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How to breed crayfish at home for the soul and for sale

how to breed crayfish at home Most entrepreneurs are trying to invest their finances in a promising business. It is these people who should figure out how to breed crayfish at home and make a solid profit. To date, this idea has not gained much popularity for two reasons. First, the business requires large investments. Secondly, it takes a long time to receive dividends. Despite everything, growing crayfish at home is considered a pretty profitable investment. We will try to understand all the intricacies of the case and make a wise decision.

Pros and cons of “unpopular” business

profitable business The famous saying, “Measure seven times, and cut once,” has many uses. It is especially helpful to think about it before making a major investment. In this case, “to measure seven times” means to delve deeply into how to breed crayfish at home competently and wisely.

In addition, you need to take into account the basic principles of housekeeping.:

  • method of growing crayfish;
  • special equipment;
  • regular investment.

business planningA prerequisite for success is the calculation of material resources for a package of documents, the purchase of live material and high-quality feed. It is important to consider how much effort and time it takes to run an organized economy.

The key to the success of the enterprise is the preparation of a business plan, which indicates all financial costs, including the sales market and marketing..

There are a number of factors that can be attributed to the benefits of breeding crayfish at home for sale.:

  • lack of competition;
  • constant increase in the number of clients;
  • the popularity of the delicacy;
  • low level of labor costs;
  • high profit.

how to breed crayfish at homeOne of the main disadvantages of this event is considered the cost of habitat for crayfish, the purchase of live material and running costs. In addition, the net profit from the business comes at least 2 years later. However, in the future, the business does not require special costs, but profitability increases..

Acquaintance with live goods

home grown crayfishThere are several types of crayfish to breed on your home farm. After getting to know each of them, it is easy to make a wise decision..

River narrow-fingered

river narrow-clawed crayfishThe species is the most common in Europe. Cancer is fertile enough, since the female lays up to 300 eggs. In adulthood, it weighs up to 150 g. The maximum length of an individual is about 18 cm. The narrow-fingered crayfish can easily adapt to artificial reservoirs. Feels comfortable at a water temperature of about 22 ° C.

At home, you can breed an endangered species of river wide-fingered crayfish, which have a fleshy body and grow up to 20 cm.


australian cancerCancer has red claws, which attracts the attention of entrepreneurs. In addition, he has a large amount of tender meat, from which delicacies are prepared. Individuals of the Australian crayfish species make wonderful contact with each other. They love a rather warm environment, so the temperature of the water in which they are kept should be up to 28 ° C. When properly grown, they reach 15 cm, the maximum weight of an adult is 150 g.

To keep 4 individuals, a tank with a volume of 100 liters is required.

Cuban blue cancer

cuban blue cancerOverseas representatives of arthropods are painted in bright blue. They are picky about leaving. They thrive in hard water, the temperature of which does not exceed 25 ° C. The diet is simple, since crayfish eat everything that comes across to them at the bottom. Sometimes they attack small fish. When grown at home, additional grottoes and driftwood must be placed on the bottom of the tank..

Marble crayfish with a spectacular color

marble crayfishIn a small aquarium, the volume of which is about 5 liters, these crayfish are grown for the soul. They are considered decorative. The carapace of the marbled crayfish has a spotted color and a glossy surface. In 2 years, it grows to about 15 cm. It feels comfortable when the water temperature in the tank is from 20 to 28 ° C. A distinctive feature of the species is the absence of a sexual characteristic. Therefore, during reproduction, each individual throws and independently fertilizes eggs. Truly lovely creatures.

When choosing the right type of crayfish, it is important to consider your capabilities and purpose. For a successful business, mature fertilized individuals are initially bought. They are sold individually or by weight by individuals, farmers and industrial companies..

If desired, you can immediately purchase a broodstock consisting of 100 kg of fertilized females.

How to breed crayfish at home: advice from experienced entrepreneurs

how to breed crayfish at homeWhen organizing any business, you need high-quality preparation. Similarly, after choosing the right type of crayfish, they begin to create their own farm..

First of all, they purchase universal equipment:

  • compressor;
  • oxidizer (to saturate water with oxygen);
  • salt meter (oxygen meter);
  • thermometer;
  • cleaning filters;
  • water heater;
  • contamination meter (conductometer);
  • shelter;
  • scales;
  • feeders;
  • arthropod catching devices.

