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How to quickly and deliciously cook wheat porridge

healthy wheat cereal Wheat porridge is an inexpensive and very healthy product. To make it tasty, you need to know a few secrets of its preparation. We have prepared the best recipes to help you cook a delicious wheat grits dish..

Features of wheat groats

choose wheat groats for porridge Wheat groats are processed (crushed, polished) durum wheat with large, small or medium grain sizes. It has a very rich chemical composition:

  1. Vitamins (groups B, A, E, F, etc.).
  2. Minerals (magnesium, iodine, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, etc.).
  3. Proteins (16 g), fats (1 g), carbohydrates (70 g).

The calorie content of wheat porridge on water averages 330 kcal.

Wheat groatsWheat porridge is a real storehouse of useful substances, therefore its use helps to restore microflora in the intestine, improve metabolism, normalize the acid-base balance in the body, and reduce cholesterol levels.

In cooking, this cereal is used to prepare first and second courses, salads, pies, casseroles, etc. Most often, cereals are used to cook porridge in water, broth, milk. It can be salty, spicy, or sweet. Below are the best recipes for making wheat porridge as a main dish or side dish for fish / meat / cutlets.

Regardless of the recipe chosen, it is recommended to rinse the cereals before cooking, which will help get rid of excess starch and various contaminants..

On the water

wheat porridge on the waterThe recipe for water-based wheat porridge is pretty simple. This is a versatile way to cook cereals. The dish will be a great option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, cooking requires a minimum of ingredients..

How to cook wheat porridge in water? Before cooking, you should decide on the desired consistency of the finished product..

If you need a viscous, liquid consistency, then to cook 1 cup of cereal you need 4 cups of water, add salt and sugar based on your taste preferences. There is no need to wait for the water to boil beforehand, it is enough to add all the ingredients to the pan and stir periodically so that it does not burn. After boiling, reduce heat and cook until cooked through. The grains should swell and become soft, on average it takes 40-50 minutes. After cooking, you can add olive oil, carrot and onion frying, herbs, etc. for taste..

crumbly wheat porridgeHow to cook wheat porridge in crumbly water? If you prefer a friable consistency of the finished product, then you should take water and cereals in a 3: 1 ratio for cooking. Place the ingredients in a saucepan, salt and / or add sugar and heat. Do not cover with a lid. After boiling, wait until the cereal is equal to the water (after about 10 minutes) and add 50 g butter. Simmer for another 10 minutes and turn off the heat. Cover and leave undercooked grains to swell for up to 40 minutes.

Porridge made from dark and coarse processed grains will turn out to be more crumbly than from light and small ones..

wheat porridge with butterTo obtain a dense, thick consistency, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of water to 2 glasses per 1 glass of cereals. But it should be remembered that the grains in this case will turn out to be undercooked and, as a result, hard, and the total mass will turn out to be dry. But this cooking method has its advantages, because the product retains more valuable substances..

After cooking, porridge in water can be served with:

  • dried fruits
  • fruit;
  • cream;
  • berries;
  • gravy;
  • meat / fish and other products.


wheat milk porridgeThis cooking method is perfect for breakfast or for feeding a baby. It is better to choose medium-ground cereals so that the porridge turns out to be tender and soft. For cooking, add 3 cups of milk, 2/3 cups of cereals, salt, sugar to the pan and cook until tender (on average, half an hour after boiling). Add butter to the finished product.

To make the dish more delicious, you can add raisins, dried apricots, grated apple, pear, pieces of fresh strawberries, banana, etc. to the porridge.

On broth

wheat porridge in brothTo make the dish as nutritious, rich and tasty as possible, it is better to cook wheat porridge in broth. Chicken broth – ideal for this type of cereal. To boil it you will need:

  1. Chicken’s meat.
  2. Water.
  3. Salt.
  4. Pepper.
  5. Bay leaf.

It is recommended to take the proportions of chicken meat and water in a ratio of 1: 2. This broth will turn out to be quite rich, tasty and not very fatty. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook until the meat is cooked through. Cooking time depends on the amount of meat and water.

The longer the meat is cooked, the richer the broth will be..

After that, take out the chicken and add the cereal to the broth, in a 1: 3 ratio. The taste of wheat groats is perfectly complemented by fried carrots and onions, so while the porridge is boiling, it is necessary to fry it. For 1 glass of cereal, 1 onion and 1 medium-sized carrot will be enough. They need to be peeled, washed, cut / rubbed and fried in sunflower oil over medium heat until a light golden crust appears. Then add to the porridge and mix. Serve boiled meat with the prepared dish.

Do not forget to constantly stir the porridge during cooking, thus. the cereal will absorb water evenly and will not burn.

In a multicooker

we cook wheat porridge in a slow cookerWheat porridge in a slow cooker is one of the most unpretentious cooking methods. After all, the hostess does not need to control boiling, the readiness of the product, or interfere. Thanks to this, there is a lot of free time and you can go about your business. In addition to the fact that the preparation of porridge practically does not require the participation of the hostess, as a result, the cereal turns out to be very tasty, tender and soft.

Wheat porridge in a multicooker on water requires the same proportions as when cooking in a saucepan. To obtain an average, non-liquid and not thick consistency, 1 glass of cereal will require 3 glasses of water (it must be hot, otherwise the device will have to spend additional time heating the liquid). Place the ingredients in a multicooker bowl, add salt / sugar, butter. Add grated carrots and chopped onions if desired. Close the lid and put on the appropriate operating mode, depending on the specific model, it can be called “Cereals”, “Porridge”, “Multipovar”, “Milk porridge”, etc. If there are no such modes, then “Stewing” is suitable for cooking cereals. “Languor”, “soup”. Average cooking time is half an hour. To make the cereal more swollen and softer, you can not immediately open it, but let it brew for another 20 minutes. Porridge in a slow cooker turns out crumbly and juicy.

In the same way, in a slow cooker, you can cook porridge in milk, broth. For taste, you can add various spices, spices: cinnamon, basil, cardamom, curry, paprika, bay leaf, vanilla, ginger, herbs and much more.

Now you know how to cook wheat porridge in crumbly, liquid or thick water, with which ingredients this cereal is best combined and with what it can be served ready-made. Choose the recipe you like and start preparing this healthy and delicious dish.

Video recipe for making wheat porridge

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