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Instructions for use in veterinary medicine Nitox 200

instructions for use in veterinary medicine nitox 200

The drug Nitox 200 is sold in the form of ampoules for injections, has a pungent unpleasant odor and is a slightly viscous liquid with a brown tint. Each bottle has a sticker on which instructions for use in veterinary medicine of Nitox 200 are indicated. It describes in detail the procedure for use, doses, indications and contraindications. Store the medicine in a refrigerator or container out of direct sunlight. At temperatures up to + 8 ° C, it can be stored for no more than a year. The price of the drug is relatively low in comparison with its analogues. Depending on the region, the cost of one bottle is about 55 rubles.


formula of the drug nitox 200

The long-term effect of the drug is due to the effective binding of the main active substance with the Mg compound. After the injection, the drug is quickly absorbed throughout the body and is concentrated in the maximum amount per hour. The active ingredient is oxytetracycline dihydrate, it actively fights against almost all major types of bacteria. The drug acts on them by suppressing the synthesis of protein cells of harmful microorganisms.

The drug is excreted from the body of the animal after three days in a natural way..

Step-by-step instructions for use in veterinary medicine Nitox 200

taking the drug into the syringe

The drug is injected into the muscle tissue of the animal. The doctor prescribes the dose of the medicine for each animal individually. When using the drug on your own, you must carefully study the label on the jar with the medicine and the instructions that are issued at the pharmacy. The instructions indicate the recommended proportions: 1 ml of solution per 10 kg of weight. The drug is retained in the blood of the animal for 3 days. When 3 days have passed since the introduction of the vaccine, and the condition of the animal has not improved, you can repeat the injection.

You can re-enter the drug no earlier than 3 days later. If it was not possible to administer the injection on time, you need to do it as early as possible..

A large animal is prohibited from injecting more than 20 ml of medicine in the same place, and a small animal – more than 5-10 ml.

animal treatment with nitox 200

If the dosage is exceeded, allergies may develop. Allergy manifests itself in reddening of the skin and severe itching, especially at the injection site. Normally, allergy symptoms disappear in a couple of days. If the symptoms persist for more than 4 days, in addition to redness and itching, other symptoms appear, calcium borgluconate should be injected into the animal’s body.

Indications for use

rabbit treatment with nitox 200

Animals for which the drug is recommended and diseases for which it is used:

  1. Cattle and their offspring. It is used for pleurisy, diphtheria, hoof rot, anaplasmosis.
  2. Pigs. It is prescribed for pleurisy, atrophic rhinitis, erysipelas, umbilical sepsis, infections after childbirth, purulent arthritis, abscesses.
  3. Sheep and goats. With peritonitis, hoof rot.

For the listed animals, Nitox 200 is prescribed for mastitis, bacterial diseases and infections acquired as a result of injury..

Nitox 200 for rabbits is also actively used in veterinary medicine. Rabbits are especially vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, therefore, in some cases, the use of nitox cannot be avoided.

Signs that your rabbit needs an injection:

  • poor appetite or a complete lack of it;
  • decreased physical activity;
  • weak reactions;
  • cough, runny nose;
  • teeth grinding.

Such symptoms indicate the appearance of myxomatosis in the animal, in which the chance of a cure is 0.5%, unless the necessary measures are taken. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, veterinarians recommend slaughtering all infected rabbits. But if the doctor’s words are not convincing, then you can try to treat animals with Nitox 200.

The same situation is with chickens. The most common symptoms for them are wheezing and runny nose. Nitoks instructions for poultry are not specified by the manufacturer. However, poultry farmers developed it themselves: they add Nitox 200 to the water for chickens in proportions of 1: 1. If the chicken is not able to feed on its own, then Niktos is administered by intramuscular injection. Poultry farmers note the effectiveness of such treatment.

Nitox 200 for pigeons is prescribed for the same symptoms and diseases as in chickens.

Do not forget that this drug is an antibiotic. It is necessary to resort to its use only after an accurate diagnosis and a thorough study of the instructions for the use of Nitox 200 in veterinary medicine. It is necessary to treat the animal with this drug until complete recovery, and not until the symptoms disappear. Otherwise, the disease may become latent..

Contraindications for use

nitox 200 has contraindications

Itching and redness are the most common side effects. In almost all cases, such phenomena go away on their own. If the animal refuses food and inflammation of the injection site, the use of nitox is stopped.

The instructions for use in veterinary medicine of Nitox 200 contain the following contraindications:

  • malfunction of the kidneys;
  • fungal diseases;
  • during pregnancy;
  • until the animals reach three months of age;
  • tetracycline allergy.

It is forbidden to use Nitox 200 for rats, cats and dogs.

Treatment of horses with nitox is not prescribed in the instructions, but if, nevertheless, the decision on treatment was made, then it is necessary to additionally use penicillin antibiotics.

The slaughter of an animal for meat can be carried out no earlier than 3 weeks after treatment. If the slaughter took place earlier, then the meat of such an animal is strictly not recommended for consumption. As for milk, you can drink it only after at least a week has elapsed after treatment with Nitox 200 and only after boiling..

Benefits of treatment with Nitox 200

reliable veterinarian assistant

Among drugs with a similar composition, preference is given to nitox. There are reasons for this:

  • patented production technology;
  • many studies that have proven the effectiveness of the drug;
  • wide range of applications;
  • low price;
  • relatively short treatment;
  • first improvements within an hour after drug administration.

Almost all veterinarians recommend this particular drug, despite the huge number of its analogues..

Application of Nitox 200 – video

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