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What is a bumblebee hive for at a summer cottage

bumblebee hive How popular is the bumblebee hive? Bees are considered a widespread standard of hard work. Gardeners often face pollination problems, especially in conditions of prolonged rain or frost. And inevitably come to the conclusion that bees are not the most ideal workers..

Bumblebee – that is who works without folding their wings, indifferent to lower temperatures and dark hours of the day. The results of his work are visible from the first month.

Bumblebee facts

bumblebee collects nectar Before deciding whether to breed bumblebees, you should familiarize yourself with their benefits..

Pros of bumblebees:

  1. Bumblebees are cold-resistant. They have a dense protective coating of thick hairs and the ability to heat up on their own. Thanks to this, bumblebees are able to start pollination at a temperature of 5-8 ° C.
  2. Practically not aggressive towards humans. Only attack in case of danger.
  3. Pollinates a wide range of crops, less selective than other insects.bumblebee pollinates plants
  4. They are well oriented in the dark, due to which they fly out for pollination outside daylight hours.

Bumblebee breeding goals

working bumblebeeBumblebee breeding has two main goals:

  1. Pollination. This is the main purpose of bumblebee breeding. With their help, productivity increases. They willingly produce pollination not only in open garden plots, but also in greenhouses, greenhouses.
  2. Business. Making a profit from a bumblebee hive is quite possible if there are interested clients.

Bumblebees produce honey, but due to the bumblebee’s lifespan (from spring to autumn), they do not stockpile. Their honey is highly loaded with proteins and minerals. But a large percentage of water does not contribute to its long-term storage. Therefore, honey collection is not the main reason for breeding, but is a pleasant bonus..

Instructions on how to make a bumblebee hive

setting up a bumblebee hive in the gardenRegardless of the goals of bumblebee breeding, the main, step-by-step technology stands out.

A bumblebee is purchased or created that meets the following requirements:

  • the structure must have a removable bottom and roof for timely cleaning and relocation;removable bumblebee hive cover
  • covering material is needed inside: cellulose wool, moss, dry grass;
  • openings for ventilation and feed must be provided.

types of hives for bumblebeesThe size is determined based on the needs. When bumblebees are bred at home for pollination, the size of the hive depends on the area of ​​the site. For sale, it is worth preparing several options at once for the possible requests of future buyers.

The hive is placed in the shade, with the entrance to the south. The pegs for its installation must be treated with solid oil to prevent ant attacks. Hives are placed in a row or in tiers, a distance of at least 2 meters.

uterus for bumblebeeThe uterus is inhabited. You can catch it yourself, or you can buy it at a bumblebee farm. For those who decide to go the first way, you should know that you need to look for the uterus at the beginning of spring. Females are large enough compared to males, circling low above the ground, in search of a nesting place.

When capturing the uterus, attention is paid to the absence of pollen on the hind legs. This indicates that the uterus has not yet chosen its nest..

The captured uterus is placed in an already prepared hive. She is provided with peace and high-protein nutrition. The uterus must lay the nest and prepare for reproduction.

bumblebee familyThen the family is completed. Drones and bumblebees are required. After combining the uterus with drones and workers, the air in the hive is saturated with carbon dioxide, which stimulates reproductive functions. When the fertilization process is completed, all infertile uterus are discarded. With the appearance of larvae, the family is considered complete..

It is imperative to monitor the cleanliness of the bumblebee hive, to cleanse dead individuals and other contaminants that contribute to the reproduction of parasites.

End of the season

With the onset of autumn, the bumblebee family ceases to exist. Male bumblebees die, and queens scatter in search of places for wintering. In order not to start all over again next year, it is recommended to arrange winter conditions for them in advance..

Males separate and transfer to another hive. The queens are fattened, then, without interrupting the feeding, are placed in a container with a piece of disinfected peat. The container is placed in a refrigerator with an initial temperature of 20 ° C. Gradually, within two weeks, it decreases to 5 ° C. As soon as the uterus buries itself in peat for wintering, the temperature is set at 1 ° C and is maintained until spring, when the cycle repeats again. An empty hive must be cleaned and disinfected..

Features of breeding bumblebees for sale


If breeding bumblebees is considered as a business idea, then the following points are thought out in advance:

  1. Sales market. Ways of finding customers are preliminarily considered, and the conditions for implementation are determined.
  2. The need to transport families in small hives is foreseen. Accordingly, additional, free hives and packaging and shipping materials are being prepared..
  3. The cost of the initial investment is calculated.

Bumblebee wax and honey are a nice addition. They are highly valued, and their implementation brings substantial income. When the question of the profitability of breeding insects is pondered, the use of bumblebees for pollination of their own plot is immediately envisaged. Then, if the business does not generate income, the initial costs will pay off with increased yields..

Features of breeding bumblebees for pollination

breeding bumblebees for pollination of plantsIn the case of breeding bumblebees in garden plots for pollination, such a variant of the hive as a bombidarium may also be useful..

Wild bumblebees prefer minks thrown by small rodents. These minks can be imitated quite well. A shallow hole is dug to fit the size of the box, which is internally arranged like a ground hive. A flight tube is inserted into the box, which is connected to the tap hole. All seams are plastered over, the tube and the box are covered with a layer of earth and covered with turf.

Installing a bumblebee hive in the garden – video

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