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Instructions for the use of E-selenium for birds

Instructions for the use of e-selenium for birds E-selenium is a medicinal and prophylactic agent designed to eliminate a number of pathologies in birds and animals associated with a lack of tocopherol and selenium in the body. Instructions for the use of E-selenium for birds contain indications and contraindications, the form of release, as well as the rules for use and the required dosage.

Description, active substances in the composition and form of release of the drug

bottles with e-selenium The manufacturer produces the drug in liquid form, it can be used orally or as an injection. It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases of poultry and animals..

The composition of the product contains the following substances:

  • sodium selenite;
  • tocopherol, i.e. vitamin E;
  • hydroxystereate;
  • polyethylene glycol;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • distilled water.

1 ml of the drug contains 0.5 mg of sodium selenite and 50 mg of tocopherol acetate, which are the active ingredients of the solution. The rest of the components act as auxiliary components.

In some cases, the manufacturer’s recommended dose can be increased several times. In regions with a low selenium content, an increase of 5 times is permissible. However, before use, it is necessary to consult a specialist to prescribe the exact dosage..

The drug is a light transparent liquid with a yellow tint or colorless without sediment. The drug is produced in the form of a sterile solution in hermetically sealed vials with tight rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. In this case, the volume of the vials may be different..

Each package of the drug contains the following information:

  • the manufacturer and its legal address, as well as the trademark;
  • title;
  • volume;
  • batch number;
  • the name of the active ingredients;
  • methods of application;
  • shelf life.

In addition, each package contains a leaflet with instructions for the use of E-selenium for birds and animals..

E-selenium is allowed to be used for the treatment of both agricultural and domestic animals, as well as fur animals. The product can also be used for young animals, correctly calculating the dosage..

Properties of the drug and indications for use

Instructions for the use of e-selenium for birdsThe instructions for vitamin E-selenium indicate that it is able to quickly compensate for the lack of tocopherol and selenium in animals and birds. These components are essential for proper growth, development and subsequent productivity..

Do not use the drug in conjunction with ascorbic acid – this significantly reduces the effectiveness of taking E-selenium.

Selenium is a very limited mineral in nature. The function of selenium is primarily associated with active antioxidant properties. It removes toxins and significantly reduces the effect of harmful substances.

The value of selenium for the body:

  • improves resistance to pathogenic microorganisms;
  • enhances the effect of vitamin E;
  • activates the work of enzymes and sex hormones;
  • strengthens cell membranes, preventing their deformation.

The role of vitamin E is also important. It increases immunity, improves reproductive function, activates regeneration processes, and affects the synthesis of hormones..

The introduction of the drug into the body of birds or animals leads to the fastest replenishment of tocopherol and selenium reserves, helps to restore metabolism in individuals.

Indications for use:

  • poisoning with toxic substances, for example, nitrates;
  • violation of reproductive functions;
  • developmental delay, small weight gain;
  • invasive diseases, infections;
  • stressful situations.

E-selenium is prescribed by veterinarians with a lack of selenium and vitamin E in the body, with the development of pathologies associated with a deficiency of these components (liver dystrophy, white muscle disease, cardiopathy).

Instructions for the use of E-selenium for birds

e-selenium for chickensFor the treatment of poultry, the drug is best used orally, dissolving it in drinking water. It should be noted that when taking the drug for medicinal purposes and prophylactic dosages are different. In case of any irregularities in the timing of application, it is necessary to resume treatment, according to the recommended scheme. It is forbidden to increase the dose at the same time..

According to the instructions for use of the preparation E-selenium for birds, the rules for taking should be as follows:

  • for prophylaxis, the drug should be given to young animals and adults once a month;
  • for medicinal purposes no more than 3 times a month, maintaining an interval of 1-2 weeks.

It is recommended to dilute the drug with drinking water – 1 ml of the drug is added to 100 ml of water per 1 kg of bird weight or 2 ml in 1 liter of consumed water.

For newborn chickens, the dosage and intake rates are different. Instructions for taking E-selenium for chickens indicate compliance with the following dosage: for prophylactic purposes, the drug can be given once every 2-3 weeks on the next day after birth.

Contraindications, possible side effects, overdose

there are contraindications to the use of e-seleniumContraindications include an excessive content of selenium in the body of a bird, for example, with alkaline disease, and an excess of this component in feed. It is not recommended to use it if birds have noticed an intolerance to the substances contained in the composition..

No side effects were found, provided that the instructions were strictly followed. In case of drug overdose, the following is observed:

  • ataxia (muscle dysfunction);
  • dyspnea (shortness of breath);
  • cyanosis of the mucous membranes, in some cases and of the skin;
  • increased sweating;
  • tachycardia;
  • anorexia.

At the same time, the drug has no specific antidotes..

Storage rules and shelf life

storage rules for e-seleniumThe manufacturer recommends keeping the vials tightly closed. Keep them separate from feed, food, in a dry and dark place. Children should not have free access to the facility. The storage temperature should be between 4 ° C and 25 ° C. The drug that has not been used should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements.

Subject to the observance of the storage rules for the medicinal product, its shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture. Once opened, the solution bottle can be stored for 14 days.

E-selenium is used for the treatment and prevention of a number of pathologies in poultry and animals associated with a lack of tocopherol and selenium. When using the drug, you must follow the instructions exactly to avoid overdose. We recommend that you follow the storage conditions and familiarize yourself with the contraindications.

Video instruction on the use of E-selenium for birds

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