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Cooking sorrel for the winter and enjoying vitamins all year round

preparing sorrel for the winter At all times, this unique culture was considered a favorite of the summer table. Is it possible to prepare sorrel for the winter and stretch the pleasure until the next season? It turns out that there are many simple recipes for preserving spring greens for future use. In addition, sorrel contains an abundance of vital vitamins and minerals. Due to the regular consumption of the product, the body is saturated with calcium, sulfur and magnesium. Green borscht, all kinds of vegetable salads are prepared with it and added to meat snacks. Let’s figure out how to keep the product for better times.

Sorrel for the winter without sterilization

sorrel for the winter without sterilization

The easiest way to harvest a plant is salting. According to the recipe, you need 2 ingredients:

  • sorrel leaves;
  • coarse salt.

For 1 kg of a green product, 5 tablespoons of salt are used. First of all, the sorrel leaves are carefully sorted out, removing damaged specimens. wash the sorrelThen put it in a bowl, fill it with water and rinse it several times. When sorrel is prepared for the winter, be sure to put it on the table so that the excess liquid is gone..

cut the leavesDried foliage is cut perpendicular to the length of the plate. Neat green stripes are obtained, which are folded into a spacious container. Sprinkle with salt on top and stir.

sterilize jarsGlass jars are sterilized in the oven or under steam. In this way, the lids are well heated. Greens are placed in the container. Lightly tamp and sprinkle with salt on top. Close with lids. Store the workpiece in a cool room. For residents of apartment buildings, a refrigerator is suitable.

When using the product in various dishes, you should reduce the amount of salt..

Basic rules for preparing sorrel for the winter in jars of vinegar

sorrel for the winter in jars with vinegarAn amazing variety of recipes, allows you to choose the most suitable option.

A fairly simple blank is obtained from the following set of ingredients:

  • several large bunches of sorrel;
  • table salt (to taste);
  • vinegar (9%);
  • pure water.

Now let’s look at how sorrel is prepared in jars for the winter with the addition of vinegar. Selected greens are thoroughly washed under the tap. rinse sorrelSpread out on a kitchen towel to dry. With the help of a sharp knife, dense stems are removed, and the foliage is cut into pieces. The resulting product is placed in steamed jars.

Water is poured into a saucepan. Pour in salt and mix thoroughly. Placed on a hot stove. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. to boil waterVinegar is added (1 teaspoon is enough for 0.5 l of water and 1 tablespoon of salt). Chopped foliage is poured with ready-made brine. Cover with lids, and then take to a cold place. In winter, add to soup or prepare green borscht.

For workpieces, it is better to use containers with a volume of 0.5 liters or less..

The classic way to prepare sorrel for the winter for soup

sorrel for the winter for soupThere are recipes that are not influenced by time and technology. Several generations have been harvesting a green product without salt, preserving the entire set of useful components.

First of all, glass containers and lids are steamed. Then the selected sorrel leaves are washed under the tap. Remove the cuttings. Cut into pieces.chop the sorrel

Cold water is poured into a wide saucepan. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Then lower the sorrel leaves and reduce the temperature to a minimum. Cover with a lid. Under the influence of heat, the plant lets out juice and smoothly settles to the bottom of the dish..boil sorrel

After 5 minutes, remove the lid and mix the product well. Chopped leaves simmer for about 15 minutes. Then transferred to jars. fill cans and roll upSeal with lids. Store in the refrigerator. Knowing how to prepare sorrel for soup without salt for the winter, we can immediately get down to business.

Greens that have been doused with boiling water retain their taste.

Recipe for Busy People

quick blank recipeThe fast pace of life takes time and energy away from people. Therefore, you have to look for recipes for blanks with minimal costs. It turns out that preparing sorrel for the winter in a cold way is a wonderful alternative for busy ladies..

You will need:

  • cold filtered water;
  • fresh sorrel leaves;
  • suitable container.

The greens are carefully sorted out so as not to use rotten and damaged leaves. Rinse thoroughly under the tap. Spread out on a towel to dry.dry the sorrel on a towel

The leaves are folded in small slides. Remove the cuttings. Cut into squares and put in jars.chop the sorrel Pour in cold water. Cover with lids. They are taken to the cellar. In winter, it is used as a dressing for green cabbage soup..

Sweet filling for pies

sorrel for the winter with sugarFor lovers of homemade baking, consider the original way of preserving sorrel for the winter in jars of granulated sugar. Someone will be surprised at this idea. In fact, the product comes out with excellent taste..

Ingredients needed:

  • young leaves of sorrel;
  • granulated sugar.

Greens are collected in bunches. Immersed in cold water. Leave for 2 minutes. Take out and repeat the procedure 2 more times. rinse the sorrel thoroughlyDuring this time, the rest of the soil will settle to the bottom of the dish. When the foliage is dry, it is shredded on a plastic cutting board..

