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Three of the most delicious recipes for cooking chanterelles

chanterelles can be collected With the arrival of autumn, many, armed with baskets, go to the forest for mushrooms. White mushrooms, mushrooms, chanterelles are the most favorite. So let’s talk about how to cook chanterelles. They are highly regarded for their taste. They are pickled, they are used to prepare delicious soups, salads, roasts, sauces.

Preliminary preparation of mushrooms

collected mushrooms must be washed Chanterelles, like other mushrooms, should be peeled immediately after collection or purchase. If the mushroom hunt was carried out in the rain, the “harvest” should first be dried by laying it out on a table covered with a cloth and wait until it dries completely.

During growth, mushrooms absorb a lot of water, which is then given off during heat treatment. Therefore, it is better to clean them dry. The first step is to cut the roots, then carefully scrape off the ground, if any. If the edges of the chanterelle cap are broken, they should be carefully trimmed. Using a dry napkin folded in a corner or a brush, pass over the plates and between them, removing dust and dirt.

If you don’t have time or for cleaning, the mushrooms can be put in a paper bag and sent to the refrigerator for 1-2 days, no more – they quickly deteriorate.

It is categorically impossible to use cellophane bags, as in them the mushrooms “suffocate” and grow moldy.

How to cook chanterelles: attention to deception

before cooking, the chanterelles are sorted and washedWhen processing chanterelles, pay attention to the bottom of the cap. In real ones, the plates are dense, even and turn into a leg. False chanterelles have no aroma, the plates do not pass into the stem and, moreover, they branch. In principle, now scientists began to attribute “snag” to false-poisonous mushrooms and are allowed to be eaten, although earlier they were referred to as poisonous.

Chanterelle mushroom recipes

Most people prefer to eat mushrooms in season rather than harvesting for the winter. gifts of nature are added to soups, pies, salads, fried or stewed. We offer a selection of the most delicious recipes.

Chanterelle salad with chicken fillet

chanterelle saladThe salad has a pleasant taste, aroma, is easy to prepare and is perfect for a family dinner..

To cook chanterelles for two servings, you will need 0.2-0.3 kg of the mushrooms themselves. For this amount, you should take 0.1 g of chicken fillet (or any other boiled meat), one carrot and one onion. As seasonings, use 2-3 garlic cloves and 5-6 arrows, salt-pepper to taste, and fresh herbs, pre-chopped. 1 tbsp. l. will be sufficient.

Salad preparation process:

  1. It is important to rinse the mushrooms thoroughly to remove dust and dirt, and cut into small pieces. If small specimens come across, they are used entirely. Prepared mushrooms are sent to a frying pan and fried over medium heat until excess moisture evaporates. Don’t forget to salt.wash mushrooms and chop vegetables
  2. Meanwhile, the rest of the vegetables are washed, cut: carrots into slices, onions – in half rings, garlic arrows into several parts, slices – into thin slices. A little sunflower oil is poured into the mushrooms, cut vegetables are added and fried until soft.fry chanterelles with vegetables
  3. Chopped boiled meat is added to the finished vegetables, mixed and fried for 1-2 minutes. Spread on a plate, pepper, salt if necessary, sprinkle with chopped herbs and serve.

Video recipe for freezing chanterelles for the winter

How to cook delicious chanterelles in French

chanterelle mushrooms in sour creamThe dish has a delicate creamy taste. Plus, it’s low in calories, light and quick to cook. Such an appetizer can be safely served to guests at the table..

If you already have a dish ready, you can give it a fresh touch: sprinkle with grated cheese and send them to the oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts and the mushrooms that peep out become crispy..

For 4-6 servings, you need 0.5 kg of chanterelles. The rest of the ingredients for this amount should be taken: 50 g of cheese and sour cream, 1 tbsp. l. a thickener, which is flour, and spices.

Starts cooking:

  1. Mushrooms are carefully prepared and boiled in pre-boiled water for a quarter of an hour. Then they are thrown into a colander and allowed to drain off the water. Then they are transferred to a preheated pan with vegetable oil and fried.chop the chanterelles and simmer in sour cream
  2. Pour in flour and, after frying for several minutes, pour in sour cream. The contents of the pan are stewed until thickened. Don’t forget the spices. For example, Provencal herbs go well with a dish..add greens at the end of cooking
  3. Add greens, transfer to plates and serve.

When serving, garnish with grated cheese.

Chicken soup with chanterelles

chicken soup with mushroomsBut how to make soup from chanterelles? We offer a variant of chicken base with fillet pieces. Delicious and original food. It is nourishing and rich. Something in between the first and second course. And most importantly, you can vary the thickness of the soup yourself..

To prepare a delicacy, 0.2 g of chanterelles is enough. The soup is designed for 3-4 servings. Additional products will require 2 chicken breasts and 0.2 kg of any noodles. Spices and chopped herbs are used to emphasize the taste.

Vermicelli can be substituted for spaghetti or other pasta.

Cooking soup:

  1. Chanterelles are pre-prepared, transferred to a saucepan and boiled until half cooked. Chicken fillet is also boiled in half, but in a different saucepan. Boiled mushrooms are cut into small pieces and sent to a preheated pan to fry in a small amount of oil.fry the chanterelles and add the chicken fillet
  2. Chicken fillet is cut into small pieces, ground with spices and salt and sent to mushrooms to fry until golden brown.
  3. Boil the vermicelli and put it in a frying pan. Fry lightly to brown the pasta and cover with water. How much should be decided to your liking. Love more thick – pour little water, slurry – more. Don’t forget to add some spices. The dish is ready when it boils twice.

Fry chanterelles – video

Now you know how to cook chanterelles. Adopting the proposed recipes, you can not only prepare delicious dishes, but also give yourself the opportunity to experiment. It is in experiments that new combinations of tastes are born..

Video recipe for harvesting chanterelles for the winter

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