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Detailed instructions for the use of veterinary Roncoleukin to strengthen the immunity of animals

Instructions for the use of veterinary Roncoleukin Roncoleukin is an immunomodulator for humans and animals, characterized by a pronounced antitumor effect. Instructions for the use of veterinary Roncoleukin recommends its use in the complex therapy of immunodeficiency states, plague, pneumonia, treatment and prevention of other diseases of domestic and farm animals, as well as birds, fish and reptiles.

Composition and release form of the drug

preparation with a unique composition Roncoleukin is a drug that comes in the form of a solution for injection and infusion, as well as intranasal, oral and external use. Yellowish or colorless liquid is packaged in small 1 ml and 10 ml glass ampoules.

The instructions for use of the veterinary drug Roncoleukin indicate its main active ingredient – human recombinant interleukin-2, isolated from yeast cells.

Auxiliary components are sodium lauryl sulfate, ditriotreiol ammonium bicarbonate, distilled water.

Indications for the use of Roncoleukin

indications for the use of the drug roncoleukinThe main active ingredient in Roncoleukin acts directly on T-lymphocytes. It is they who produce active cells that destroy intact tumor tissues and pathogenic microorganisms. It is for this reason that the drug is simultaneously an immunomodulator, anticarcinogen, antimycotic and antibiotic..

What is Roncoleukin used for?:

  • treatment and prevention of oncological diseases – cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bones, osteosarcoma;
  • purulent and trophic wounds;
  • complex treatment of infectious diseases of viral origin – enteritis and plague in dogs, calcivirosis and panleukopenia in cats;
  • complex therapy of diseases of a bacterial nature – conjunctivitis, rhinitis, otitis media;
  • fungal infections – saprophytic fungal lesions, lichen, trichophytosis, microsporia;
  • prevention of complications after vaccination;
  • acceleration of wound healing after surgery;
  • metabolic disorders accompanied by skin rashes and lesions.

The instructions for use of veterinary Roncoleukin indicate that this drug can be used to normalize body temperature in hypothermia (low temperature), strengthen immunity and improve the general health of adult animals..

Roncoleukin improves the functioning of internal organs – liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, improves blood biochemical parameters.

Instructions for the use of veterinary Roncoleukin

Instructions for the use of veterinary RoncoleukinAccording to the standard treatment regimen for infectious diseases, Roncoleukin is administered to the animal once a day for 5 days. If the drug is used to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases, the course of application is reduced to 1-3 days.animal treatment

Methods of using the drug:

  1. Subcutaneous injection – for injection, the contents of the ampoule must be stirred with 3-6 cm³ and injected into the animal subcutaneously.
  2. Intravenous – an ampoule of the drug must be combined with 150-400 distilled water, transferred to a dropper and used for intravenous infusion.
  3. Nasally – the required amount of Roncoleukin should be combined with 5-6 ml of water and 2-4 drops should be instilled into each nostril of the animal up to 3-5 times a day. The dose of the drug is calculated depending on the body weight – 100 thousand IU for animals less than 1 kg and 250 thousand IU with a weight of 1 to 20 kg.
  4. Outwardly – an ampoule of Roncoleukin should be diluted with 10-20 ml of water and applied to the area of ​​purulent wounds.
  5. Orally – the drug can be used for instillation under the tongue. To do this, the contents of the ampoule are diluted in 3-10 cm³ and dripped to the animal..

Roncoleukin can also be used interstitially. For this, the drug in a concentration of 150-250 thousand IU, diluted with distilled water, is introduced through a catheter into the bladder in a volume of 10-50 cm³.

Use for cats

instructions for the use of veterinary Roncoleukin for catsRoncoleukin’s instruction for cats recommends the introduction of an immunomodulator once a day for 4-5 days.

The dosage of the drug depends on the specific disease:

  • chronic forms of diseases – a course of 5 injections with a dosage of 10 thousand units per 1 kg of body weight of a cat;
  • the same dosage is used in the treatment of intestinal infections and purulent wounds;
  • polycystic kidney disease – dosage of 20 thousand units per 1 kg of body weight with an interval of 48 hours, the course of therapy is 6-7 days;
  • oncological diseases – injections with a dosage of 15 thousand units for each kg of weight for 5 days;
  • strengthening the immune system – 5-15 thousand units for each kg of body weight up to 2-3 times, with an interval of 24 hours.

Intravenous infusions are made only in a veterinary clinic, Roncoleukin can be administered intramuscularly to a cat at home.

Use for dogs

injection for dogMost often, the standard dosage of Roncoleukin for dogs is one injection per day for 5 days.

The exact dose of the medication depends on the body weight of the animal and the specific disease.:

  • prevention of postoperative complications – injections with a dosage of 5 thousand units per kg of body weight before or after surgery;
  • increasing the immunity of adult dogs – two injections with a dose of 10 thousand IU per kg of weight, which are administered to the dog every 2 days;
  • reduction of stress during transportation – 5 thousand units / kg 2 days before the upcoming stressful event.

The exact dosage of Roncoleukin should be calculated only by a veterinarian, self-medication with this drug is not allowed.

Roncoleukin’s analogs

In case of individual intolerance to the drug in an animal, analogs of Roncoleukin for animals can be used.

The most popular analogs with immunomodulatory effects include:

  • Anfluron;Anfluron drug
  • Bioleukin;bioleukin drug
  • Imunofan;Imunofan drug
  • Anandin;anandin drug
  • Kinoron.kinoron drug

Mastim-OL, Gamavit, Maxidin, Kamedon-Neovir can also be an effective substitute for Roncoleukin..

Side effects and contraindications of Roncoleukin

possible side effectsOne of the advantages of Roncoleukin is the absence of toxic effects on liver and kidney cells. This drug is usually well tolerated by the body, side effects of Roncoleukin are extremely rare..

Possible negative reactions:

  • redness, induration, soreness, itching and burning at the injection site;
  • chills;
  • heart rhythm disorder;
  • allergic reactions;
  • increased body temperature.

The drug should not be used if an animal is found to have an individual intolerance to the active components that make up its composition..

Roncoleukin is used with extreme caution in malignant diseases of the blood and lymph. The medicine should not be administered to breeding animals in hot weather, before and after physical exertion, as well as in case of severe lesions of the valvular apparatus of the heart in horses.

Roncoleukin is an effective veterinary drug intended for agricultural, domestic and exotic animals, birds, fish and reptiles. It is a universal drug that strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of internal organs, accelerates recovery after surgery and helps in the complex treatment of cancer..

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