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Original ideas on how to make a hearth for a fire in the country with your own hands

fireplace in the country How nice it is to get together with friends on the territory of a country house late in the evening to chat and have a cup of tea. A self-built fireplace in the country house is a favorite place for leisure activities. Near it you can not only warm up, but also cook food. In addition, the building serves as a wonderful decoration of the site, both in warm and cold seasons. Experts suggest considering various types of outdoor fireplaces that you can build yourself. Consider the most original options for such designs.

Fireplace in the country and safety precautions

we observe safety precautions Since the structure is associated with fire, it is important to consider several important rules. Otherwise, an unforeseen situation may occur, which will cause damage not only to buildings, but also to the owners of the country house..


  1. First of all, the structure should be away from buildings. Minimum distance of about 3 m.
  2. To avoid a fire, the fireplace in the country should not be located near bushes and trees..
  3. Firefighters forbid making fires near fences or on the border with good neighbors.

An ideal place for a fireplace – in the middle of a plot of 6 acres.

Varieties of original designs

original hearth shapeBefore you get down to business, it is wise to choose the right type and shape for your fire pit. At the dacha, it will look original if you take into account the landscape and design of the site. Wizards offer to build a stationary or mobile version.

Fireplaces are built from various materials, but most often they are used:

  • brick;fireplace in a brick dacha
  • concrete;concrete hearth
  • stone;stone hearth
  • metal.fireplace in the country made of metal

For example, for the construction of a buried structure, a hole is first dug in the ground. Its maximum depth is about 70 cm. Then the cladding is made with the help of brick or stone. The result is a safe fire pit. Ground options are made of various shapes. However, the “classic of the genre” is considered a round design.

campfire with stone tableCreative craftsmen make a fire pit with a stone table in the country with their own hands. Behind such an original design, it is pleasant to drink wine, dine or just dream, looking at the bright tongues of flame. For hearths made of concrete, curbs, rings for ordinary wells or garden flowerpots are used. Metal options represent a semblance of a barbecue, forged bowls or intricate figures. Mobile foci can be purchased ready-made by visiting a specialized store.

To protect yourself from burns, metal fireplaces should be lined with concrete blocks, stones or bricks..

Preparing the ideal site

drawing with dimensions of the site for the hearthTo successfully build a hearth for a fire in the country with your own hands, you need to prepare a drawing.

Then materials and suitable tools are collected:

  • crushed stone;
  • sand;
  • cement;
  • stone (concrete structure, brick);
  • roulette;
  • shovel;
  • fishing line;
  • pegs.

site markingNext, markings are made and the site is carefully prepared. An area lined with stone, paving slabs, covered with concrete or asphalt can become a wonderful basis for a construction. On such a solid foundation, several rows of stone or brick are laid out and the hearth is almost ready. However, in other cases, craftsmen remove the fertile soil level. After that, rhizomes and debris are carefully removed. Using a shovel, the platform is leveled and the soil is tamped with a special device. On such a solid foundation, a foundation is being built.

If the site has clay soil, experts advise using geotextiles. Optimum material density 200 by 250 g / m.

Foundation and wall construction

laying the foundationFor the construction of a bowl for a fire in the country, the first thing to do is to dig a trench, according to the shape of the future structure. The depth of the foundation is about 15-20 cm. The pit is poured with concrete mixture so that the edge of the base is 5 cm below the soil level. It includes fine crushed stone, sand and cement. Before the mass hardens, several through holes are made in the structure. Natural moisture will freely leave through them. In addition, they are useful for installing metal devices on which meat products or vegetables are cooked..

construction of a fireplace in the countryNext, they start building the walls in the traditional way. If necessary, the finished structure is covered with a facing stone. For this, the surface of the hearth bowl is leveled with cement mortar. Its thickness is about 10 cm. Next, the cladding is made. After the end of the work, the structure is left for several days to dry properly. Then they boldly make a fire, fry a barbecue, bake vegetables, or enjoy the beauty of the flame.

Creative craftsmen make original designs using suitable materials at hand.

The master’s case is afraid

metal fireplaceThose who do not like the construction site successfully build a fireplace made of metal at the dacha.

For the design, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • corrugated steel sheet;
  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • roulette;
  • grinding disc;
  • metal brush;
  • drill;
  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • black paint in spray cans;
  • goggles, gloves;
  • earplugs.

First of all, markings are applied to the metal sheet in accordance with the drawing. Then, with the help of a grinder, the conceived structure is cut out. Bend the outer and inner parts. Gently brew, then fix with a hammer.

metal hearth manufacturing processTo give the hearth an attractive appearance, the welds are carefully ground. Any traces of rust are removed with a metal brush. To drain the liquid, several holes are made in the structure, after which they are painted with heat-resistant black paint. Such an original campfire site is installed in any safe area of ​​the site..

beautiful summer cottageWith a little effort, skill and ingenuity, it is easy to create an original street hearth with your own hands. Then invite relatives or friends. Take a guitar, delicious food, make a fire. Play your favorite music and enjoy the unique beauty of the flame in the silence of the night.

Making an outdoor fireplace in the country – video

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