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Cooking a delicious and healthy salad with beans and croutons

salad with beans and croutons When an unexpected guest appears on the doorstep, I want to offer him an exquisite dish. Many people like a salad with beans and croutons, which can be made in just a few minutes. It turns out to be very tasty, satisfying and beautiful in appearance. To create it, it is enough to have a proven recipe and the necessary products on hand. Consider the most popular ways to prepare a healthy and appetizing dish.

Salad with beans and croutons in tandem with vegetables

salad with beans and vegetables What could be better than the healthy food offered at a party? She always brings true pleasure and joy. A combination of beans and some vegetables is a wonderful way to strengthen the body’s defenses..

For the salad you will need:

  • canned or fresh beans (300 g);
  • wheat crackers or rye (200 g);
  • carrot (two small fruits);
  • onions (1 pc.);
  • garlic (several cloves);
  • mayonnaise (100 g);
  • fat for frying.

Cooking process

boil beansTo make a salad with beans and croutons delicious, it is important to follow each step precisely. First of all, wise housewives cook the main ingredient in a separate container..

Soaking the product in cold water overnight will help speed up the process. The liquid should be about 2 times more than the amount of beans.

prepare croutonsRye or wheat bread is cut into equal cubes. Spread on a baking sheet and send to a preheated oven. At a moderate temperature, mouth-watering croutons are obtained in 15 minutes. Some housewives prefer a purchased product with various additives..

stew onionsThe onions, for salad with beans and croutons, are peeled and cut into thin half rings. Spread in a frying pan with heated vegetable fat. Fried until golden brown.

grate carrotsGrate the carrots on a coarse grater. Sent to onions and stew until soft texture..

chop the garlicA few cloves of garlic are passed through a hand press. Add it to mayonnaise to make a hot sauce. Then it is combined with beans, croutons and stewed vegetables. Salad is served to the table as a savory snack for alcoholic beverages.

Four unique products in one dish

chicken saladIn just 25 minutes, an excellent salad with chicken, beans and croutons is prepared, which will strike down even the most demanding gourmet.

You will need ingredients to create it.:

  • canned white or red beans;
  • smoked chicken meat;
  • crackers;
  • Champignon;
  • mayonnaise;
  • butter.

This recipe for bean salad with croutons provides a few simple steps..

First, prepare the products:

  • the skin is removed from the surface of the meat;
  • cut into small cubes;
  • mushrooms are washed and dried with paper towels;
  • shredded with thin plates;
  • open a can of canned beans;
  • put in a colander to remove excess liquid.

stew mushroomsButter is heated in a deep frying pan. Then shredded mushrooms are sent there. Stew until the liquid emitted by the champignons has completely evaporated.

mix the ingredientsThe finished product is mixed with smoked chicken meat. Beans and mayonnaise are added. At the end of the process, add crackers.

In order for the croutons to retain their shape, the dish is immediately served to the table..

Sweet corn won’t hurt

salad with beans and croutons, and corn

To create an excellent salad of canned beans with crackers and sweet corn, take the following products:

  • canned beans;
  • sweet corn;
  • fresh cucumbers;
  • wheat bread croutons;
  • spicy greens;
  • salt;
  • mayonnaise.

The secret to making a salad

filter the beansCanned vegetables are discarded in a colander. When the juice drains, it is sent to a separate container. Stir.

cut cucumbers

Cucumbers are washed under running water. Wipe with a napkin or kitchen towel. Cut into small pieces.

combine ingredientsCombine with beans and corn. Finely chopped greens are added. Parsley, basil, or dill work well. Season with mayonnaise. Before serving for dinner, croutons are placed in the salad. Stir and transfer to a beautiful salad bowl.

Canned beans cooked in their own juice are best for salad..

Red beans – a decoration of a gourmet dish

red bean saladAn important prerequisite for serving food is its presentation. An appetizing salad of red beans and croutons is suitable for this purpose..

It is prepared from a simple set of ingredients:

  • canned red beans;
  • crackers (wheat or rye);
  • a slice of hard cheese;
  • sausage;
  • small head of garlic;
  • vegetable oil;
  • a branch of fresh parsley;
  • salt.

strain canned beansCanned beans are spread on a sieve. When the liquid is gone, they are sent to a deep bowl..

grate cheeseHard cheese is rubbed on a coarse grater and combined with beans. The sausage is cut into small pieces. Garlic is sorted into teeth. Peel off. Pass through a hand press. Mix with the rest of the products. Seasoned with vegetable oil.

mix ingredientsChopped greens and croutons are added to the table before serving. Everything is thoroughly mixed and laid out in a salad bowl. The appetizer looks appetizing thanks to the red beans. She will certainly appeal to fans of vegetable dishes..

Salad with beans and croutons, with the addition of tomato – video recipe

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