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Sea buckthorn for the winter – recipes for tasty and healthy preparations for treatment and not only

sea ​​buckthorn recipes for the winter In the small sunny – yellow berries of the sea buckthorn lies just a magical power. Just in the fall, the season begins when sea buckthorn is harvested in every house for the winter; many people got the recipes for such blanks from their grandmothers. Fragrant berries look beautiful on the branches, but they bring even more benefits to our body. They are added to tea, giving it a unique taste, compotes and jellies are made. And all this with one goal – to make more vitamin reserves. They will help boost immunity, especially in winter, during the cold season..

How to prepare sea buckthorn for the winter

ripe sea buckthorn berries Although the inside of the berries is soft, they keep well without additional processing. In its natural form, sea buckthorn is the most useful, because all useful substances are stored in it. This is especially valuable if you will use the culture for medicinal purposes..

There are many ways to prepare and keep fresh yellow-orange berries in winter, for example:

  1. Right on the branches. When harvesting a healing crop, do not cut off the fruits, but cut them directly from the shoots. Hang them up or spread them out on a table in a single layer in a cold room. At a temperature of no more than 4 ° C, twigs with berries will lie until spring.fresh sea buckthorn for the winter
  2. In a jar of water. Boil water, let it cool to room temperature. Pour the berries and place the container in the refrigerator with a lid.sea ​​buckthorn for the winter recipes in a jar
  3. By freezing the berries. Frozen sea buckthorn becomes even tastier and sweeter. It is not without reason that it is recommended to collect it after the first frost. Place the berries in a plastic tray or plastic bag and place in the freezer.freezing sea buckthorn berries
  4. In the refrigerator, sprinkled with sugar. For 1 kg of berries, take 1 kg of sugar and pour them, placing them in a jar in layers. Grinding, as in the case of raspberries, is not worth it, it is better if the berries remain intact. They will put in some juice, which will serve as a preservative, turning into a concentrated syrup. Such a blank is ideal for making compote or fruit drink..sea ​​buckthorn for the winter recipes with sugar
  5. After drying the sea buckthorn. Beforehand, be sure to sort and wash the berries and let them wither slightly in the shade. You can dry it in a regular oven (at 45 °) or in a special dryer for fruits and berries..dried sea buckthorn berries

If you decide to dry the berries, then you should not wait for the first frost. Hurry up to collect them earlier, while the sea buckthorn is whole. The skin of frozen fruits bursts and they are not suitable for drying..

Sea buckthorn for the winter – recipes for sweet dessert preparations

sweet sea buckthorn dessertNatural sea buckthorn is good, but in conservation it has almost no equal. What skillful hostesses do with tart berries … Delicious compotes, juices, preserves, jams, jellies and even wine – you can easily prepare all this at home. We bring to your attention some delicious recipes.

Sea buckthorn can be prepared both raw and cooked. However, in the latter case, only pasteurization is used..

It is characterized by a lower temperature than when sterilizing workpieces. This allows you to save more nutrients in the berries..

Sea buckthorn for the winter – recipes without cooking

harvesting ripe sea buckthornTo prepare healthy berries raw, you only need sugar and jars. And a refrigerator for storage. Since sea buckthorn will not undergo heat treatment, be sure to sterilize the containers themselves. This will eliminate the appearance of mold, and the berries will stand until spring. Provided, of course, that you don’t leave them warm..

Blanks without cooking can be done in two ways, depending on the form in which the berries will be:

  1. Wholes. Rinse and towel dry the sea buckthorn. Cover it with sugar in equal parts (1: 1). Mix gently and place in jars, without reporting to the very top. The last should be a good layer of sugar, and only then close with regular lids..whole sea buckthorn berries in syrup
  2. Shabby. The ratio of sugar and sea buckthorn is the same, only grind them with a wooden crush. Put in containers, but instead of a layer of sugar, put paper on top.grated sea buckthorn berries

It is worth mentioning another recipe for sea buckthorn for the winter, also without cooking, and also without sugar. You can use honey instead, no matter which one, but it must be fresh. Then you will get not just raw jam, but a healing potion. In winter, you can eat it daily with a spoon, and then you will not be afraid of a cold..

First, rub the washed and dried berries separately. Then add honey to the puree at the rate of 3 cups of sea buckthorn – 1 cup of honey. Stir and leave for a couple of hours so that the honey dissolves well and soaks the berries. It remains only to sort out the banks.

Raw sea buckthorn with honey must be kept in the refrigerator.

The properties of honey as a preservative are much lower than those of sugar. It is also important that the berries are dry. If water gets into the workpiece, it will provoke fermentation, which will reduce both the quality and shelf life..

Sea buckthorn jam

sea ​​buckthorn for the winter jam recipesJam from golden berries turns out to be not only tasty, but also very beautiful and healthy. The short time of heat treatment by the “Five-minute” method allows you to preserve the maximum of vitamins. At the same time, the color of the berry does not have time to lose. Therefore, the jam is also sunny, golden.

The classic recipe consists of berries and sugar, taken in equal proportions:

  • sort out the berries, rinse and let the excess liquid drain;
  • cover with sugar and leave overnight to let them juice;
  • put on fire in the morning, bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes, removing the foam;
  • put in jars and roll up.

