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Step-by-step description of the recipe for making kvass from grape leaves

kvass from grape leaves What could be better than making a soft drink from garden plants with your own hands. One of these masterpieces can be kvass from grape leaves, the recipe for which is easy and uncomplicated. Preparing such a thirst-quenching mixture, you do not need any financial costs, which is important in our time. You can make kvass from almost any garden and garden fruit. It can be not just vegetables and fruits, but even rye crackers. It is a pity that such a healthy drink is losing its popularity among modern people (see dolma in grape leaves – a classic step-by-step recipe with a photo).

Kvass from grape leaves: benefits and harms

This life-giving elixir is not necessary for everyone, so you should definitely consider the benefits and harms of kvass from grape leaves. The advantages of this drug include its positive effect on the liver, pancreas, intestines and stomach. In folk medicine, grape leaves are known to fight varicose veins, migraines, upper respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections. There are many recipes for decoction of grape leaves to overcome these ailments. The drink from this plant can harm people with ulcers and gastritis. Kvass from grape leaves according to any recipe is contraindicated for those who are obese. Also, you do not need to get involved in the drink for nursing mothers and pregnant women. Diabetics should be careful when using such kvass..

Any kvass normalizes metabolism in the body, stabilizes processes in the gastrointestinal tract, and so on. It acquires all these positive properties at the stage of fermentation, when microorganisms that can treat dysbiosis and improve the digestion process come into play. But, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages of this refreshing nectar. Liver cirrhosis, gout, gastritis, urolithiasis, acidity will only intensify if kvass is introduced into the diet.

Kvass from grapes

kvass from grapes According to the recipe for grape kvass, you need to take 1 kilogram of grapes. For sourdough, you need 4 liters of water, in which 200 grams of sugar will be diluted.

Starter process:

  1. Wash the berries and turn into gruel. Chopping can be done with a blender or a regular crush..grind the berries into kvass
  2. Heat water and dissolve sugar in it.add sugar to the heated water
  3. Pour this solution into the berry mass and cover with gauze or put a lid. In this state, leave for a day at a temperature of +20 degrees.insist you in a bottle
  4. The resulting mixture must be filtered the next day. You can use the same gauze or strainer.strain the drink through a sieve
  5. Pour into bottles or cans and taste a pleasant drink after a week.

Kvass from grape leaves and shoots

It will take about a week to make kvass from grape leaves and shoots. For such a drink, not only the leaves are involved, but also its shoots. They are no less useful and tasty, so why not add them to the general herbal collection. The preparation of the ingredients takes only 20-30 minutes, the long fermentation procedure makes you wait a little for a tasty result. So, for cooking, you need a 3-liter fermentation jar and bottles for further storage of kvass.

Starter process:

  1. Wash leaves and shoots of grapes. It can be either young vegetation or slightly wilted.rinse the leaves thoroughly
  2. Place leaves with shoots in a blender and grind until juiced.chop the leaves in a blender
  3. Transfer the ground greens to a 3-liter jar and add 200 grams of sugar. Dilute everything with water at room temperature, in an amount of 1.5 liters. Thus, the liquid with the ingredients will take up half a can, and the volume of ground leaves should be 75%, water 25%.cover the leaves with crushed sugar
  4. Put in a warm place, covered with a lid, for 3 days. After 3 days, remove the lid and let stand for a couple of days. After the allotted time, a characteristic smell and yellow color of the liquid will appear – this means that the kvass is ready.strain the kvass and consume
  5. Enjoyable consumption of kvass from grape leaves according to an easy recipe!

Water is poured up to half of the jar so that during fermentation the lid does not break off from the gas.

A few tips for making kvass:

  1. The basics of making kvass are simple, it is enough to combine four components: water, raw materials, sugar and yeast.
  2. Instead of yeast, it is better to use hop cones.
  3. When making kvass from grape berries, it is better not to wash them. There are wine fermentation bacteria on the surface of the fruit, which can be washed off with water, which is undesirable for fermentation.
  4. Use honey instead of sugar.

It is not difficult to cook kvass from grape leaves at home and there is no need to resort to store kvass. In addition, you will definitely be sure of its beneficial properties. Therefore, if you have a vineyard, do not miss the moment and prepare kvass from the leaves of a grape bush. Bon Appetit!

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