The product can be simply cut into pieces. Then it will be convenient to put into the dough..

Chopped sorrel is sprinkled with granulated sugar and gently mixed.mix sorrel with sugar To prevent the product from turning into a green “porridge”, you should not change it. When the granulated sugar dissolves a little, the sorrel is packaged in glass containers..close in a jar and roll up

There is another method of preparing sorrel for the winter with sugar. To do this, the leaves are stacked in a steamed jar in layers. Each of them is sprinkled with granulated sugar. Cover and refrigerate. Used as a filling for homemade pies.

Excellent dressing for green borscht

sorrel for the winter for borsch

When the snow is falling outside and the northern evening is blowing, it’s time to prepare a refreshing hot meal. Let’s get acquainted with an interesting recipe for borsch dressing for the winter.

Components required:

  • young foliage of sorrel;
  • parsley;
  • young dill;
  • Bay leaf;
  • feathers of green onions;
  • peppercorns;
  • garlic;
  • lemon acid;
  • salt;
  • water.

It is not at all difficult to figure out how to salt sorrel for borscht for the winter, in the company of traditional greens. The assembled components are carefully sorted out. Only high quality products will do. Then the greens are washed under the tap. Dry on the work surface. Cut into small pieces. Mix thoroughly.chop the sorrel

Peel the garlic. Divided into teeth. Cut into cubes.peel the garlic

In clean sterilized jars, put chopped leaves of sorrel, parsley, dill to half the capacity. Then a layer of garlic is made, which is again covered with prepared vegetation..fill jars with sorrel

Water is poured into a saucepan and boiled. Add salt, pepper, laurel, as well as the remaining cuttings of herbs. Cook for 5 minutes.prepare the brine The contents of the jars are poured with brine. Pour citric acid on top (0.5 teaspoon). Cover and sterilize in boiling water for 25 minutes. Capped and turned upside down. Cover with a terry towel until it cools completely. Stored in a basement or refrigerator.

How to properly freeze sorrel for the winter at home

freeze sorrel for the winterModern housewives come up with various methods of storing greens for the cold season. The easiest option is to put it in the freezer. The leaves of the plant wonderfully tolerate low temperatures without losing their taste..

The process of how to properly freeze sorrel for the winter consists of simple steps:

  • selection of suitable greens;
  • rinsing the product under the tap;
  • drying on the countertop;
  • shredding foliage.

portion freezing of sorrelNext, prepare plastic containers or tight vacuum bags. Fill with chopped herbs. Packed so that air does not enter. Placed in a freezer maintained at -18 ° C.

If plastic containers are used for freezing, it is advisable to cover them with cling film..

How to dry sorrel leaves for the winter

dry sorrel for the winterSummer residents are considered extremely busy people, especially in spring and early summer. Therefore, we will consider a simple way of harvesting sorrel for the winter, which many housewives like. This is a traditional plant drying.

To date, the following process options are known:

  • in a ventilated area;
  • on air;
  • with an electric dryer.

sort and wash the leavesTo dry the sorrel indoors, the leaves are first washed thoroughly. Leave in a colander for a few minutes. When the liquid leaves, chop it with straws. Spread out on a cotton cloth in a thin layer. Turn over periodically until completely dry.

The procedure for drying greens in the open air begins with a careful selection of the product. Then it is tied into small bundles. Hang out under some kind of awning, away from direct sunlight. Readiness is checked as follows: dry sorrel is gently squeezed in the hand. If it crumbles and does not turn into dust, it is packed in paper bags. Store in a ventilated area. If an electric dryer is used, the greens are washed, chopped and sent to the device. After 7 hours, the product is ready.

Bonus tip on how to keep sorrel fresh in the fridge for a few days

fresh sorrel in the refrigeratorUnfortunately, the sour-tasting foliage is very quick to shoot. The greens become tough and grow in size. I really want to enjoy the vitamin product for a longer time. We will learn how to keep sorrel fresh in the refrigerator, quickly and efficiently.

First of all, the greens are carefully sorted, removing to the side:

  • yellowed specimens;
  • damaged items;
  • excess grass.

selected leaves for harvestingSelected leaves are poured with cold salted water in a spacious bowl for 10 minutes. The procedure will help the plant to straighten out. The soil particles will sink to the bottom. Insects, invisible at first glance, will “leave” their habitat.

Using a slotted spoon, the herbs are taken out of the bowl. They are laid out neatly on the table. Leave until dry. Cut into pieces or strips. Packaged in plastic trays. Cover with cling film or lids. Send to the lower section of the refrigerator. Used for cooking hot dishes, scrambled eggs and salads.

So, sorrel is harvested for the winter in various ways. Sprinkle with salt or granulated sugar. Pour in brine or blanch. Freeze fresh or dry. In any case, the result is an excellent product for the first and second courses..

How to prepare sorrel for the winter – video recipes

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