Depending on how you breed crayfish at home, the list of equipment changes. However, you need to purchase it in advance in order to successfully organize your production..

Feeding products

cancer is algaeIn nature, the diet of crayfish consists of algae, fallen leaves, worms, small fish, snails and larvae.

When breeding arthropods at home, it is complemented by:

  • crushed wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat;
  • bone meal;
  • vegetables (potatoes, carrots);
  • steamed hay;
  • minced meat;
  • dry milk.

Some products are harvested in-house to save financial investments. At the next stage of preparation, they choose and equip a place where arthropod pets will live. Experts offer several options.

Natural body of water

crayfish in a natural reservoirThe most economical “reservoir” for breeding crayfish is a pond or lake, which nature gave to mankind..

After all, favorable conditions for arthropod inhabitants are ideally created here:

  • food base;
  • water temperature;
  • plants.

For successful breeding of crayfish in a pond, the natural reservoir is thoroughly cleaned of debris. If necessary, trees are planted to create the shade they love so much. An important point is the arrangement of the bottom. In the center of the lake, there should be a depth of 2-3 m so that individuals can overwinter there. For comfortable reproduction of arthropods, shallow water is made near the coast.

A natural reservoir is usually rented for a long time in order to create your own farm on it..

Artificial lake (pool)

crayfish breeding poolBefore starting to breed crayfish, experts equip an artificial reservoir. To do this, a pit is dug out with a depth of about 2 m, and with a diameter of up to 50 m. The bottom is made even, and the walls are sloping. The entire territory is sheathed with polypropylene, which retains water. Sand, various shards, broken brick are poured at the bottom. Trees and greenery are planted along the coast, and algae are planted in the reservoir itself. It will not hurt to populate it with plankton.

The success of the business directly depends on the type and rules of pet care:

  • the new generation is transferred to a separate tank;
  • in the spring, female crayfish are caught;
  • create optimal conditions for breeding;
  • provide a sufficiently varied food.

Since crayfish are considered cannibals, larger specimens are grown separately. Otherwise, they will eat the young. It was noticed that strong individuals adapt much faster to new circumstances..

In winter, over an artificial reservoir, it is advisable to build a shelter made of film, like a greenhouse.

In the garagehow to breed crayfish at home in the garage

And how to breed crayfish at home for sale and make a profit if there is not enough land near the dacha for a reservoir? Enterprising businessmen use an enclosed space. It should be spacious enough and preferably with a heating system. The ideal option is a garage. A well ventilated basement is fine, though..

To equip a small farm, you will need at least 3 tanks. Each of them will be inhabited by a separate group of individuals:

  • females for throwing eggs;
  • young growth;
  • mature crayfish.

To maintain comfortable conditions, the necessary equipment is installed in the garage. After preparing the tanks, the required number of females is purchased for breeding crayfish in an artificial container. They are launched into one of the tanks, where the males are waiting for them. Enhanced nutrition will help them quickly adapt to new conditions and produce offspring.

Usually, young animals develop unevenly and larger individuals happily eat their small counterparts. Therefore, it is advisable to “relocate” the offspring in time to another container..

In a voluminous aquarium

breeding crayfish in a large aquariumSummer residents who want to start breeding crayfish for sale equip a spacious aquarium on their site. The container is installed in the open air. Part of it is buried in the ground. Then the bottom is covered and filled with water.

A suitable aquarium for breeding crayfish in the country must meet the requirements:

  • the minimum liquid capacity is not less than 250 liters;
  • the height of the tank is about 100 cm;
  • wide spacious bottom;
  • average water hardness;
  • liquid temperature from 17 to 21 ° C.

The success of a business depends on running water and electricity. Fry or adults ready to produce offspring are launched into the prepared container. The rate of development of crayfish depends on the type of arthropod, water temperature, food and the number of individuals in the aquarium. Copies ready for sale will appear in a year.

It turns out that growing crayfish for sale at home is not so difficult. For business, you need to prepare a suitable reservoir. Choose the type of crayfish. Provide them with decent care and find a way to sell their living goods.

Business idea how to breed crayfish at home – video

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