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How to cook buckwheat in a saucepan with water and milk

how to cook buckwheat in a saucepan If you do not know how to cook buckwheat in a saucepan, we are ready to reveal to you a few secrets of making delicious porridge. Buckwheat boiled in water is perfect as a side dish for stewed or baked vegetables, fried or boiled meat, liver. You can eat porridge simply by adding a piece of butter to it. Children really like milk porridge with buckwheat.

Buckwheat porridge can and should be consumed from early childhood to old age.

We recommend reading an article about the benefits of buckwheat for weight loss.

The basics of cooking delicious buckwheat porridge

the basics of cooking buckwheat porridge

Boiled buckwheat is not only tasty, but also healthy due to its unique chemical composition.

Even after heat treatment, a lot is preserved in buckwheat:

  • microelements;
  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • carbohydrates;
  • vitamins of different groups;
  • fiber.

With diabetes mellitus or excessive body weight, green buckwheat should be introduced into the diet.

To cook delicious porridge, you must follow a number of rules:

  1. Buy only 1st grade whole grain buckwheat in the store. When viewed, there should be no debris in it, and the grains should be the same color..
  2. Too dark grains indicate the use of a strong heat treatment. This means that there are fewer nutrients in the nuclei. Give preference to light brown buckwheat. It prepares quickly and is more beneficial for the body..
  3. Do not use an enamel pan for cooking porridge to avoid burning the food. It is necessary to cook buckwheat in a metal container with a thick bottom.
  4. To obtain a crumbly porridge, it is necessary to observe the proportions of water and buckwheat. In this case, we are talking about measuring capacity, not weight. Take two cups of water for a cup of buckwheat.
  5. To improve the taste, buckwheat should be lightly fried in a pan without using any oil..
  6. Cook buckwheat porridge over medium or low heat.

We all have different tastes and the recipes for making buckwheat porridge recommended in the article cannot take them into account. The taste of the finished dish is influenced not only by the method of preparation, but also by the type of buckwheat, and the place of its cultivation, and the quality of the water used. Someone prefers tender and boiled porridge, while others prefer crumbly.

A little less or more water will allow you to get the desired result and choose the appropriate option for cooking buckwheat..

It is better to undersalt buckwheat porridge during cooking, and add salt already when serving..

How to cook crumbly buckwheat in a saucepan

how to cook buckwheat in a crumbly panTo prepare crumbly porridge, take the ingredients in the recommended proportion. Select the size of the heavy-bottomed saucepan depending on how much porridge you want..

to boil waterPour the required amount of water into a saucepan and boil. If necessary, sort out the buckwheat and rinse with running water.sort out buckwheat

The taste of porridge will become much better if the buckwheat kernels are pre-fried in a dry frying pan..

rinse the buckwheatIf buckwheat was previously fried, then it must be allowed to cool and only then rinsed.

boiling watersalt waterPour a little salt into boiling water and transfer the prepared buckwheat. Screw on the fire and cook for 10 minutes. It is necessary to observe so as not to miss the moment when there is very little water in the pan.

boil buckwheatAt this time, put a piece of butter in the porridge, mix well and continue cooking on a fire of minimum power. Be sure to cover with a transparent lid.

The readiness of buckwheat is best determined by taste. You may have to add water or, on the contrary, drain its excess.

If buckwheat is a little undercooked, you can add another piece of butter or a spoonful of vegetable instead of water. Stir and turn off heat. Close the lid tightly and let the crumbly porridge stand for a while. The result will surprise you.wrap a pot of porridge

Buckwheat porridge cooked in water in a saucepan can be used for making diet cutlets, delicious casseroles and as a filling for pies

How to cook buckwheat in milk

how to cook buckwheat in a saucepan in milkFor breakfast for the whole family, we recommend cooking buckwheat in milk. This dish is both tasty and healthy.

Milk porridge is not suitable only for people who have an individual intolerance to milk.

Sweetened milk buckwheat porridge is especially useful for children for active development and growth..


  • a glass of water and buckwheat;
  • a liter of milk of any fat content;
  • butter – 30 g;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • sugar – 2 tbsp. l.

You cannot save money on buying high-quality buckwheat. The less the cereal costs, the lower its quality and more foreign elements in it.

Steps for preparing porridge:

  1. Check buckwheat for unrefined grains and litter. Enumerate if necessary.sort and wash buckwheat
  2. Pour buckwheat into a colander and rinse well under running water. This will remove all the pollen, and the porridge will turn out to be even tastier..
  3. Pour water into a stainless steel saucepan, bring to a boil. Pour in clean washed buckwheat.boil buckwheat in water
  4. Cook the cereals over medium heat until very little water remains. This will take no more than 10 minutes. To prevent the porridge from burning, it must be stirred periodically..
  5. Pour in milk and continue cooking buckwheat milk porridge for another 15 minutes. It is not necessary to stir. If the porridge is too thick, you can add more milk..pour milk and continue cooking
  6. Put out the fire. Add a piece of butter, add a little salt and sugar. Mix the porridge well. Close the pan tightly with a lid, wrap it with a blanket and leave for at least another quarter of an hour.put butter

Buckwheat milk porridge gets not only tasty and crumbly, but also healthy.

Video recipe for making viscous buckwheat porridge

How to cook buckwheat with stew

how to cook buckwheat in a saucepan with stewBuckwheat boiled in water acquires a special new taste if you choose stew as an additional ingredient. It is not necessary to use a cauldron for cooking. Delicious porridge can also be cooked in a saucepan.

For 200 g of raw buckwheat you will need:

  • stewed meat – 300 g;
  • one onion and one carrot;
  • 2 bay leaves;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sunflower or olive oil.

Stages of cooking:

  1. Wash and cut the vegetables into cubes.chop onions and carrots
  2. Fry carrots and onions in a pan.fry vegetables
  3. Sort the buckwheat groats and wash. Put in a saucepan, pour in cold water.sort and wash buckwheat
  4. Transfer fried vegetables to buckwheat, salt a little, put bay leaf. Add a little salt, if necessary, add salt at the end of cooking porridge.put buckwheat in a saucepan
  5. From the jar, transfer the stew into a saucepan and do not stir. Put the porridge on the fire, cover and cook over low heat for 15 minutes.lay out the stew
  6. Remove the pan from the heat. Wrap with a warm blanket and stand for another quarter of an hour without opening the lid.
  7. Open the blanket, remove the lid and mix buckwheat with vegetables and stew. Serving porridge to the table, you can sprinkle the dish with herbs.

serve buckwheat to the tableYou already know how to cook buckwheat porridge in a saucepan, now it’s time to cook a delicious breakfast for the whole family.

Even if the intestines are disrupted, buckwheat porridge is absorbed quickly and gives a feeling of complete satiety..

A tasty low-calorie dish was appreciated by nutritionists, introducing it into the diet of the diet. With buckwheat porridge, you can reduce weight beautifully without sagging skin on the abdomen and arms, without excessive loss of muscle mass.

You can cook buckwheat not only in a saucepan, but also in a slow cooker or oven. Vegetables and various meats are often used as additional ingredients. Changes the taste of cooked buckwheat and the use of your favorite spices. Fans of original tastes cook buckwheat in tandem with rice. This porridge received an interesting name “Friendship of Peoples”.

Some ladies who watch their figure and want to remove a few kilograms, instead of cooking buckwheat, simply pour the crushed kernels with kefir and eat it like that. This recipe is not suitable for everyone..

How to cook buckwheat in a saucepan – video recipe

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