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Perfect pairing to the table: pork and mushrooms

Juicy and aromatic pork with mushrooms is unlikely to be enjoyed by women who are strenuously counting calories. But it is precisely such a successful combination of ingredients that makes the dish even more appetizing. The breathtaking aroma of mushrooms and light notes of spice give the meat a delicious taste. With such a masterpiece on the table, the hostess will conquer not only her beloved man, but also a whole regiment.

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Basic preparations

stew with mushrooms Many recipes for meat with mushrooms include a few simple techniques. They boil down to one banal principle – the processing of the main products is carried out separately from each other. It is known that some need more time to be ready than others..

Now about the preparation. The meat is washed only under running water. Some people soak it, but then it absorbs a lot of liquid and becomes watery. If they are frozen parts, then they should be rinsed, put in a bowl and covered so that they melt naturally. Moreover, 2-3 hours before creating a culinary masterpiece, it is necessary to marinate pork, then in the oven with mushrooms it will turn out tender and will melt in your mouth..

A marinade is being prepared using the following technology:

  • 4-5 st. l. red / white wine;Red wine
  • a sprig of rosemary;sprig of rosemary
  • bay leaf;Bay leaf
  • freshly ground pepper;pepper mix
  • lemon / tangerine juice;lemon juice
  • hops-suneli;composition of hops-suneli
  • 2-3 large onions (cut into half rings).

You can also take cognac (50 g) as an alcoholic drink. Then add a few cloves of garlic, mustard, chopped ginger and lemon juice to the marinade.. marinated meatAll chopped pieces should be thoroughly lubricated, thoroughly rubbing the essence into the fibers. Cover the pot with a lid and refrigerate. Then you can do the mushrooms. It is worth considering some of the features of pork, which is combined only with mushrooms such as:

  • Champignon;
  • honey mushrooms;
  • chanterelles;
  • White;
  • boletus;
  • boletus;
  • morels.

mushroomsThey need to be carefully cleaned. In some varieties, the top skin on the cap is removed. Cutting off the legs is optional. It is important to rinse cleaned samples with boiling water, and then cook for 10 to 30 minutes. ChampignonBefore heat treatment, it is advisable to soak the champignons in cold water for 5 minutes with citric acid, and then boil the same amount. When they are dry, they should be fried with onions..

You need to salt the dish during the cooking process. Salt has preservative properties, drawing the necessary juices from food.

French accent

french meatTo bake French-style meat with mushrooms in the oven, you need to buy 1.5 kg of pork (tenderloin or chop), as well as 300-400 g of mushrooms (canned). A pack of mayonnaise and hard cheese will be used to dress the dish. A few bouncy tomatoes and a small onion add sophistication to the dish. After all the products have been cleaned and washed, you can proceed to the following processes:

  • wipe the pork with a paper towel and cut into small pieces;chop the meat
  • beat them off (up to a centimeter in thickness) with a kitchen hammer, wrapped in cling film;beat off the meat
  • grease a baking sheet. Put the pieces so that there are gaps between them;put the meat on a baking sheet
  • sprinkle with salt and pepper (since they are thin, you can also on one side);sprinkle
  • put onion fried until golden brown on top;fry the onion
  • cut the tomatoes into 0.5 cm slices and cover the pork with them;cut tomatoes into slicesput the tomatoes on the meat
  • pour over mayonnaise (with a thin thread). Cover with grated cheese (consume only half);grease with mayonnaise and grated cheese
  • cut mushrooms into rings and arrange them beautifully;cut mushrooms into slices
  • repeat the penultimate procedure again.cover with mayonnaise and cheese

Send all this to an oven heated to 200 ° C for 35-40 minutes. In this case, you need to ensure that nothing is burnt. Hearing the pungent smell of burning, you need to cut the food out. serve meat to the tableThe stacking sequence of the ingredients used in French-style meat with mushrooms is not critical. So, first you can put mushrooms, and then tomatoes. The main thing is not to forget to decorate the baked slices with herbs at the end. Sprinkle with it for 5-7 minutes. until ready.

Pork is cut first in large pieces along the grain, and only then across. Then the resulting portions are sufficiently fried and not dried. At the same time, the juiciness, as well as the color of the product, is preserved..

puree for meat with mushroomsPotatoes in different interpretations will serve as a side dish for such a dish. Delicate mashed potatoes, seasoned with milk / sour cream, in tandem with vegetable salad, harmoniously combine in this symphony of tastes.

Cheese and mayonnaise mix in foil

To create ideal conditions for cooking meat with mushrooms in the oven, ordinary foil or a baking sleeve will help. Of course, food preparation is carried out for each individual portion. As a result, when you open such a silver bag, all the aroma that rises from the dish along with the steam will blow your guests away. This cooking technology is considered the most relevant, since thanks to it all the beneficial properties of the ingredients are preserved..

