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Recipes for salting pike caviar at home

home salted pike caviar There are several ways to salt pike caviar at home. This product was previously considered a delicacy, as it was difficult to obtain it in large quantities. Caviar was served on the table on holidays with pancakes and other traditional dishes. Now pike can be purchased in stores, but caviar from fish caught with your own hands will be tastier. Salting pike caviar does not require special skills, the process is quick and simple. In terms of taste, it is not inferior to red or black caviar, but it is considered more dietary.

Recipe for slightly salted pike caviar at home

lightly salted pike caviar If caviar is caught in the pike, it should be cooked separately. For 500 g of fresh caviar, you need 1 tablespoon of salt and a small amount of water. There may be a little caviar, then it is worth weighing it and calculating the optimal amount of salt.

Let’s start salting:

  1. To begin with, the pike must be gutted, the caviar must be removed from the abdomen and separated from the films..we get caviar from the pike
  2. The caviar is poured into a deep container, hot water is added to it (for sterilization from microorganisms) and stirred. Then you need to drain the boiling water, and instead pour water at room temperature.fill the caviar with hot water
  3. Before you salt the pike caviar, you need to rinse it several times under running water. Then it is poured onto a fine sieve so that the liquid drains.wash the caviar with cold water several times
  4. The next stage is directly salting the caviar. It is combined with salt and stirred until smooth, until the grains dissolve..sprinkle caviar with salt
  5. If the salt begins to foam, remove it with a spoon. Next, the caviar is placed in the cold for 6 hours. After this time, the delicacy is ready to eat..stir the salt with caviar well

This is one of the simplest recipes for salting pike caviar at home. If it needs to be served for dinner, you can start cooking in the morning or the day before. Ready caviar is stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

Recipe for salting pike caviar with butter

It is difficult to get pike caviar, since catching this fish during its spawning period is protected by law. However, the pike does not lay all its eggs, some of it is preserved, and it can be found in freshly caught fish. This amount will not be enough, so it is better to go to the market and purchase this product in the required volume..

One of the methods for salting pike caviar at home is a recipe with the addition of salt and vegetable oil. For 500 g of caviar, you need two full tablespoons of salt and a small amount of oil:

  1. First of all, you need to get the yastyk (bag of caviar) and rinse it under water from dirt without cutting. Such a procedure is necessary in any recipe for salting pike caviar at home..wash the yasty with caviar
  2. Then the caviar is carefully removed into a deep bowl, where it is mixed with the correct amount of salt. Grind the mixture with a fork to a puree consistency. Salt foam should appear on the surface of the mass.remove the film
  3. The foam is removed with a spoon, and the caviar is poured with sunflower oil. It is important that it completely covers the eggs..fill the caviar with oil

If pike caviar is salted at home in this way, it will be suitable for consumption for about a week. It is not doused with boiling water, since salt itself is capable of destroying pathogenic microbes..

It is best not to salt a large amount of caviar at a time, as you will need to roll up the jars for better storage. In addition, it can be purchased at any time of the year in stores or on the market..

Saline method

salted pike caviarIn the previous methods, it was necessary to add salt directly to the caviar. For this you need to beat it with a fork, which violates the structure of the eggs and spoils the appearance of the product. Using a saline solution called brine keeps the grains round and whole.

Cooking process:

  1. Caviar in bags is taken out of the fish carcass, peeled from films and placed in a deep bowl. Then it is washed several times under hot and cold water to destroy parasites..wash the caviar with hot water several times
  2. A saturated saline solution is prepared in a separate container. For 1 liter of water, several tablespoons of salt are required. It is better to use boiling water to further disinfect the caviar.preparing saline solution
  3. Pike caviar is poured with the ready-made solution and let it brew for 30 minutes. Next, the mixture is poured into a sieve to remove excess liquid. Caviar is ready to eat.decanting liquid from caviar

A small amount of vegetable oil can be added to ready-made caviar. From additional ingredients, green or onions are used, spices to taste.

Recipes for salting pike caviar are not much different. This is due to the fact that pike caviar has its own rich taste and aroma and does not need to be added spices. The main purpose of salting it is to get rid of parasites and other microorganisms that can be in it and be transmitted to humans. Caviar can be served in a separate container, and pancakes can be placed on a nearby dish. There are also recipes for sandwiches and tartlets with butter and pike caviar. It goes well with fresh vegetables and green onions..

Video recipe for hot salting pike caviar

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