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How to cook salted garlic heads for the winter

salted garlic heads Salted garlic heads can be prepared according to different recipes. They differ not only in the set of ingredients, but also in the method of preparation. If everything is done as indicated in the recipe, then such an appetizer will become the highlight of any festive table..

Vegetable preparation rules

heads of garlic for pickling Salted garlic is gaining more and more popularity among housewives every year. This is a very tasty preparation, which will be an excellent appetizer for meat, smoked meats, borscht. Also, garlic can be used as a decoration for the festive table..

Before you start cooking, you need to properly prepare the vegetable. Not only its appearance will depend on this, but also its taste..

Only young garlic is used for salting..

Preparation rules:

  • remove the thick skin from the heads, leaving a young one;
  • wash vegetables thoroughly under running water;
  • it is not recommended to remove the edge and tail of the head.

Salt the vegetable should be in glass or wood containers. You can also use a ceramic vessel. It is not recommended to make blanks in plastic containers, as garlic can lose its taste..

Salted garlic heads: a classic recipe

dry salting of garlicThis method is often referred to as “dry salting”. It takes a minimum of time and ingredients to cook such garlic. If everything is done correctly, then the finished product will not lose its taste throughout the winter. Such a vegetable is perfect for preparing various dishes..

For the preparation you will need:

  • 1 kg heads of garlic;
  • 300 g salt (iodized salt can be used).


  1. Peel, wash and dry the vegetables.wash and clean the garlic
  2. Put a layer of salt on the bottom of sterilized jars.sterilize banks
  3. Then start laying the garlic in balls, sprinkling with salt. As soon as the container is filled, it must be sealed with a lid..salt the garlic

Keep salted garlic in a cool place. This can be either a refrigerator (bottom shelf) or a cellar.

If cold pickling of garlic does not lend itself to sudden temperature changes, then the vegetable can be stored for up to 2 years..

Salted garlic recipe with lard

salted garlic with lardThe dish turns out to be very tasty and aromatic. Often this recipe is used if there is a need to use lard, which is in the refrigerator..

To prepare such garlic, you need:

  • 1 kg of fresh lard;
  • 1 kg of prepared garlic heads;
  • 4 tbsp. l with a slide of salt (ordinary);
  • Bay leaf;
  • red, black pepper (to taste).

preparation of lardCut the bacon into equal medium-sized pieces. In each of them, make small holes with a knife and fill with peeled garlic cloves..

grate lard with spicesThen combine the spices in a container. Mix everything well and grate lard.

fill the jar with lard and garlicPut a layer of bacon in a barrel or jar, and prepared heads of garlic on top. Sprinkle a little salt and spices on top. Then again the fat and so on until the vessel is completely filled. Close the jar with a lid, put in a cold place.

You can start tasting such lard in a week. The workpiece is stored for 4 months.

Salted garlic with cloves: a simple recipe

pickled garlic clovesA vegetable salted in this way does not have a bright garlic smell. It also loses its pungency, but acquires other flavors, which depend on the selected products..

A 3 liter can will need to be used:

  • young garlic cloves;
  • 80 g fine salt;
  • 1 liter of clean, cold water;
  • 3 dill umbrellas;
  • 3 medium leaves of currant;
  • 1 small horseradish root;
  • black peppercorns – about 15 pieces.

peel offBefore you salt the garlic with the cloves, you must first peel it off. Rinse in cold water and pat dry with paper towel.

prepare horseradishThen take sterilized jars and put garlic in them along with dill, leaves and chopped horseradish.

prepare the brineTo prepare the brine, you need to take a saucepan, pour water into it, add salt and pepper. Boil and remove from heat.

Pour garlic with slightly cooled liquid. Close the jar tightly with a lid. After complete cooling, put the workpiece in the refrigerator..

delicious pickled garlicIt will be possible to try the workpiece in 7 days. It is recommended to store such garlic for no more than 3 months. If you want to keep the workpiece longer, then before placing in jars, each clove should be blanched. To do this, take a large bowl or saucepan, put a vegetable in the container and pour boiling water over it. Keep in this state for no more than 3 minutes.

Since the contents must be eaten as quickly as possible (no longer than a week), it is better to use a small container for salting..

This method is also suitable for pickling garlic shooters. Peduncles are soft, tasty and very vitamin-rich..

Salted garlic with heads is not only very tasty, but also healthy. If you follow all the proportions and recommendations, then the workpiece will be a real find in the kitchen. She is able to complement any dish with her aftertaste and make it unusual. By using salted garlic, you can be sure that guests will be satisfied with your treat..

Delicious pickled garlic – video

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