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How to make perfect multicooker peas

healthy pea puree Pea mashed potatoes (aka pea puree) is a primordially Russian dish. For cooking, they resort to different methods, but now the most popular is to boil peas in a slow cooker. Due to the optimal heating system, the taste will be much better. It doesn’t matter what kind of slow cooker you use, the main thing is that it has many different modes that will turn the peas into the perfect dish. Some models have modes such as “Beans”, “Pilaf”, “Rice”. Don’t be discouraged if your model doesn’t have a mode designed for beans. You can cook the dish by setting the toggle switch to the criteria for cooking pilaf.

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Tips from the chef

You can cook peas in a slow cooker, oven, on the stove using a different food composition. But there are some tips that will help you cook the dish correctly, without resorting to the “ax”:

  1. There is an opinion that peas must be soaked and best of all overnight. In fact, this is not necessary. Yes, pre-soaked peas will cook much faster and not boil too much. In contrast, not soaked, it boils well and is simply ideal for cooking puree.
  2. If you decide to cook soaked peas, add baking soda to the water, and rinse thoroughly before using.
  3. Please note that it is advisable to use yellow peas. Green practically does not boil over.
  4. Crushed food cooks faster.
  5. When the dish is completely ready, you should leave it alone for a quarter of an hour in the “Heat” mode, so that it “comes through”.
  6. The proverb that butter will not spoil porridge just in time for this occasion. Cooked Peas in a Multicooker and Oil Are the Perfect Tandem.

Pea puree in a multicooker “Redmond”

pea puree in a redmond multicooker Preparing a pea flask is quite simple. True, this will take a lot of time. A multicooker will come to the rescue – it will greatly facilitate your work. Basically, you can use any multicooker. We will look at how to cook peas in a Redmond slow cooker. Ready-made pea puree can be used as an independent dish, or can be served as a side dish for meat or vegetables, mushrooms.

All you need is 2 tbsp. peas. It is brewed in 5 tbsp. water. You will also need a pinch of salt and 30 grams of butter for flavor. By the way, it is better to take crushed peas. It will boil faster and will boil almost completely..

In recipes for multi-cookers, the amount of ingredients is indicated in multi-glasses..


  1. Peas should be soaked for an hour.soak peas
  2. Soaked peas are thoroughly washed under running water. This should be done until the water becomes completely transparent..rinse the peas thoroughly
  3. Peas are sent to a slow cooker, poured with boiling water, salt is added to taste, covered with a lid and cooked, after setting the “Stew” mode. Cooking time two hours.stew peas in a slow cooker
  4. At the end of cooking, which the multicooker itself will signal, add butter to the pea puree and mix well.add butter
  5. Everything, the porridge is completely ready, it is laid out on plates and served to the table.

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The recipe for cooking peas in a slow cooker without soaking

peas in a slow cookerMany people do not like to cook mashed peas or soup because it needs to be soaked beforehand. And if there is no time? So what’s the problem? Write down a recipe for how to cook peas in a multicooker without preliminary preparation.

In this case, it is advised to use split peas. It cooks much faster than whole.

So, for 3 multicooker glasses of peas, you should take 5-7 beef ribs, 6 of the same glasses of water. From vegetables you will need 1 pc. onions and carrots. Well, and of course, spices.


  1. The carrots are thoroughly washed, peeled off and cut into small cubes. The onion is also peeled and cut at random (preferably the same size as the carrot). Chopped vegetables are sent to the multicooker bowl.cut vegetables and put in a bowl
  2. The peas are thoroughly washed in running water until the water becomes clear. After it is poured into vegetables.
  3. The ribs are thoroughly washed, unsightly parts are removed. Can be chopped into portions immediately. Sent to a bowl next to other products.stages of making pea puree
  4. Pour in water, salt and gently mix the contents of the bowl. At the same time, make sure that the inner layer of the container is not scratched. After closing the unit, set the “Quenching” mode and cook for two hours. As a rule, this time is enough for the meat and peas to be completely cooked..
  5. When the signal of the end of cooking rang out, the dish is tasted for salt and the readiness of the peas. If all is well, they are laid out on plates and served to the table, after sprinkling with chopped herbs.

Pea soup with pork

pea soup with porkYou already know how to make mashed potatoes. And now we will tell you how to cook peas in a slow cooker in the form of a soup. The dish is prepared very quickly and easily. In addition, it turns out to be tasty, thick and satisfying..

Some hostesses change the composition at their discretion, for example, they cook without potatoes or add lentils. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments..

You will need meat to make the soup. We suggest using pork (you need 0.3 kg). You should also take 1.5 tbsp. peas, one carrot and one onion and three potato tubers. You can also take greens (one bunch will be enough) and your favorite spices.stages of making pea soup

Cooking in a multicooker:

  1. In order for the peas to cook faster, they need to be poured with water in the evening and left overnight. If you forgot about it and soaked the peas in the morning, you can start cooking from it as soon as the peas swell. Prepared peas are sent simultaneously with meat to a slow cooker. Salt is added to taste and stewed for two hours, after setting the “Quenching” mode.
  2. Meanwhile, the vegetables are washed, peeled and chopped. In this case, potato tubers – in slices.
  3. Grate carrots and small cubes onions.
  4. Chopped vegetables are sent to the multicooker bowl an hour later, as the meat began to cook. If you are using frozen vegetables, then they can be thrown to cook a little earlier. Everything, as soon as the signal about the end of cooking rings, the soup is ready and can be poured into plates and served..

Now you know all the secrets of how to cook peas in a slow cooker. By experimenting with products, you can cook not only porridge and soups, but also many other tasty and healthy dishes..

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