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Recipes with a photo of a cherry pie for home cooking

open cherry pie The warm season is always associated with juicy fruits and berries that you can pick and eat right from the garden. When the first saturation passes, you can use the fruits for cooking different dishes, for example, cherry pie, the step-by-step recipe with a photo of which is quite simple. From all the variety of recipes, it remains to choose the cake that is most suitable for the list of products or taste preferences, and the sweet and sour filling in any of them will definitely make the dessert an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure.

Rules for making homemade cherry pies

When mixing sour red berries with sweet dough, you can always get a delicious dessert for tea. The principle of preparing berries for all types of pies is the same, but the dough itself can be chosen differently, from a quick delicacy to a jellied pie with cherries.

To prepare the berries, it is enough to rinse them under clean water, remove the seeds and leave to drain in a colander. At this time, prepare the icing sugar by grinding the sugar in a blender or coffee grinder. Add the prepared granulated sugar and starch to the cherries 10 minutes after rinsing. That’s the whole secret of making the filling.

If you plan to cook a pie with frozen cherries, then you need to do the same steps with the berries, but after preliminary defrosting.

The dough for the pie can be made with yeast, biscuit, puff, unleavened, shortbread – there are many options. It is advisable to use fine flour for cooking and sift it first..

Always add a little vanillin to any type of dough to give the cake a pleasant and inviting flavor..

A standard dough usually includes ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar. Certain recipes may include additional foods such as kefir, butter, sour cream, or sour milk. Add a special exquisite taste such additives as cinnamon, cherry liqueur, lemon juice, chocolate – these are the best options for combining with ripe berries.

To prepare a cake, it will be wise to prepare auxiliary items in the kitchen in advance – spoons, deep bowls for kneading dough, a rolling pin, a mixer, a sharp knife, a whisk, a baking dish, baking paper if necessary.

How to make a simple cherry pie

Cherry pie Among the variety of attractive pictures of a delicious dessert, most housewives are trying to find the simplest recipe for a cherry pie. You usually don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, and products are not difficult to find in the kitchen. To prepare a juicy, aromatic and soft cake you will need:

  • 200 g flour;
  • 200 g sugar;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • if desired, a little cinnamon or vanilla;
  • 300-400 g of pitted cherries.

Baking process:

  1. First you need to beat the eggs in any convenient way, then add sugar to them and continue the beating process. The amount of sugar can be adjusted to taste, if you want to get a sour cake, then you can safely reduce its amount to 150 g.beat eggs with sugar
  2. Add vanillin to the mixture, flour in small portions and continue stirring the future dough.knead the dough
  3. The last ingredient is vegetable oil. Everything must be thoroughly mixed to achieve a uniform consistency..
  4. The dough should turn out to be liquid. Pour half into the prepared form, then place the previously prepared berries on top, and cover with the top layer of the remaining dough.put the ingredients in a mold
  5. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C and bake the pie in it for 25-30 minutes. The result is a very tasty and appetizing-looking cherry pie with a whip..

A simple recipe for cherry kefir pie

cherry pie on kefirKefir baked goods are always distinguished by their simplicity of preparation and amazing taste. This product is a frequent guest of refrigerators, and recipes based on it are always convenient and simple..

To create a dish you will need:

  • standard amount of berries up to 0.5 kilograms;
  • half a cup of sugar for the filling;
  • half a packet of kefir;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • up to half a kilogram of flour;
  • pack of butter;
  • 1 tsp baking powder;
  • vanillin to taste.

How to make a cherry pie on kefir:

  1. Start cooking by pitting the cherries and rinsing the berries. While the water and juice are draining, you can do the dough.
  2. Add salt, baking powder, soft butter to the sifted flour and gradually add kefir. The dough should be soft, but not runny, add a little more flour if necessary.
  3. Then the mixture should be rolled out, cut into thin strips, on each of which they should be placed in a row of cherries and sprinkled with sugar on top..roll out the dough and lay out the cherries
  4. Each strip of dough must be wrapped around the filling and pinched. It should look like rolls.pinch the dough about in the form of a roll
  5. It remains to put the finished rolls in a spiral in a round baking dish. You should start laying them from the center..put the workpiece in the mold
  6. The baking temperature of the dish is from 180-200 ° С from 40-45 minutes. Readiness can be determined by the appearance of a blush on the test. Sprinkle the finished cake with icing sugar and garnish with berries.

Thanks to this recipe with a photo, the cherry pie turns out step by step not only amazingly tasty, but also interesting. It can be served on the table for guests or admire its look and taste with the family..

Video recipe for sour cream pie with cherries

Cooking dessert in a multicooker

multicooker cherry pieTo make a pie you will need:

  • cherry to taste;
  • a third of a kilogram of flour;
  • eggs – 6 pcs.;
  • sugar or granulated sugar – 300 g;
  • in small proportions by eye starch, butter, salt, vanillin;
  • breadcrumbs.

Cooking a cherry pie in a slow cooker is the easiest and fastest thing to do. After all, smart technology will do everything for you.

  1. First, you should prepare the cherries – rinse, remove seeds, cover with sugar and starch.
  2. The dough will be biscuit, to do this, separate the yolks from the whites, beat the last into a foam with sugar. Then add the yolks, flour in portions, continuing to intensively stir the dough. The consistency of the finished mixture should be similar to that of boiled condensed milk.prepare the dough
  3. Grease the multicooker bowl with oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, then pour out half of the dough.grease the multicooker bowl with oil
  4. Spread the cherry filling with sugar evenly on top of the dough and cover it with the rest of the dough.put cherries on a layer of dough
  5. Select “baking” mode, set the time to 55 minutes and just wait until the end of the program. It turns out a rather delicious cherry pie according to this recipe with a photo step by step, but you need to wait until it cools completely in the multicooker itself.

Other options for making cherry pies

shortbread cherry pieShortcrust pastry lovers can use its recipe to create a sour cherry treat..

For the dough, you will need a similar set of products as for a pie with kefir dough, but with the exception of a fermented milk product. You will also need 1 egg and replace the total mass of sugar with 2-3 tbsp. l. icing sugar.

The dough for a shortcrust cake with cherries is prepared according to the grinding principle.

First, all the ingredients must be mixed, and then try to knead with a fork. 1/3 of the dough must be wrapped in foil and hidden in the freezer. At this time, put the remaining dough into a mold, place the filling on top of it, and rub the frozen part with the last layer on top. Bake in the same way as kefir pie. It is much easier to make a cherry pie from puff pastry, for which a ready-made base is bought in the store.

Video recipe for Viennese cherry pie

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