table. It remains only to carefully grind the resulting product and cover it several times with water-based varnish..

You should be aware that this technology is also suitable for the manufacture of sturdy and stylish benches, which will be an excellent addition to such a table..

Round coffee table – video

Diy table with benches

garden table with benchesTo make such a wonderful country table, you do not need a lot of time and material. All elements are made of wood. Fixing strength is ensured by furniture bolts.

Manufacturing steps:

  1. We collect the tabletop. For assembly you need a board (LxWxT): 4 pcs. 1200x150x50 mm; 2 blanks 600x150x50 with a cut angle at 45 °. We lay the boards of the countertop tightly to each other, retreat from the edge of 100 mm and fix them with a blank. Repeat the operation on the other side of the tabletop..tabletop assembly
  1. Assembling the support structure. To assemble the table legs, you will need dry boards (LxWxT): 4 pieces – 950x150x50. We prepare blanks, cut corners (30-35 °). We retreat from each edge of the tabletop 150 mm. We fix the legs by means of a bolt connection. The distance between the legs at the bottom edge is 1300 mm.fixing table legs
  1. We fix the base for the benches. You will need a board 1400x150x50 mm – 2 pcs. We fasten them with bolts in the center of the legs, as shown in the figure. For stability, the structural elements should be connected (in the figure, this is a blue colored board).fastening the base for benches
  1. We install benches. To make a table for the dacha with your own hands, you need to properly install the benches. For their manufacture, according to tradition, we use a board 1200x150x50.fastening benches to the table

To save material, you can use two smaller boards. Fastening to the support structure is done with self-tapping screws. Now the product needs to be sanded, treated with an antiseptic, painted with any facade paint on wood.

Table transformer

table transformerDo-it-yourself folding tables made of wood are much more difficult to make than stationary products. Due to the transformation mechanism provided in the design, such models significantly save free space, which is so lacking in our homes. That is why folding models are worthy of self-production. Next, we will consider how to assemble a table in the kitchen, which, when folded, serves as a bar counter, and when unfolded, it becomes a fully functional object for family feasts..

Preparing the material

To assemble the structure, you will need:

  • legs – wooden beam 4 pcs. size 800x45x45 mm;
  • frame – timber 2 pcs. 810x45x45 mm and 2 pcs. 210x45x45 mm;
  • shelves – timber 4 pcs. Size – 900x20x20 mm;
  • lathing of shelves – timber, 32 blanks 210x20x20 mm;
  • leg-stand – timber 2 pcs. 755x45x45 mm; 1 PC. 810x45x45 mm; 720x45x45 mm.
  • table top – 2 boards 2000x300x35 mm.

In addition, you need to purchase 6 pcs. hinges (door can be used), self-tapping screws, PVA glue.

Assembling an adjustable table with your own hands

According to the drawing below, we assemble the frame.frame assembly

We collect shelves. Based on the design, they need to be assembled 2 pieces. We fix the lathing bars with self-tapping screws.shelf assembly

We install the shelves in their regular places according to the drawing.installation of shelves

Using self-tapping screws, we assemble the support leg-stand.assembly of the leg-stand

We attach the supporting leg to the frame with three loops.support leg attachment

We make a folding tabletop. To do this, you need to fold the boards on top of each other, align along the long side, fasten together with three loops.manufacture of a folding tabletop

And the last thing, it remains to fix the tabletop on the frame, grind the resulting product and cover it with water-based acrylic varnish.

To ensure greater strength, all joints of the structure must be coated with PVA glue before fastening.

Solid wood kitchen table – video

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