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The best recipes for a wonderful frozen mushroom mushroom soup

frozen mushroom mushroom soup To always have healthy food on the table, wise housewives make various preparations in advance. Thanks to such reserves, you can make mushroom soup from frozen mushrooms at any time of the year. Who would not agree that mushrooms are wonderfully combined with meat products, vegetables, cereals and pasta. In addition, they retain their properties well even when frozen. Truly, it is a universal product that almost no one refuses. Dolma – a delicious recipe on our website.

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Useful properties of frozen mushrooms

frozen mushrooms Since the time freezers became available to ordinary housewives, mushrooms have appeared on the dining table. Regardless of the time of year, women can stock up on food to cook frozen mushroom soup for their family. After all, even in this form, they retain a number of useful elements:

  • vitamins: A, E, PP, D and group B;
  • trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine;
  • different types of proteins (even more than in beef);
  • essential oils;
  • fatty acid.

aromatic healthy frozen mushroom soupIf the first dish of frozen mushrooms is regularly on the table, there is a chance to strengthen the nail plate and hair. And the thyroid gland normalizes its work, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Those who have tried this wonderful dish have convinced themselves from their own experience. How to prepare excellent mushroom soup from frozen mushrooms? Simple tips will help even inexperienced cooks.

When freezing mushrooms, do not mix different types in the same bowl. It is wiser to boil each variety separately, packing them in portions.

Some housewives put ready-made mushrooms in jars, fill them with water and send them to the freezer..

The original recipe for frozen mushroom soup

ingredients for soupWhen outside the window the earth rests under the snow and a cold wind blows, no one will refuse to taste the hot soup with aromatic mushrooms. To prepare it you need a set of products:

  • frozen mushrooms;
  • plain water or meat broth;
  • several potatoes (depending on the volume of the pan);
  • carrots (preferably sweet varieties);
  • at least 2 onions (one for the sauce, one for the broth);
  • vegetable oil or animal fat;
  • parsley, dill, or dry seasonings.

simple frozen mushroom soupYou can see that such a simple recipe for frozen mushroom mushroom soup is available to almost every housewife. But in order to prepare an excellent dish, it is important to perform the following operations:

  1. Place frozen mushrooms in a skillet with preheated fat or oil for pre-frying..fry frozen mushrooms
  2. After they take on a golden appearance, they are sent to a boiling broth. Stir gently and bring the mixture to a boil..
  3. Cook for about 15 minutes on low heat.
  4. Peeled potatoes are cut into slices or cubes (some even like straws) and put in a saucepan.potatoes are added to the soup
  5. When the foam appears, it is carefully collected. To emphasize the taste of mushrooms, you can put a whole onion in there..
  6. The peeled carrots are rubbed or cut into pieces, added to the pan with blanched onions and fried. The mixture is brought to a golden color and poured into the soup.blanch onions and carrots
  7. After 10 minutes, the dish is salted, herbs and spices are added, depending on the preferences of the household.frozen mushroom soup is ready

Ready mushroom soup is infused for 20 minutes, then served with sour cream.

To get a more satisfying dish, you can add any cereal or pasta to it..

Excellent soup with porcini mushrooms

frozen porcini mushroom soupWise housewives, during the period of picking porcini mushrooms, try to freeze them as much as possible. After all, they do not lose their properties even at low temperatures. Thanks to this, there is always an opportunity to cook excellent soup from frozen porcini mushrooms for your household.

To prepare a dish, you will need the following set of products:

  • frozen porcini mushrooms;
  • potatoes, soft varieties;
  • sweet carrots;
  • onions (2 pieces);
  • lean or butter;
  • seasonings: salt, pepper;
  • spices: curry, hops-suneli;
  • parsley or dill.

The first thing to do is rinse the mushrooms without thawing. When they soften, the large specimens are cut into pieces. Small mushrooms can be boiled whole.defrost and chop the mushrooms

Mushrooms are placed in boiling water and cooked for 20 minutes over low heat. As the foam appears, carefully remove it.cook mushrooms

Finely chopped onions and grated carrots are fried until golden brown in a skillet. Remove the mushrooms from the pan with a slotted spoon to cut into small pieces and add to the carrots and onions. The mixture is boiled for no more than 10 minutes.stew onions, carrots and boiled mushrooms

At this time, potatoes, a whole onion are thrown into the mushroom broth, and boiled for 20 minutes, removing the starchy foam. Then stewed porcini mushrooms with vegetables are thrown into the soup.. the last step of making the soupStir and boil for another 10 minutes. Serve the dish hot, seasoning it with herbs and spices.serving soup to the table

To prepare a dish with love, it is advisable not to leave it unattended. Timely skimming, regulating the fire level, adding salt at the end of the process is the secret of a delicious mushroom soup.

Is there anything like a fragrant dish in the world, with the addition of the gifts of nature? It is especially easy to make frozen mushroom soup according to the photo recipe provided by experienced chefs. This kind of food will appeal not only to vegetarians, but also to fans of healthy food. Let the excellent mushroom soup bring heavenly delight to your fans.

We cook aromatic delicious soup – video

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