Sea buckthorn compote

sea ​​buckthorn compoteIf you have a small freezer and there is no way to freeze berries on a compote, roll it up in the fall. In winter, all you have to do is take out a bottle of refreshing drink from the cellar and enjoy its light taste. Maybe someone will find the color of sea buckthorn compote unattractive and unsaturated, but it will definitely taste excellent. Juicy orange colors, like berries, will not work. However, a pale yellow drink is valued not for its appearance, but for its vitamin content..

The easiest and fastest recipe for making compote is double pouring:

  • wash 250 g of berries, pour into a liter jar;
  • pour boiling water over and leave covered for 10 minutes;
  • drain the water, bring it to a boil again and add 150 g of sugar to the pan;
  • pour the sea buckthorn with the resulting syrup and immediately roll it up;
  • wrap the jar with a blanket and leave to cool completely.

To give the compote brighter and more original flavor notes, add a sprig of mint or a couple of lime wedges to it.

Sea buckthorn juice

sea ​​buckthorn juiceIf the compote has a light taste and unobtrusive color, then the sea buckthorn juice turns out to be rich. It tastes very concentrated and is darker in color. In its pure form, the juice is usually not drunk, but preliminarily diluted with boiled water.

To make the juice, you will need 2 kg of sea buckthorn and 1 kg of sugar. The most time consuming part is crushing the berries. Use a hand blender after washing and drying the sea buckthorn. Strain the resulting mashed potatoes through cheesecloth. Now add sugar and let the juice boil and the sugar dissolve completely. And immediately pour into sterilized jars and roll up.

Sea buckthorn jelly

sea ​​buckthorn jellyDon’t like sour sea buckthorn juice? Try to make the most delicate jelly out of it. The first stage of preparation is the same as for juice: chop the berries, squeeze the cake. Then for each liter of juice, add 700 g of sugar and boil the workpiece until it thickens. On average, this takes about 30 minutes..

To determine that the jelly is ready, you can do this: add a little mass to a plate. If the drop does not spread, it can be poured into jars.

It remains only to sterilize jars of jelly for 15 minutes and roll up. Store jelly in a cool basement.

Sea buckthorn wine

sea ​​buckthorn wineOf course, this drink cannot be called a dessert, but it does not take the last place among wines. First of all, its unique unclear – yellow color and original acidity. Try to cook and you will definitely like it.


  • 8 kg of berries;
  • 3 kg of sugar;
  • 1.5 l of water.

Sea buckthorn wine making technology:

  1. Chop the berries, do not wash them..
  2. Grind the mass through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. Add a little water to make the mixture runny.
  3. Pour the resulting juice into 5 liter glass containers. Add 1 tbsp to each. sugar (of the indicated 3 kg). Cover the bottles with gauze and leave for a couple of days. Remove foam from time to time.
  4. Pour the juice into a 20 liter bottle. Take another 1 kg of sugar and dilute it in water (the amount is indicated above). Add syrup to the billet and close it with a water seal. Let it stand for 1.5 – 2 weeks in a warm place. During this time, gradually add the remaining amount of sugar while shaking the juice.
  5. Remove the top oily layer after 2 weeks. Filter three times and place the maturation bottle in a cool room (15 ° C) for 4 months. Do not forget to put the shutter back.

Remove the sediment twice during the ripening period. Aged wine, bottle and store in a cool place..

Sea buckthorn for the winter – the best recipes from the field of “cosmetic medicine”

sea ​​buckthorn in cosmetologySea buckthorn is famous not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine and cosmetology. Nourishing and healthy sea buckthorn oil is made from berries and seeds. It moisturizes the skin well, as it is rich in multivitamins. It also serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and promotes wound healing. On the basis of sea buckthorn oil, you can make soap for washing at home..

Sea buckthorn oil of our own production

sea ​​buckthorn seed oil

The most valuable is seed oil. It is done like this:

  1. Grind the berries into a homogeneous mass.
  2. Squeeze out the juice and set it to stand. After a while, you will see that an oily film has formed on top. Carefully scoop this layer off into a separate bowl with a spoon. In principle, you have already extracted oil, only from berries, but we need a “stone seed”.
  3. Dry the cake obtained as a result of squeezing and grind it through a coffee grinder.
  4. Pour the crushed cake with warmed vegetable oil in a 1: 2 ratio. The oil should completely cover the mixture. Stir and leave for a week..
  5. After a week, collect the emerging oil, as in the case of juice.
  6. Pour the cake a couple more times, each week removing the floating oily film.

To make sea buckthorn oil, use refined vegetable oil as a base.

Sea buckthorn oil soap

sea ​​buckthorn oil soapIf you’ve already made a healthy oil, allocate just 1 tbsp. l. product to make cosmetic soap. It gently acts on the skin of the hands and face, strengthens the nails. You can even wash your hair with sea buckthorn soap so that your hair does not fall out. In addition to the oil, you will need 100 g of a white soap base. Melt it, add butter and 1 tsp. milk (fresh). Pour into molds and let harden – and you have natural cosmetics ready..

So, the recipes for harvesting sea buckthorn for the winter are very diverse, ranging from the field of cooking to medicine and cosmetology. And in each of them, this magic berry will give you both a unique taste and invaluable benefits..

Valuable sea buckthorn for the winter – video

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