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Instructions for the use of Tetramisole 10: features of use for each animal

instructions for use of Tetramisole 10 Tetramisole is an anthelmintic drug. It has a detrimental effect on young and sexually mature forms of nematodes that parasitize in the digestive tract and lungs of animals and birds. Instructions for the use of Tetramisole 10 are in each package. Each animal has its own dosage.

Description of the anthelmintic agent

anthelmintic The use of a medication is resorted to when it is necessary to remove parasites from the body of living creatures. Tetramisole actively affects all types of annelids.

The drug is prescribed for diseases:

  1. For sheep, cattle:
    • bunostomosis;
    • cooperiosis;
    • nematodyrosis;
    • habertiosis;
    • strongyloidosis;
    • hemonhoz, etc..
    • For pigs:
      • esophagostomosis;
      • trichocephalosis;
      • ascariasis;
      • strongyloidosis;
      • metastrongylosis.
      • For birds:
        • syngamosis;
        • heterokydosis;
        • amidostomosis;
        • capillariasis.

        Tetramisole 10% is produced in the form of a yellow granulate and a white powder, soluble in water. Its active ingredient consists of 2 isomers, in active and inactive form. The agent acts against nematodes, worms that parasitize the lungs, stomach and intestines of the animal.

        Tetramisole affects the cholinomimetic activity of the central nervous system and ganglion of worms, causing their paralysis and death.

        The drug has a good absorption rate into the digestive tract, and is in the body for at least 1 day. The drug is excreted from the body of the animal with feces and urine.

        Instructions for use of Tetramisole 10

        For the use of the drug Tetramisole to other animals that are not indicated in the instructions, you must consult a veterinarian.

        Tetramisole in the form of granules is given to livestock in the morning. Taking the drug does not require special training, dietary adherence. The medicine is administered orally with water, food.

        An anthelmintic agent is applied once. Re-use is contraindicated. The active substance of the drug is a relatively toxic compound.

        The drug is diluted with water and injected into the throat of livestock or other animals using a syringe or special devices for infusing liquid.

        If an anthelmintic drug must be used for a large number of livestock, testing is done on several individuals, preferably 5. If animals have weakened immunity or they are taking other drugs, side effects may occur.

        Pig preparation

        use of Tetramisole for pigs

        According to the instructions for use, Tetramisole 10 for pigs is calculated as follows: 100 mg of the drug per 1 kg of body weight. But, the maximum dose for one animal is 45 g..

        Exceeding the prescribed dosage will lead to unpleasant consequences. If the treatment is carried out in a large number of pigs, then the drug is added to food: 1.5 g per 10 kg of animal weight. There should be enough feed so that the livestock will eat it in an hour.

        It is necessary to give Tetramisole to piglets of about the same weight, so that there is enough space for each baby near the trough. Weak piglets are fed separately so that they can eat the required amount of medicine.

        Tetramisole for cattle

        granulate Tetramisole 20%For cattle, dosage: 80 mg per 1 kg. It is better to treat adult cattle before moving them to a new pasture, to an enclosed enclosure, or a room. Youngsters are given the medicine 1.5-2 months after they begin to be taken out to the pasture..

        Sheep, according to the instructions for use, Tetramisole 10% is calculated for 1 kg – 75 mg.

        Poultry dosage

        poultry preparationTetramisole 10% for birds is given on the basis of: 1 kg – 200 mg. Birds are poured with a syringe, it is forbidden to stir it with feed.

        The drug is available in 2 forms: 10% and 20%. Tetramisole 20% for sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry is applied in the same way and 10%, only all doses that are described above in the instructions must be divided by 2.

        If the medication is used for animals that give milk, then after milking for the first day, the products are simply poured out. Slaughter of animals that have undergone anthelmintic treatment should be carried out a week after the procedure.

        Contraindications and side effects

        contraindication to useTetramisole in veterinary medicine is used according to the instructions, any non-observance can lead to the appearance of the desired consequences.

        If the recommended dosage is exceeded, the following phenomena may occur:

        • diarrhea;
        • muscle tremor;
        • profuse salivation.

        Contraindications to the use of the drug may be as follows:

        • diseases of infectious etiology;
        • dysfunction of the liver and kidneys;
        • pregnancy (last trimester);
        • concurrent use of other antihelminthic drugs.

        Tetramisole 10%, 20% for rabbits, dogs, cats, horses are not used. It is better to consult a veterinarian regarding the use of the drug in these animals. There is no clear dosage in the instructions for these groups, so it is impossible to correctly calculate this on your own..

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