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Simple recipes for herring snacks at home

herring appetizer Herring appetizer is a great option for a festive table or for every day. You can not only cut the fish into slices, but also prepare simple and original dishes from it. If there is herring in the refrigerator, there is always a way to surprise guests, while using only simple and affordable products..

Simple herring potato appetizer

herring potato tartlets One of the easiest herring snack recipes is potato tartlets. For 10 servings, you will need 10 large potatoes, 2 fish, 100 ml of vegetable oil, 1 onion, fresh herbs, mustard, salt and lemon juice to taste. Additionally, you can take pomegranate seeds – they are added from them as a decoration.

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Cooking process:

  1. Boil the potatoes until cooked in a peel and leave to cool. Add salt and bay leaf to the water for flavor.boil potatoes
  2. The herring must be cleaned of entrails and bones. To do this, cut off the head and tail with a sharp knife, then make an incision along the belly and separate the skin. It is convenient to extract bones with special tweezers.peel the herring
  3. Cut the fillet into small cubes and combine with the onion. The next step is to prepare the herring appetizer dressing. In a separate container, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add mustard and vegetable oil. Pour herring fillet with sauce.mix herring with onion and season
  4. It remains to form the tartlets. Peel the potatoes, cut off the top and remove the core with a spoon. Fill the empty space with herring filling. The dish can be garnished with fresh herbs or pomegranate seeds..

Some varieties of potatoes are boiled and do not hold their shape. In this case, you do not need to peel it, rinse it well before cooking..

Emerald Balls Recipe

emerald balls with herring“Emerald Balls” is a simple and original herring appetizer for a festive table. For 1 large fish you will need to take 4-5 potatoes, 2 boiled eggs, a little melted cheese, fresh herbs, salt and pepper to taste. For decoration, berries with a sour taste (pomegranate seeds or cranberries) are suitable.

Cooking process:

  1. Peel the herring of bones and entrails, separate the pulp and cut it into small cubes. You can also buy salted fish fillets and not waste time cutting a whole fish..peel a herring
  2. Cook eggs and potatoes until cooked. Next, they need to be cooled, peeled and shells and finely grated.grate potatoes and egg
  3. Combine potatoes, eggs, herring, spices and processed cheese in a large container. It does not need to be taken in large quantities – it is enough to suffice for the viscosity. Then remove the mass for 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator.mix ingredients
  4. The last stage is the formation of balls. To prevent the mass from sticking to your hands, they need to be wetted with water. Roll the small balls in chopped dill and place on a dish. A ready-made herring snack can be poured with lemon juice or garnished with red berries.

This dish is perfect as a main snack on a festive table. The balls are very high in calories, so it is better to form them small. They go well with fresh greens and seafood salads, main fish dishes. For convenience, you can put each ball on a separate leaf of lettuce, and it will not disintegrate.

Cream cheese and herring appetizer

herring and processed cheese appetizerOne of the most popular herring and cream cheese appetizers is the sandwich pate. It keeps well in the fridge and is perfect for daily snacks or an aperitif for the holidays. It is also convenient to take it with you on a picnic or on the road. For an average herring weighing 400 g, you will need 200 g of carrots, 100 g of vegetable oil, 150-200 g of processed cheese, as well as salt, spices and herbs to taste.

Cooking process:

  1. Peel and cut the herring into small pieces. For convenience, you can use a blender or meat grinder, but the consistency of the pate will turn out to be more viscous..peel a herring
  2. Cut the carrots into pieces and boil until cooked. Then it must be grated on a fine grater..grate carrots
  3. In one large container, combine chopped herring fillets, carrots, processed cheese and softened butter. Season the mixture with salt and spices. You can choose any kind of cheese – it is in the appetizer more for consistency than for taste and aroma.mix ingredients
  4. It remains to stir the mixture thoroughly with a fork, and the appetizer is ready. It can be applied directly to bread or left in the refrigerator overnight. It is also worth trying to prepare the dough tartlets separately and fill them with herring filling..

The richest pasta will be obtained from herring, salted at home with spices. However, any fish is suitable for pâté – it can be bought as a boneless fillet..

You can find recipes for herring snacks with photos on the web or in culinary magazines, but do not be afraid to experiment. The basic rule for adding this type of fish is that it interrupts the taste and aroma of all other ingredients. Potatoes and other vegetables, soft types of cheese, black bread and greens go well with it. If you combine the components correctly, you can create an original author’s dish and surprise guests and loved ones with it..

Video recipe for making herring rolls

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