To get stunning meat in the oven with mushrooms and cheese, you need to take the following actions:

  1. Marinate pork, beef or lamb. Mix spices with mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup (basil, cilantro, curry, suneli hops and pepper mixture) and sprinkle with lemon / lime juice. Let it brew in a cool place for 3 hours.marinade for meat
  2. Cut vegetables: mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, as well as potatoes (slices can be fried or raw) and bell peppers.mushrooms plates The first two products are chopped into thin slices, and the onion is chopped into cubes. Grate 300 g of cheese.slicing tomatoslicing potatoes
  3. Packaging of pickled pork in foil. Brush the leaf with olive oil. On each piece of meat, put breaded onions, pepper cubes, potatoes, tomato and mushroom slices. Sprinkle with cheese and wrap.pack ingredients in foil
  4. Baking. Until fully cooked, the dish is baked for more than one hour. In 15 min. before removing from the oven, you need to unpack the packages and sprinkle the contents with cheese shavings. Add dill or parsley if desired.pork with mushrooms in foil is ready

It is necessary to attach each layer separately, but within reason, so as not to overdo it. This recipe is very similar to French meat with mushrooms and tomatoes, but with some differences. Potatoes and peppers are amazingly obtained in such vacuum foil bags. They soften by absorbing all the juice from nearby ingredients..

Such dishes are recommended to be served with expensive wine. It will be complemented by slicing fresh vegetables and a large amount of fresh herbs. Fortified fresh will be the final touch of this idyll.

Rolls or Eskimos

pork rolls with mushroomsThis treat can be used both as a holiday meal and as an everyday meal. The hostess will need from 1 to 2 hours to prepare such miniatures. Pork rolls with mushrooms will turn out juicy if the filling is diluted with fruit. Apples or pears give off an unmatched aroma when baked. They also release fruit sugar, which is both healthy and delicious..

To please your loved ones with such Eskimos, you must:

  1. Make preparations, as for chops, then salt and pepper them.chop the pork and beat off
  2. Fry finely chopped mushrooms (honey agarics, chanterelles, boletus), add diced onions. Finally, pour in the apple / pear pieces and simmer over low heat until soft. Stir the mixture with 50 g of butter.fry mushrooms
  3. Place a layer of filling on the chop (raw), folding it tightly.put the mushroom mince on the meat
  4. Place rolls on a baking dish (grind vegetable oil over the entire area). In order for pork baked with mushrooms to be juicy, it must be generously greased with mayonnaise on all sides..rolls grease with sauce and bake
  5. Bake for up to 40 minutes at t = 180-200 ° С.
  6. Cover rolls with cheese in the last 15 minutes.grated cheese

When they cool slightly, gently thread each of them with a Chinese stick or other sharp object. This can be done if the “clients” are little kids. They will love this delicious ice cream treat. This trick will work only when the rolls are not very large..serve rolls to the table

Boiled eggs and herbs will also be used in the filling. Some housewives first fry the rolls in a frying pan, dipping them in breading, and then send them to the oven. So that they do not fall apart, they are fixed with toothpicks..

In pots

pork with mushrooms in potsFirst, you need to take time for the blanks. This is a rather laborious process. You can cook appetizing meat with mushrooms in pots within 1-3 hours. The first step is:

  1. Chop meat, onions, potatoes, mushrooms and 3 cloves of garlic. Grate cheese and carrots.Ingredients
  2. First of all, fry the meat, then simmer the rose cut into strips. Separately cook onions and carrots, as well as mushrooms. Pack all these ingredients in separate containers..
  3. Place at the bottom of each pot: pieces of pork, some vegetables and season with chopped garlic. Put a layer of the remaining mushrooms and potatoes, sprinkle with herbs.fill the pot with meat and mushrooms
  4. Pour everything with broth / water and fill with butter (1 tsp). Top with mozzarella or parmesan, greased with mayonnaise.grease with mayonnaise

Pork with mushrooms and cheese is cooked in the oven for 60 minutes or more over medium heat (180 ° C). Allow the pots to cool for a quarter of an hour before serving.. pork with mushrooms ready to eatThis dish is combined with kefir or fresh cabbage salads. Cucumbers, tomatoes and arugula will make an amazing party for such a treat..

Salt and pepper each layer separately. Only meat is worth seasoning.

Stew option

Nothing pleases a man’s heart and stomach more than a loving wife’s stew with mushrooms. But presentable presentation plays an important role in this matter. If even the most delicious food looks bad, then the spouse may refuse to eat it altogether..

In order to avoid such a result, it is necessary to correctly perform the main technological processes, namely:

  • Cut 1 kg of pork fillet into medium pieces;chop pork
  • fry them in a large amount of fat until a copper crust forms;fry meat
  • at this stage, add chopped onion, honey mushrooms and carrots;add mushrooms
  • salt and pepper;
  • when everything is fried enough, pour in 250 g sour cream / cream and simmer (after boiling) for 7 minutes;pour sour cream
  • in the end, decorate with bright greens.

If desired, you can use tomato sauce, which is very easy to prepare. Fry the onions and carrots separately and mix them with 1 tbsp. l. flour, seasoned with tomato paste (dessert spoon). tomato sauceGradually pour in cold boiled water / broth until smooth. After boiling, simmer it in a skillet for 15 minutes. At the end, season the main course with sauce.

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