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DIY chick feeder

PVC pipe chick feeder You can make a do-it-yourself feeder for chickens at home, especially since almost any materials are suitable for its creation: plastic bottles, buckets, PVC pipes, plywood, a tray or boards. Therefore, it will cost significantly less than ready-made from the store. In addition, during its assembly, the conditions of keeping the birds (cage size), age and their number can be taken into account..

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Types of feeders and requirements for them

According to the method of feeding, the feed is divided into the following types:

  1. Trough – are a long flat container with sides and a net or a spinner on top, so that chickens and chickens will not be able to scatter food.Wooden troughSewer pipe bunker feeder
  2. Bunker (automatic) – hold a large amount of feed, food enters the tray as it is pecked by the bird. At the same time, the feeder itself has a small size and a lid so that moisture and dirt do not get inside..

The first type of trays can consist of several troughs (grooved), which allows you to fill in different feed. This type of chick feeder is often attached to the outside of the cage for easy maintenance. In addition, the likelihood that the bird will be able to scatter food or climb from above is completely excluded. Feeders are placed on the floor, wall or suspended from the ceiling. They are attached to the wall using stainless steel clamps..

To feed the grass, it is better to use feeders in the form of baskets made from twigs or net.

The main requirements that must be met when assembling do-it-yourself chicken feeders:

  1. It must be made in such a way that the bird cannot climb on top of the food or stand over it, otherwise not only garbage, but also excrement will be poured into the food..
  2. Cleaning and disinfection of the tray should be carried out once every 1 or 2 days, especially if there are a large number of livestock, therefore, its design should be easy to clean and have a low weight. It is better to choose the material for the feeder from plastic or metal..
  3. The size of the tray is calculated so that each bird can freely approach it, otherwise the weaker ones will not receive the required amount of feed. For an adult, a length of up to 15 cm is enough, and for chickens 8 cm, if the feeder is made in the form of a circle, then 2.5 cm is enough for one head.

Metal feeder for wet mashBefore you make a do-it-yourself chicken feeder, you need to consider what type of feed you plan to feed the bird with. If it is dry, for example, grain, a combined mixture or mineral additives, then almost any material can be used for assembly – wood, plastic or metal. For wet mash, it is better to make plastic or metal, as they are easier to clean than wooden ones. In addition, the tree begins to rot due to excess moisture..

Self-made feeders

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY hanging chicken feeder is by remodeling a plastic bottle. The plastic is chosen to be dense, capable of keeping its shape. A hole is cut at a distance of 8 cm from the bottom so that the chickens can eat freely from it. The handle on the bottle is used as a loop for hanging from a net or hook.

Before you start making a chicken feeder of a complex design, for example a bunker made of wood, you first need to calculate its dimensions and draw detailed drawings on paper.

Automatic plastic bucket feederTo make an automatic feeder, you will need a plastic bucket with a handle (also suitable after building materials) and a tray. Holes are cut at the side near the bottom along the entire circumference at an equal distance through which the feed will wake up.

Making a bucket feederAfter that, the bucket is installed on the tray and they are fixed to each other. The dish should be 10-15 cm larger in diameter than the container. Instead, you can use the bottom of another bucket. This feeder is either placed on the floor or suspended by the handle. The bucket lid will perfectly protect the feed from precipitation and debris.

Convenient pipe feederYou can make a feeder and drinker for chickens from PVC pipe with a diameter of 15 cm. In addition to it, you will need 2 plugs and a tee, also made of PVC. The length of the pipe can be any, the longer it is, the more feed it will fit into. 2 parts 20 cm and 10 cm long are cut from the pipe. The first part is installed on the tee, and its free end is closed with a plug. The feeder will stand on this part. The longest part of the pipe is connected to the opposite end of the tee, which will become the bunker. A 10 cm segment is installed on the branch of the tee, from which the chickens will eat feed.

The video shows an example of a do-it-yourself feeder and drinker for chickens made of PVC pipes.

The second option for a PVC pipe feeder is a floor one. A pipe with a length of 1 m is cut into 2 parts – 40 cm and 60 cm. In the short one, holes (up to 7 cm in diameter) are cut from both sides on one half of the pipe or only in the center. Of these, chickens will eat. One end of the pipe is connected to the length of the part (60 cm) using an elbow, and the other end is closed with a plug.Horizontal feeder for a large number of chickens

The length of all parts may vary depending on the number of chicks and the size of the hopper required. All edges of the holes should be smooth, without sharp burrs on the edges, so that the bird cannot get hurt. See also: how to make a drinker for chickens with your own hands?

Do-it-yourself economical chicken feeder – video

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