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Delicious and quick dishes with pumpkin according to affordable recipes

pumpkin dishes Autumn garden beauty pumpkin has been known to people for a long time. Dishes with pumpkin have a peculiar piquant taste, which has won a large number of fans. The vegetable is healthy from crust to juicy orange pulp. It contains vitamins A and C, trace elements and pectins. In Russia, pumpkin and cereals were used to cook porridge or rich soup. In cooking, they began to use it completely, turning a strong crust into a kind of exotic dishes. Small fruits are baked in the oven whole or in slices. This delicacy may well replace candy..

Whole pumpkin dishes in the oven

If there is a desire to receive guests royally and surprise them with your culinary skills, then pumpkin dishes will be a great help. Many of them require a whole vegetable and an oven. Pumpkin goes well with meat and cereals. It is very juicy and gives other ingredients a spicy taste. Whole pumpkin dishes in the oven are not only delicious, but also unusual. They can be served in cups or conquer everyone with their skill and presented in natural dishes.

Oven pumpkin meat recipe

meat in pumpkin To prepare a gourmet meal, you need a whole fruit with a good crust. Also, in order for meat in a pumpkin in the oven, the recipe for which is simple and affordable, to turn out delicious, you need to stock up on aromatic herbs.


  • fruit for one and a half to two kilograms;
  • 700 g of pork meat;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • a small spoonful of salt;
  • ground black pepper in an amount of 5 g;
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary.

Before cooking, be sure to rinse the meat well and dry it with a towel. This will benefit the dish..

chop the meat and fryThe cooking method is available even for a novice housewife. The meat must be cut into cubes, fried in vegetable oil in a frying pan or in a saucepan. It should give off juice and acquire a golden color..

stew meat with vegetablesPeel the pepper, cut into thin strips and send to the meat. Salt and pepper should be added to the stewpan so that the ingredients get a spicy aroma and taste. Put out everything for another 5 minutes.

remove pumpkin seedsThe pumpkin must be washed well and dried with a towel. Carefully cut off the top crust in the form of a lid. Extract the seeds from the fruit, leaving the flesh intact. It is required to pour a little ground pepper and salt inside, and also put a sprig of rosemary on the bottom.

Put the filling tightly into the pumpkin. It must be tamped slightly so that all the meat fits. Close the improvised pan on top with a previously cut off lid. Cook the dish at 190 degrees for an hour.

You can check the readiness with a skewer, piercing the crust with it. Remove pumpkin from oven when soft.

Pumpkin recipe with beef liver

dishes with pumpkin and beef liverA fine culinary delight that includes pumpkin and liver, everyone will love it. All components are impregnated with aromatic juice and become especially piquant. The recipe for pumpkin with beef liver is simple and relevant for housewives who want to cook quickly and tasty.


  • kilogram pumpkin;
  • a kilogram of liver;
  • 2 onions;
  • 100 ml 10% cream;
  • 200 g sour cream;
  • 70 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 4 cloves of garlic;
  • salt and ground black pepper.

Products must be pre-washed. Remove the film from the liver, and peel the third part of the pumpkin from seeds and skins. The food must be cut into cubes. Pieces of pumpkin should be slightly smaller.chop the pumpkin

Season the liver with salt and pepper, and then fry in a pan in vegetable oil in portions in one layer. It should be covered with a golden crust. Transfer the liver from the frying pan to the dish so that the excess oil is glass.

Cut the onion into half rings and fry in a saucepan. Add chopped pumpkin to it, add lightly salt to everything.

Stew vegetables for 15 minutes under a closed lid..

stew pumpkin with vegetablesWhile the pumpkin is cooking, you need to prepare the sauce. In one container, mix sour cream, cream and 4 cloves of garlic, passed through a press.

When the pumpkin becomes soft, it is necessary to introduce the fried liver into it, mix and pour the creamy sauce. Simmer all components over low heat, covered for another 10 minutes. Serve hot to enjoy its indescribable aroma.

