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How to open wine without a corkscrew beautifully and quickly

how to open wine without a corkscrew Do you urgently need to deal with a harmful cork that does not want to get out of the bottle? Now you will learn how to open wine without a corkscrew, only with improvised means! There are many great ways that people have developed over the centuries. Some are simple, some are difficult. There are also unusual.

Simple ways using available tools

Leaving for a vacation in nature, have you forgotten the corkscrew at home? Look around and you will surely find many interesting ways to open wine without a corkscrew..

With a lighter

use a lighter A simple and effective way. Be sure to unseal the neck of the bottle. Turn on the lighter and heat the glass where the cork is sitting. If there is someone else nearby, you can use additional lighters. After a while, the cork heated by the fire will climb out by itself. Then she’ll shoot like champagne.

Allow the neck to cool before pouring the wine. Otherwise it may crack..

Opening the wine with a knife

open the bottle with a knifeNeed a knife with a narrow blade. Better if it is serrated. But the usual one will do too. Only he has to be sharp.

First, push the cork into the bottle a little. You can use your finger or some other handy object. Then, at a slight angle, stick a knife into the cork, approximately to its middle. Crank your implement slightly in one direction and pull out the plug.

Use a knife and fork

Insert a knife into the cork as described above. Start pulling it towards you little by little. When the plug comes out a little, pry it off the side with the tines of the fork and continue to pull it out. Using a fork will speed up the process.

How to open wine without a corkscrew using lipstick

use lipstick or highlighterThis method is more suitable for girls, albeit strong enough. Simply place the closed bottle over the stopper and press down. In the end, the latter must fall inside, into the bottle. Make sure the neck of the bottle does not taper downwards.

The lipstick can be replaced with other items of a similar shape. For example, a marker or felt-tip pen.

Opening the bottle with a key

how to open wine without a corkscrew using a keyAny key with a thin, non-flaring tip will do. For example, from a mailbox. The key must be inserted into the edge of the cork at an acute angle of about 45 ° for ¾ length. Rotate it gently and pull out the plug.

With a boot

open the wine with a bootSometimes in this way it is possible to open the bottle in literally 5 seconds..

Shoes with high or pointed heels will not work.

Take off your shoe, put it on the bottom of the bottle. Hit the resulting structure with the sole on the wall several times. The cork will start to crawl out and then fly out. Just be careful not to spill the wine!

Now you know how to open wine without a corkscrew in a few simple ways. But there are interesting more complicated options …

Methods using tools

In the men’s arsenal of a motorist, there is always a simple tool with which he will open a bottle of wine at the right time:

  1. Use a lace and awl. Carefully, so that the cork does not crumble, make a hole in it with an awl. Take the lace and make a knot at one of its ends. Then, with a knot inside, using an awl, thread the lace into the resulting hole and pull the plug.rope and awl
  2. With a hook with screw and rope. The method is similar to the previous one. Attach a rope to the hook. Then screw it into the plug. Hold on to the rope and pull the plug.
  3. We open the bottle with a self-tapping screw and pliers. Screw the first one into the cork, you can even use your bare hands. Then grab the screw head with pliers and pull.we use screws and pliers
  4. With nails and a hammer. The method is similar to the previous one. Drive two or three longer nails into the cork, and then pull everything out. Try not to crush the cork. how to open wine without a corkscrew with a nail and a hammer
  5. Use scissors. Open the scissors all the way. With a sharp edge, stick one part about halfway into the cork at a slight angle. Twist the scissors handle while pulling out the plug.use scissors

If the cork has crumbled and particles got into the wine, wait. The particles will get wet and settle to the bottom..

Do the listed methods seem too boring? Nothing, you can replenish your arsenal with more non-standard.

Non-standard ways

When a corkscrew is lost at home, then in addition to the above methods, you can use several more interesting options:

  1. A stream of hot water can help. Suitable if you have a hot water tap and the bottle is closed with a plastic stopper. Place the neck under hot tap water and wait. As in the case of fire, the cork will crawl out on its own..hot water
  2. Using a container of hot water. The method is suitable for opening red wine. Pour into a container of hot water, then place the bottle there. After a while, the cork will come out. This is a rather lengthy process and is best done at home..bowl of hot water
  3. Use a syringe with a thick needle. Pierce the cork and pump air into the bottle. The cork will begin to crawl out a little under pressure. When it rises, grab it with your fingers and pull it out. Do not pump too much air inside, otherwise the bottle may burst..use a syringe
  4. By means of a pump. The method is similar to the previous one, only a bicycle pump is used instead of a syringe. It’s even more dangerous to open a bottle this way..how to open wine without a corkscrew with a pump
  5. Use an electric drill. Carefully drill a hole in the center of the plug. Try not to make it through, otherwise small crumbs will end up in the wine. Leave the instrument in this position and unplug it. Pull the plug.open the wine with an electric drill
  6. Using a stiletto heel of women’s shoes. Try to stick the pin of the women’s shoe into the cork at a slight angle. Turn it slightly and pull out the plug. The method is more theoretical, it is rarely successful to use it in reality..stiletto heel
  7. Plastic bottle. Fill it with water. Sit down. Then squeeze the bottle of wine between your knees with the neck down. Gently hit the bottom with a plastic bottle until the cork comes out halfway. Pull the plug further by hand.plastic water bottles
  8. Using a sheet of paper. You may need more than one sheet. Roll it up into a tight tube. Use this tube to press the cork into the bottle..paper

With … the knife again! Just stick a knife into the cork and cut it into two vertical halves..

How to open wine without a corkscrew in hussar style

we open the wine in hussar styleIt is worth noting separately the hussar way of opening sparkling wine. The bottle should be slightly chilled, but not frozen. You need a knife.

Each bottle has two seams. Feel for them. The intersection of the seam with the neck is the weakest point. Hit it with the back of the knife blade. If hit, the neck will fly off and the wine will spill out like a fountain. The first try may not work..

Try not to miss, or you might break the bottle..

The method is dashing, but dangerous, so take safety measures:

  • open the bottle in an open space so that there is no damage from the flying neck;
  • do not direct the bottle towards people;
  • let the wine splash out so that the glass fragments come out with it;
  • some advise pouring wine, opened in a hussar way, through gauze folded several times – it will filter out the smallest particles of glass if they remain inside.

That’s all. All that remains is … to congratulate yourself! You are well done. Now you can amaze family and friends at parties, intricately removing corks from wine bottles.

How to open wine without a corkscrew – video

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