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Pet Grooming in December

chickens in the winter courtyard When the days get shorter, the sun shines, but does not warm, the sky is often overcast, which means that winter has come. At this time of year, pets are especially in need of human care, and December is just the beginning of a difficult journey. Right now, summer residents are trying to do everything so that their pets can safely survive the cold..rabbits in the aviary in winter

Chickens are trouble-free workers

egg production of chickens in winterThese lovely house friends try to supply summer residents with eggs all year round. Therefore, with the onset of winter, they need a warm room. They will have to be here most of the time in order not to lose their egg production. In addition, the coop should have a stable temperature and lighting. This is especially important if December turned out to be a rather cold introduction to winter..

insulated chicken coopTo begin with, it is important to close up all through holes and cracks in the hen house so that cold air does not penetrate into it. The windows in the room must be tightly closed. To increase the temperature in the hen house, experienced summer residents use heating units. The main thing is to install them so as not to harm the birds or the device..

Additional lighting in the hen house (at least 14 hours), makes it possible to collect more eggs than without it.

vitamins for chickensIt is important to provide chickens with a balanced diet in the first month of winter. Usually by this time the birds have lost their own reserves and need additional feeding. The best option is to purchase good feed. This blend contains a full complement of vitamins, minerals and a variety of nutrients..

chickens in an open cageIn order for the chickens to rush in the cold season, they must be released into fresh air. December is the right month to prepare for the chilly winter. Therefore, letting the birds go for a walk every day, just for 15 minutes, will help them get used to the cold. If they are walking in a small aviary, then wooden shields can be placed on the ground. And to protect birds from predators, it is advisable to cover the aviary with a net on top. A cheaper method is to walk with them in the fresh air..

To prevent chickens from frostbite on their feet, the walking area can be covered with straw or hay..

Insulation of cages for rabbits

rabbit cages in decemberFarmers’ observations show that the optimum temperature for raising rabbits ranges from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. However, if you try to help them, then even severe frosts are not a hindrance. When December rolls around, it’s important to take care to protect the rabbits from drafts and keep the cages warm. There are several options for how you can do this:

  1. Warm floor. To do this, a pallet is made from thick boards into which hay or straw is placed..
  2. Solid doors. In addition to the existing doors, plywood is nailed. Some people use glazed structures that keep heat well..
  3. Thermal insulation of side and rear walls. Materials such as felt, styrofoam or a regular old blanket will reliably protect rabbits from severe frost. They are recommended to be nailed on the outside, and covered with plywood, film or roofing material on top..

As soon as warming occurs, the additional insulation should be removed immediately. This will protect the cage from dampness that can harm the animals..

fattening of young animalsWith the onset of December, summer residents are trying to supplement the diet of rabbits with wholesome food. They prepare all kinds of warm mixed fodder mixes, which contain a number of minerals and nutrients. It’s good to give animals needles in December. We can safely say that she is a real storehouse of vitamins. It is important that the cells constantly have a supply of water after each meal. And regular cleaning of “rabbit houses” is the key to successful wintering of fluffy animals.

Protecting domestic bees in December

hives in winterThe first month of winter for bees is a period of deep hibernation. Therefore, do not bother them once again. In December, beekeepers perform the main manipulations associated with the hives, as well as control the sleep and ventilation of insects..

Bee hibernation control

swarm auditionTo make sure the family is asleep, there must be complete silence inside the hive. Only sometimes a faint buzzing sound can be heard from it. If the bees are buzzing loudly, then there is a problem. Perhaps they are short of food or too cold. To help hardworking insects in winter, summer residents immediately eliminate the difficulties that have arisen..

Listening is done 2 or 3 times a month. To do this, use a thin rubber tube. One end of it is inserted into the notch, and the other is directed to the ear.

Control of ventilation in the hive

airing the swarmIf ventilation is disturbed in the bee house, dampness will appear in it. As a result, this can lead to the loss of worker bees. Therefore, in December, it is important to regulate ventilation using a taphole. It can be opened or closed to make the gap larger or smaller..

In winter, summer residents are advised to repair or make new bee houses. Review the necessary inventory and prepare for the next season.

As you can see, in December there is a lot of trouble at the dacha associated with pets. But as a reward, you can get fresh eggs from chickens, dietary rabbit meat and sweet honey from striped workers..

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