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Easy ways to make beetroot fridge – a refreshing gourmet soup

beetroot chiller There are more than 250 countries and territories on planet Earth, each of which has its own national cuisine. You won’t be able to taste all the dishes, but you can even cook some of them, especially the Belarusian beetroot cold beetroot. Indeed, quite often neighbors develop friendly relations and share interesting recipes for delicious dishes. And this dish is considered the most refreshing soup of Belarusian cuisine..

To date, there are many recipes for how to make a beetroot chiller. Each of them is distinguished by its individual characteristics, despite the constant set of products. The result is an excellent hearty meal that brings refreshment on a hot day and pleasant sensations on a quiet winter evening..

Simple Ingredients Are the Key to Success in Culinary Arts

ingredients for beetroot The main product for making a beetroot fridge is, of course, beets. Its original color defines the beauty of the dish. And the taste is mesmerizing. Therefore, the food is so popular among the common people. To make it truly original, you need such simple products:

  • beet;
  • eggs;
  • cucumbers;
  • feathers of green onions;
  • lemon juice;
  • salt;
  • condiments.

Most often, they begin to prepare a cold chill from roasting beets..roasting beets in foil Some people like it more boiled or pickled. In any case, the vegetable is peeled and rubbed on a coarse grater..

It is advisable to bake beets in foil so as not to lose their beneficial properties, color and aroma.

After that, the vegetable is dipped into a saucepan with cold boiled water. To preserve the color saturation of the cold beet soup, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. In addition, it will give the dish some notes of freshness..

Eggs are boiled in a separate container. The amount depends on the portion size and the wishes of the lovers of cold liquid snacks. They must be hard-boiled so that they can be cut in half or in slices. Chilled eggs are cut into small pieces. Someone likes cubes, others like straws. In principle, the variant does not affect the taste of the dish..cut eggs

Fresh cucumbers are washed under running water. Dry or wipe with a napkin. Cut into small pieces.

Young vegetables with a thin skin do not need to be peeled. This will help create a pleasant freshness in the dish..

In the main dish, finely chopped green onion feathers are ground with salt. When the aromatic juice appears, put cucumbers, eggs and beet tincture there. The products are thoroughly mixed. serve cold fridge to the tableThe food is ready. As you can see, the recipe for a cold beetroot is very simple, so it is available even to an inexperienced cook. Served with sour cream and dill.

Flexible approach to cooking

preparing a fridgeProbably, many culinary experts would agree that cooking is a unique field for creativity. Sometimes a simple recipe is given, but the cook adds a new ingredient with his own opinion. The result is a new dish that is gaining unprecedented popularity. Here is one of these recipes for beetroot cold water.


  • beet;
  • eggs;
  • cucumbers;
  • lemon;
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • parsley, dill;
  • tomatoes;
  • sausage.

The secret to cooking is preparation. In the evening, water is boiled in a small saucepan. In the morning it will cool down and be ready for dipping vegetables in it..

Beets are boiled or baked in the oven in advance. This makes it possible to save time and speed up the process of working in the kitchen..roasting beets

The day before the scheduled soup, eggs are boiled. When cooled down, they are better cleaned, and it is much more convenient to cut cold foods..boil eggs

The highlight of the cold beetroot borscht recipe is the preliminary pickling process of the vegetable. To do this, it is first peeled and rubbed on a coarse grater..pickle beets

Using a fine grater to grind the ingredient gives excellent results. The dish turns out to be of a beautiful color and uniform consistency. The taste is not inferior to the classic version of the preparation of Belarusian food.

To marinate the beets, squeeze the juice from the lemon into the grated slurry and add sugar. The mixture is kneaded well. Leave for half an hour.beet pickling process

While the product is pickling, the cucumbers are washed out under running water. If they are old, the skin is removed. Young specimens do not need to be peeled, this will not affect the taste of the borscht. Then the vegetables are chopped into strips or small cubes.wash and cut cucumbers

When all the products are cooked, they are dipped in a saucepan of cold boiled water. Pickled beets, chopped eggs, cucumbers are also transferred there. Mix everything thoroughly with a spoon.mixing ingredients

When served at the dinner table, pour cold borscht or boiled beetroot chill into a plate, put 1 spoonful of sour cream and crush with herbs. Parsley, dill or green onions will do.. serving cold food to the tableTo enhance the taste, you can add small slices of tomatoes or sausages. Who would refuse such a savory dish? Only very shy people.

Practical tips for beginners

delicious summer borschtOften, the younger generation, wanting to surprise the family, works miracles in the kitchen. Experienced chefs or good friends can tell you how to cook a cold beetroot. There are many different options for making Belarusian okroshka, but only the simplest and most affordable will do..

Original set of products:

  • approximately 3 liters of water;collecting water
  • 3 small beets;three beets
  • 5 – 8 small cucumbers;small cucumbers
  • green onions;green onions
  • dill or parsley;dill and parsley
  • 4 eggs;boiled eggs
  • lemon for juice;lemon juice
  • salt.salt

Such a set of products is considered universal, since potatoes and meat can be added to okroshka. The dish comes out much more satisfying.

When the ingredients are ready, they begin the cooking process. A step-by-step recipe for a cold beetroot for novice cooks comes to the rescue:

  1. Eggs and vegetables are pre-boiled (baked) until cooked.baked beets and boiled eggs
  2. Peel the beetroot with a sharp knife.cleaning beets
  3. Peel eggs when they are completely cool.egg cleaning
  4. Wash the cucumbers in clean water and dry. Cut into cubes or small wedges.cut cucumbers
  5. Greens are dipped into a bowl, poured with water and left for 2 minutes. During this time, the remnants of the soil will lag behind the small leaves. Dried and finely chic on a cutting board.wash and chop the herbs
  6. Beets are grated.grate beets
  7. Immersed in cold water.put beets in water
  8. Cucumbers, chopped greens, salt are also put there. The mixture is thoroughly mixed with a wooden spatula.add chopped eggs
  9. Give enough time for the soup to infuse well by sending it to the refrigerator shelf.
  10. Served with sour cream, chopped herbs and half an egg. Very nice and tasty dish.serve the infused soup to the table

In a similar way, a beetroot fridge is prepared on kefir. At the same time, some nuances are taken into account..

ingredients for kefir fridgeVegetables are boiled in water for about 2 hours. When it cools down, peel it and rub it on a coarse grater. Eggs and cucumbers are cut into cubes or strips. All products are put in a large saucepan, poured with kefir. Stir so that the vegetables are evenly distributed in the liquid. Salt is added, depending on the amount of food. The soup is sent to a cold place for 1 hour. When it is well saturated, it is served cold..stages of cooking beetroot fridge on kefir

Sprinkle the portion with chopped herbs on top. Even the most demanding gourmet will enjoy a few minutes of food enjoyment.

Video recipe for cold beetroot on kefir

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