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Tasteful and just salt salmon at home

spicy salted salmon One of the festive delicacies is salted red fish. But how to pickle salmon – few people know, and some even consider it a problematic matter. However, it takes a little time to prepare the dish. We offer several interesting and delicious recipes.

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Salting secrets and rules

salmon salting process Salting is carried out in three ways:

  1. Dry, sprinkling the prepared fish with a mixture of salt and spices.
  2. Wet, placing the fish in a saline solution.
  3. Mixed, first salting with a dry method, and then soaking.

The first option is most often used..

How to pickle salmon: rules and tips

for salting we use glasswareFor a good result, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Do not use metal utensils. Otherwise, the fish will acquire an “iron” taste.
  2. Do not be afraid to oversalt, since the fish will not take in more than what is laid. However, salting a whole piece will reduce the absorption of salt..
  3. Salt fish with skin.
  4. When salting a whole piece, it is recommended to make cuts so that the carcass is evenly salted.
  5. In order for the finished fish to cut well, it can be sent to the freezer for a short time..

How to salt salmon at home: recipes for every taste

The main recipe is simple: you need to spread the salmon with a mixture of salt and sugar in equal proportions. Next are the variations, in which lavrushka, spices, herbs and other components are added.

The result depends on the quality of the fish purchased. The carcass should have a smooth, elastic and shiny scaly skin, pleasant smell and clear eyes..

So let’s get started.

Dry recipe for salting salmon at home

dry salted salmonThis recipe is the easiest and most troublesome. At the same time, the salinity of salmon depends on the time of salting, and not on the amount of salt taken. To obtain lightly salted salmon, 8-10 hours of aging is enough, for highly salted salmon – 24-36.

Getting started:

  1. The first step is to make a mixture for salting. To do this, mix 0.2 kg of coarse salt, 0.1 chopped dill, 1 tbsp. l. sugar and put in a container, where salting will be carried out.mix salt, sugar, dill
  2. A pound of fresh salmon is thoroughly washed, cleaned, pitted, if necessary, and placed on top of the salt mixture. In this case, the fish should be well sprinkled with salt on all sides..pour the mixture into a piece of salmon
  3. Cover the bowl with foil and leave as it is for the required amount of time. The finished fish is washed from salt, dried on a paper towel, cut into slices and served..salmon ready to eat

Homemade salted salmon

lightly salted salmonThe dish is not only a fragrant festive snack. It can also be served as a main dish with any side dish..

Salting process:

  1. Salmon, in the amount of 0.8 kg, should be washed and dried. Further to taste: you can cut it into slices, after freezing it slightly, or you can pickle it in a piece.chop salmon
  2. Peel two heads of garlic and chop finely. Wash the dill and chop finely. Take it to your taste.peel and chop the garlic
  3. Put the fish (or part of it) in a sufficiently deep container. Salt (in general, all fish will need 1-1.5 tablespoons of salt) and pepper, add a layer of chopped garlic and dill.salt the salmon and put the garlic
  4. Then repeat the manipulations until the end of the products and send them to the refrigerator for 2 hours.fill the container and refrigerate
  5. After take out the fish, pour 0.15 liters of vegetable oil on top.pour sunflower oil on the salmon
  6. Put the fish in the refrigerator again, but this time for the whole night..cover the film and put in cold

Salmon “Norwegian”

Norwegian salmonHow to pickle salmon, which is distinguished by its piquancy and interesting flavor? We suggest trying the following recipe based on lemon-alcohol dressing. In the process of preparation, it is preferable to use aquavit – an imported alcoholic beverage. For lack of it, you can use vodka, tincture, whiskey.

Salting Norwegian salmon:

  1. You will need 1 kg of salmon fillet, which should be divided into two parts and rubbed thoroughly with a mixture of sugar and sea salt in a ratio of 50: 100 g.well salt the pieces of salmon
  2. Rinse the dill (0.1 kg) thoroughly, dry and chop very finely. Remove the zest from one lemon and an orange and finely chop.prepare dill and citrus zest
  3. Combine chopped dill with zest, add 0.5 tsp. ground black pepper and mix. Now fish and dill mass are placed in a deep container in layers.sprinkle fish with spices
  4. Aquavit is poured along the edge of the bowl (4 tsp in total) so that the liquid gets on the fish. Oppression is laid on top. put fish under pressure
  5. The fish is salted in the refrigerator during the night. The next morning, the fish is cleaned of dill (if you wish, you can not remove it), cut into slices and served to the table.fish is ready to eat

In order not to fool your head and not waste time, the zest can be obtained by rubbing a whole citrus on a fine grater.

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Salmon bellies

salted bellies of salmonThe bellies, despite being too fat, are often a delicacy for many. Salting the bellies of a salmon on your own at home is not difficult. The main thing is not to eat ahead of time.

Salting salmon belly:

  1. The abdomen should be taken 0.5 kg. From them you need to carefully peel off the scales and cut off the fins..prepare the bellies of the salmon for salting
  2. In a container (deep enough), mix salt, peppercorns and sugar in a ratio of 2: 1: 1 tbsp. l. respectively. Grind 2 bay leaves there and mix well.mix salt, pepper, bay leaf and sugar
  3. Carefully rub the abdominal slices with the resulting dry mixture and put in a container in layers.sprinkle the abdomen with a dry mixture
  4. Cover with a plate of a smaller diameter on top and set the oppression (for example, a can of water). Send the structure to the refrigerator for a day.cover the container and refrigerate
  5. Shake off salted abdomens from excess salt (if you wish, you can simply rinse under water and dry on a paper towel), put in a dish, decorate with herbs and lemon and serve.salty bellies are ready to eat

Having learned all the tricks of how to salt salmon deliciously at home, you will forever give up store variations. In addition, sandwiches, salads, snacks, sushi and other delicacies turn out to be much tastier from the fish of its own salted.

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Video recipe for instant salmon salting

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