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Choosing a kebab skewer

kebab skewer A kebab skewer strongly affects the dish, convenience and comfort in the process of its preparation. A poor quality tool complicates things and can lead to food loss. For example, if you use fresh planed twigs in the process, they can burn out, meat and vegetables will fall and the dish will be spoiled..

Shish kebab skewer made of different materials

kebab skewer For cooking, wood, bamboo and metal products are used. Which skewers are best for barbecue?

It depends on the approach chosen and the food:

  1. Wooden skewers. They are represented by disposable cheap wooden swords, sharpened on one side. They do not need to be washed, such skewers are not difficult to make yourself. When preparing food, care must be taken so that no fire breaks out on the coals, which could damage them. It is recommended to soak wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes before use. Since this tool does not heat up like metal, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands. Significant disadvantage – when turning the meat often slips and even cooking on all sides can be a little problematic.wooden skewers
  2. Bamboo skewers. They are mainly used for preparing small dishes from small pieces of meat, mushrooms, seafood, vegetables. Bamboo skewers are also disposable and therefore cheap. And they also need to be kept in water for half an hour before cooking so that no fire occurs during cooking..bamboo skewers
  3. Metal skewers. They are characterized by durability, strength and convenience. They are quite sharp and it is more convenient to string meat on them than on wooden or bamboo ones. The disadvantage of such a tool is the high heating rate and the likelihood of getting burned. When choosing a skewer made of metal, special attention should be paid to its section. So, if it is round, it is more likely that the meat will slide off. The turning process is additionally complicated. After all, pieces of food often scroll to their previous position. In this regard, it is recommended to purchase skewers that have a square section or are made in a twisted shape. Flat products are also popular. They allow you to fry meat exclusively from the bottom and top, but they are easy to clean..metal skewers

That’s what skewers are made of. At the same time, it is important to correctly determine the size so that they fit the used brazier. This is what will be discussed now..

Product size and shape

skewer sizesKebab skewers that are too large will lead to sagging in the middle, which compromises the quality of the cooked food. Recommendation: As a universal solution, it is advisable to use standard skewers with a length of 60 centimeters. However, if there is a reliable grill used for cooking, you can go the other way. In this case, the optimal length is determined as its width + 20 centimeters..

Skewers that are too wide do not need to be purchased. There may be problems stringing the meat if it is cut into small pieces.

Depending on the execution of the base, the following metal products are distinguished:

  1. Straight skewers. They represent an ordinary strip of metal, straight along the entire length of the product, only the handles are tightened with a screw to make it easier to hold. It is convenient to put even the toughest meat on them. It is difficult to bend straight products. Additionally – they are very easy to wash.flat skewer for kebabs
  2. Corner skewers. They are also made of metal strips, but at the same time they are bent at an angle of 60 ° -90 ° along the entire length except for the handle. These products are used to prepare soft foods. At the same time, the food will not slip when turning over..corner skewer for kebabs

When choosing a kebab skewer, special attention should be paid to the thickness. If this point is neglected, they will break or bend. For example, for straight metal skewers, the thickness should be at least 0.7 mm. If a twisted one is purchased, then it is better to focus on 2 mm. This is enough to fry small pieces of meat. But if you plan to cook something larger (several hundred grams, kilograms or even whole carcasses), you need to choose thicker products, the width of the skewers should allow you to withstand the entire weight.

For convenient flipping, due attention is also paid to the handle. You should try to choose such a performance so that it fits well in your hand..

After all, even if the optimal size of the skewer for the kebab is chosen, but at the same time it is difficult to turn the meat – the pleasure from the cooking process will not be complete.

Before buying, you should always try well how the handle fits your hand and it is somewhat convenient to use it. It is good if hand protection is additionally provided (important for metal skewers).

How to purchase and use a kebab skewer

barbecueWhen buying skewers, you should always check for deep scratches or chipping on their surface. It should be level and undamaged. It is a good idea to make moderate efforts to determine if the item is too flexible. If you feel that it lends itself to a small load, it is advisable to refuse to purchase this particular product..

When preparing food on skewers, you should not strive for the maximum load. You should always leave 5-7 centimeters at the edges. Otherwise, you can stain meat and vegetables on the walls of the barbecue. Also, do not forget that coals are best for barbecue. If there is a fire, extinguish it with a little water. Otherwise, it will complicate the cooking process and may lead to the fact that the meat simply burns..

The use of charcoal is also important for the possibility of long-term use of skewers. The most resistant in this regard are metal products. However, if plastic handles are used for them, they melt under the influence of strong temperatures. Wood and bamboo skewers over an open fire can dry in a few minutes. And there is not far and until the moment when they light up.

Safety engineering

small skewersIt should be remembered that skewers are neither a toy nor a swordsmanship. They should not be given to children, left in the grass, or transported and stored with the pointed end up. Serious injury and injury can result if skewers are handled carelessly..

Video review of skewers for barbecue


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