Oven Pumpkin Soup Recipe

pumpkin soupDelicate soups-mashed potatoes have long and for a long time won the love of children and adults. The first courses include vegetables and cream, which go well with each other. Pumpkin soup in the oven, the recipe for which is simple and affordable, which conquers the housewives even more.


  • 2 pumpkins;
  • 500 ml of broth;
  • salt and nutmeg;
  • fresh herbs.

This amount of food is enough for 8 servings. The dish turns out to be tasty and rich.

Weight-conscious people replace meat broth with vegetable broth, reducing calorie content.

Any housewife can handle the soup, as it is easy to prepare. First you need to cook the pumpkin. It is placed on a baking sheet and baked until the crust is tender. When the vegetable cools down, it must be cut, freed from seeds.

Place the pulp in a saucepan with stock, drizzle lightly with maple syrup and bring to a boil. Then it needs to be mashed using a blender or food processor. Add cream and nutmeg to the mixture, as well as salt and pepper to taste.

serve pumpkin soupHeat the soup and then pour into cups. It can also be served in a pumpkin bowl. To do this, peel the vegetable from seeds and most of the pulp..

To spice up the soup, add a spoonful of cream, chopped herbs, or toasted pumpkin seeds before serving..

Italian pumpkin soup in the oven

pumpkin soupTraditional Italian cuisine is very spicy and spicy like the character of this cheerful sunny region. Many aromatic herbs and spices are used for the first and second courses. Italian pumpkin soup in the oven smells of basil and thyme, which makes you even more hungry.


  • 300 g pumpkin;
  • 2 potatoes;
  • thyme and basil;
  • salt and ground allspice;
  • bitter chili;
  • 300 ml of milk;
  • olive oil;
  • 2 onions;
  • sugar.

This amount of food is calculated for two servings of a cooked meal. The soup is cooked in 30 minutes. Cut the pumpkin into plastics, sprinkle with salt, aromatic herbs and send to bake in the oven at a temperature of 190 degrees. baked pumpkin

Boil the potatoes separately in salted water. Finely chop the onion and fry. You need to add sugar to it to make caramel. Mix and mash all ingredients.

Add aromatic herbs, allspice and chopped chili to the resulting mixture. Add all these components to taste. Heat the milk, but do not boil it. Pour it into the soup, and beat everything well again so that the consistency is smooth and uniform..

It is recommended to treat guests to a fragrant soup in natural dishes from a small pumpkin. Spicy serving will add a special charm to lunch or dinner.

Simple pumpkin dishes

baked sweet pumpkinJuicy fragrant pumpkin, the recipes of which are varied, can become a regular guest on the table.

Not only gourmet culinary delights are prepared from it, but also simple dishes:

  1. Millet porridge with pumpkin is a traditional delicacy. The vegetable goes well with milk and cream, so the dish turns out to be very tender and satisfying. They can be fed to babies, since pumpkin contains many useful vitamins and minerals..millet porridge with pumpkin
  2. In a vegetable stew, the vegetable feels great. It can be combined with kohlrabi, bell pepper, potatoes. Also, the vegetable gives the meat a special piquancy..vegetable stew
  3. Very often, pumpkin is included in cream soups. For these purposes, it is stewed, boiled or baked. The product is combined with celery, onions, potatoes, herbs, cream and aromatic herbs.
  4. Raw pumpkin can be found in carrot and apple salad. Spices and olive oil will serve as a wonderful setting for a cold snack.

treat for toddlersA great treat for kids, more recently, were pieces of vegetables that were still hot after the oven. They replaced all the delicacies of the world. Dishes with baked pumpkin will always sweeten a little, since the vegetable contains a lot of sugars. What else do kids need who love unusual treats? Pumpkin can be flavored with honey or covered with caramel. Use it to make homemade chocolates and desserts.

In the cuisine of different nations, there are dishes with pumpkin. The vegetable is highly appreciated due to its taste, aroma and useful properties. It is difficult now to imagine manti, cream soup or desserts without pumpkin. The disadvantage of a vegetable is that it spoils quickly. The cut pieces are best kept in the freezer. And to please the whole family, you need to cook the whole pumpkin.

Video recipe for cooking a dish with pumpkin

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