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The invaluable benefits of sea buckthorn fruit drink: composition and cooking secrets

sea ​​buckthorn fruit drink The lion’s share of nutrients necessary for a person is found in fruits and berries. Therefore, a properly prepared sea buckthorn fruit drink is a treasure trove of trace elements, vitamins and organic compounds. One glass of this drink is able to fill the missing components in our body. These fruits are also very nutritious. One handful of berries contains about 82 kcal – the highest calorie content of all other juices. Before considering the technology for preparing syrup, it is important to familiarize yourself with the benefits and contraindications that sea buckthorn juice has.sea ​​buckthorn juice


red sea buckthornUp to 70 varieties of sea buckthorn have been officially registered, ten of which are still under development. The most useful are those varieties that grow in the homeland of a person. The following are recognized as the best varieties:

  • Darling;
  • Alei;
  • Catherine;
  • Krasnoplodnaya;
  • Botanical.

favorite variety and alei varietyThe size of the berries can be large or small. In different varieties, the shape of the fruit is also different: round, oval or even elliptical. Of course, harvesting is very difficult. You need to have special tools or read about ingenious collection techniques. Having decided on the variety, it is important to understand what are the benefits and harms of sea buckthorn fruit drink.

5interactions with the body

sea ​​buckthorn regenerates cellsThe healthiness of this gift of autumn cannot be underestimated. Berries, leaves, bark, as well as bush branches are replete with dozens of vitamins and minerals. The drink obtained from the fruit is an irreplaceable remedy in the fight against many chronic diseases. Doctors recommend drinking it in the autumn-winter period of the year to prevent colds and viral diseases. The elements that make up the berries help to strengthen the immune system and the whole body. To find out what the sea buckthorn juice is useful for, it is worth looking into its chemical composition. It contains a whole “bouquet” of vital substances, namely:

  1. Vitamins of groups A, B, K, P, F, C and E. Some of them are responsible for the condition of the skin and hair structure, while others are responsible for the metabolism and the activity of the nervous system.
  2. Trace elements – potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, boron, nickel, magnesium and sodium. They are part of hemoglobin, hormones, or other active compounds. A deficiency of these elements leads to the development of diseases of organs such as the heart, liver, bones, genitourinary or gastrointestinal systems..
  3. Organic acids: oleic, tartaric, folic, linoleic, oxalic and others. Promote protein production in liver cells, affect fat metabolism (breakdown, absorption), and repair damaged cells.
  4. Serotin, carotene and alkaloids (nitrogen-containing substances). Remove harmful molecules from the body, which are formed as a result of complex chemical recovery processes.

Arthrosis and hormonal failure of the thyroid glandTo avoid vitamin deficiency, doctors recommend taking sea buckthorn juice during pregnancy. If you drink it daily in a glass, you can improve the condition of your body, and most importantly, your baby. The syrup also has an immunostimulating and antibacterial effect on the main systems of the body. The beneficial components contained in the juice remove cholesterol from the blood and are responsible for the integrity of the cell walls. Immunostimulating and antibacterial action of fruit drinkTherefore, these golden berries have been known since ancient times as “pills of youth”.

The other side of these berries is that they cause allergic reactions. This product is contraindicated for those who have acute chronic liver disease (hepatitis), gallbladder (cholecystitis) or pancreas (pancreatitis).

Very often sea buckthorn juice is attributed in parallel with the course of antibiotic treatment. Trace elements of the fetus remove toxic compounds of medicines from the body, thereby preventing their accumulation and further harmful effects. Among other things, the beneficial chemical compounds found in the juice prevent the appearance of plaque and dangerous plaque on the inner walls of blood vessels.. sea ​​buckthorn juice for pregnant womenThey remain elastic, which means they are resistant to atherosclerosis. After such a detailed description of the benefits, you can go to a detailed recipe for sea buckthorn fruit drink.

Fresh from these fruits can be used as a choleretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic agent. It is also used as an astringent and enveloping agent for the treatment of the digestive system..

Cooking technology

A drink from these berries should be kept in the hostess’s refrigerator both in winter and in summer. 250 ml of this syrup contains the daily rate of nutrients necessary for the smooth and productive functioning of the body. The only problem is that after 5 days, rotting processes begin in this fresh juice. Therefore, the best way to preserve useful properties is frozen sea buckthorn fruit drink, which can be stored in the freezer for a whole block. As time passes, it simply begins to become covered with ice crystals.. You can freeze in cups, trays and special containersYou can freeze the juice in:

  • hermetically sealed bags;
  • ordinary plastic cups;
  • rubber containers for ice;
  • food trays.

Do not fill the tray to the brim. You need to leave 3-4 cm on top so that the syrup increases in volume when frozen.

Berries for such a vitamin cocktail should be picked in late summer or early September. The fertility of each shrub is 8 to 10 kg. Such a crop gives the green light to prepare a medicinal drink for future use..

sort and wash the sea buckthornAfter the berries have been collected, they need to be sorted out, removing debris and spoiled berries. Then it is important to rinse them thoroughly, preferably under running water. When they dry out, you need to follow the following algorithm for a unique sea buckthorn fruit drink recipe with step-by-step instructions:

  1. List of required ingredients: one glass of fresh sea buckthorn, 2-5 tbsp. l. honey or sugar (added to taste) and a liter of water.ingredients for making fruit drink
  2. Squeeze out the juice. The dried fruits are placed in an enamel pot. To get fresh, you can use a pusher, rolling pin, or food processor (blender). Knead the mixture not very intensively, but until all the juice is squeezed out.squeeze the juice with a pusher or blender
  3. Straining. Take a sieve, put two layers of cheesecloth on it and pour the resulting drink. The leftovers can be kneaded with a spoon. A glass with a drink must be placed in the refrigerator.strain the sea buckthorn juice
  4. Heat treatment. The cake should be poured into a saucepan and poured with a liter of water. Cover the container and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. In the process, add sugar, stirring occasionally sea buckthorn fruit drink.add sugar and boil
  5. Supplements. Honey is added only to a slightly cooled drink, because at temperature it loses its properties, as well as chilled juice. An amateur is advised to season the syrup with cinnamon, cloves, mint or vanilla..add cinnamon
  6. Then the resulting cocktail must be filtered again, allowing the mixture to settle for about 20 minutes. In this case, it is necessary to create the effect of a thermos – wrap the container with foil or a towel.fruit drink ready to eat

To get more syrup at the exit, you can additionally squeeze the cake through cheesecloth. To do this, it is worth twisting the bag around the base, pressing slightly.

So, a few simple steps and the elixir of health is ready. The main snag of how to make sea buckthorn fruit drink is that you need to correctly calculate the proportions and cooking time. Everything else is added to taste.

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